Wooden Farmhouse Shelf DIY // Part 3

Wooden Farmhouse Shelf DIY // Part 3

Now we are basically done with the build,
but before we start with the finish I will add some trim at the top the shelf. We will create the trim with a profile plane
– by the way does anybody of you know proper way to sharpen this profile here? Let me know! You can see that the wood started shrinking,
but the dovetails are working quite fine. Thanks for watching and see you in the next

8 thoughts on “Wooden Farmhouse Shelf DIY // Part 3

  1. Awesome material Novani! I'm really liking the cinematic shots you bring to woodworking, keep it up! I just bought a Lumix GH5S hoping to get some crisp shots like this, what kind of camera and lens are you running?

  2. Looks great the finish on the top looks fantastic, really rich and deep. I like the design it's traditional without feeling dated๐Ÿ‘

  3. Wow really really awesome work on every aspect. Junk from work sent me buy. Thank you for sharing. Have a awesome weekend friend.

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