World’s maddest AE86 drifter “Kaicho” Takahashi drift and crash at Tsukuba Circuit

World’s maddest AE86 drifter “Kaicho” Takahashi drift and crash at Tsukuba Circuit

[Music] we’re here today at scuba circuit for the pro cruise eight-six Matsuri I must Fleming’s all date sixes and you ate sixes as you can tell there’s lots of grip cars driving here today but there is also a drifting class just before we go over to the pits look at this nice fall off there’s a guy running in the drift class today call Kate Gosselin AHA she who has actually been in a couple of previous videos the one I would take good site target 1 he’s a pretty crazy driver and does this course really well so gonna install some cameras on his car now look at this the car belongs to Nyjah may use gear to go paints cars for nakai from rough world and this is coach’s car will be putting cameras on this I don’t know where he is we’re starting the drift in about half an hour from now they’re playing initial D music over the loudspeakers so they’re all just coming in right now [Music] getting towed off a couple of cars getting towed off it’s all the more famous cars over here take the gods power GGC cheers in the to specify cars of the car factory i car the weatherman look all right but it’s freezing cold the wind is freezing cold hey so this is slow scuba circuit not a bad venue it’s not that big so it’s quite easy to get around I know a lot of you are probably thinking man you got to show us more of the sort of stuff I haven’t got time I got to go and turn my cameras on actually I gotta go and tell them on they are they’re all leaving okay I know have already done introduction or anything but anyway this is Kai chow goddamn speaking of good eight six drifters hi so no rubbing ashido sup guys it’s cold it’s really cold okay night today’s Beach Boys hey Kavitha so today’s beach boy is roaming the I thought I thought Corollas back in the days when we you know used to drive up why yeah they’re just like cheap piece of crap car the other like million yen is the super expensive but then we thought they’re like cool cars to drive around learn a lot from it yeah still is they’re like go-karts so they’re like roll door now oh yeah I will get another couple weeks he’s gonna have one looks like hydros about to go out honeybee is a dire again more as a stacker mm good forty thing picked a color TV so 1604 a GE reach greater so CR flat slow carbs also it’s got dry stop setup as well the drift cars are all line up so I’ll have a bit of a walk just quickly through the pits II remember the drill or cap thing at 8-6 guys do there’s a line and I just know that some of you guys are getting ready to write in the comments man you didn’t show us enough stuff can’t make the video like an hour long so I could do it but I don’t know if anyone will watch it yeah what do you do with any photos okay a black hey and at all loading up on the caffeine see these cans aren’t just for drinking they’re also for warming your hands up right let’s head up it’s hot so we can get a good view there’s a few of you guys out there who know battle magazine like the old school drifting magazine this is the guy who is the editor of battle magazine yeah there’s also a little mini car show going on over here [Applause] so clean eight-six’s still do exist in japan but they are getting rarer nice [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] my that’s the end of that let’s go back to the pits as a girl driving that one that’s a quickie Yamashita from run free everybody’s come back but there’s a big empty space right here and that is entirely full of gravel [Music] first time he goes round a corner and this next time it’s gonna be very loud Hey hey I got souvenir from for today I did it for you okay thank you I don’t know if you want us to be some shake I know contain it if you if you want this piece of gravel from Fat Joe’s car the competition link is in the description alright that’s all for today here at scuba circuit for the 86 Mets sorry I hope you enjoyed this little bit of craziness I see it was a more serious time anyway thanks for watching we’ll see you next time I’m this nerd taking photos oh cool

100 thoughts on “World’s maddest AE86 drifter “Kaicho” Takahashi drift and crash at Tsukuba Circuit

  1. He could have saved that drift but he kept full throttle and steered away when he should have let it get back on the road… his head was also tilted the entire time as if he was getting bored. Bit of a shame to see a well setup car go to waste like that.

  2. Your videos are on point glad I found you channel . If your looking for any kind of sponsorship let me know I work with CXracing

  3. that guy you had an on-board camera with was no where near as good as the red 86 in front of him, i think he was getting annoyed by that fact so he pushed too hard. rip.

  4. I have to ask could you make ae88 into a ae86 by engine swapping the engine in the ae88 with a 4age???????

  5. Ah, that awkward moment when you go to comment, and realize you've already made the exact comment you had in mind two years prior. XD

  6. I just noticed it says 'Fuck Off' on Kaicho's car (look at the rear-view mirror when it cuts to the interior cam). Kaicho is awesome!

  7. 5:11 l just listen to this song before watching this video!

    The song’s name is “Up and dance, up and go”

  8. had a chance to meet Kaicho when he came to LA… super nice guy super humble… great guy great driver… love his stuff

  9. Seeing people drift the long corner at Tsukuba in N/A 1.6L cars makes me beyond jealous. I could never drift that corner no matter how hard I tried with a wheel and even a decent car in GT5 🙁

    Not even to mention the fact that they are ACTUALLY drifting at Tsukuba, while I can only afford video games (˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )

  10. "He's a pretty crazy driver and he does this course really well" – Performance totally stinks compared to the guy in front and crashes

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