Yasha Dragons Okinawa- Dragon Boat Team Episode 1

Genesis The origin or mode of a formation of something and that form takes shape as a new woman’s Dragon Boat team here in Japan The Yasha dragons, Okinawa Some come from other teams looking for a change for others. It’s their first time doing dragon boat summer veterans But all of them are looking for one thing victory, they have a new look a new boat They’ve put in the grueling hours of practice rain shine blisters sore muscles and pain Throughout it all they’ve stayed focused You see a new Dragon Boat team in Okinawa has a lot to prove and the ashes well They might just be the team to beat this year The year of their Genesis The white Beach festival the summer dragonboat season starts here Teams from all over the island come to race and leave their mark For the ashes its de coming-out party of sorts And if the ashes are nervous they sure aren’t showing it They brought a large group to white beach and they’ll be racing with two teams water and weight Lots of people have also come out to see the ashes race spouses friends a family And yeah, even the kids are having a great time Chef mike is cooking up nutrition and keeping things light all to support the team And while the mood is relaxed the water conditions have some concerned Coach Kristen has a last-minute conference with the cuy and Then has a team meeting to address the racing conditions today in the overall strategy Where they are Going to Try to get out of the way of the boat We’re not going to flip famous last words Some of the men’s teams are already finding out how tough the water conditions are here a white Beach They have to be rescued from sinking by the safety patrol boats. The men’s Navy team that started off as a destroyer ends up as Still the Yahshua’s have trained heart and the Yahshua’s water boat gets ready for their first race as a team in Okinawa the Conditions are far from ideal. It’s going to take a lot of effort to get out of the gate Jasha water starts strong, but the current is against them Almost at the first turn they find themselves in third place but are making up distance quickly Diary Summer dragons and assembly salsa Rounding the first turn they tie with the other boats the amount of effort to paddle these choppy waters is grueling Approaching the last and final turn the current and choppy water conditions take hold of the boat and force a wider turn The strong effort fall short Jasha water moves on to the semi-finals and Come ashore as Yasha Wynne prepares for its first race Jasha wind is off to a fantastic start They are paddling strong against apart Coming up on the first turn they take the lead But there is why They dig deep approaching the final turn Again the coin takes at all There we go Both teams appear even as they cross the finish The ashes exhausted with results Victory as yasha win moves on to the finals As The judges post the times it’s better than the ashes could have hoped for the team celebrates Both Yasha wind and Yasha water have shown that all the hard work is being on Yasha water will be racing up next in the semi-finals Dasha wind will be in the finals racing for the championship Really today Cramps in the boat, mr. Cans and By fire it goes beyond and above what I thought it would be Jasha water again starting on strong breathing the rough current Halfway through the race they’re gaining ground on the competitors As they round the first journey – water digs deep Neck-and-neck, heading towards the last turn The current and the waters swell around the boat as they take the final turn heading to the finish Jasha waters amazing effort gets them seventh place Such a strong finish for a team that didn’t even exist a few months ago now The teams and fans line up ready for the final heat as yasha wind heads to the water Yeah Jasha wind launches at the gate Approaching the first turn they take the lead but the competition isn’t giving up as other teams close in Rounding the first turn Tasha wind cuts it almost perfect They pull out in front again Rounding the final turn they’re leading creases as they lead by a boat length heading towards the finish They’ve done it Jasha dragons okinawa have won the championship at white beach coach. Kristin is overcome with emotion The ashes family and fans greet the team as they come ashore The Yasha dragons, Okinawa our 2019 white beach dragon boat champions But the celebration is cut short the Yasha has suffered a terrible injury after the race While she’s tended to by the medics the Yash’s maybe one teammate short for the unforeseen future To make matters worse the team learns Liana’s pcsing off-island in July While Katie she leaves much sooner Three teammates down leaves a lot of questions for the ashes But with two solid showings in a first-place victory already in the books if any team is strong enough to beat the odds It’s the Yasha dragons okinawa in the year of their Genesis

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