Wonderful News! – Ep 82 Sailing Luckyfish

Wonderful News! – Ep 82 Sailing Luckyfish

Hey everyone before we get on with this
week’s episode that building behind me is a maternity hospital yes we’ve got
some wonderful news 4 hours ago Zaya delivered a very beautiful and healthy baby boy we’re over the moon so I was recovering well and the news is all good
hopefully next week we’ll bring you some pictures and a name meantime let’s get
on with this week’s episode some fishing now we’ve had a few people push back
on the fishing they want more sailing from us but I’ve got to apologize we
were going to have a very grim episode this week with a bunch of sailing but
also with the discovery of some human remains unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to finish editing that episode so instead we’ve got 20 minutes of pretty exciting fishing action from Zaya and MiQ recorded in the Bahamas exactly a year ago Enjoy and we’ll talk to you soon something grey is coming up must be Cerro yeah? make sure he stays on the boat no, its not a Cerro. Probably a mini barracuda while those guys are dealing with the
fish I’ll explain what we’ve been doing since yesterday we left Barraterre
and ended up anchoring at the north end of lee stocking Island for the night
and then we went ashore this morning to have a look see if we could see the
Marine Research Station it was very inhospitable to visitors
there was a sign up saying that all trespassers would be prosecuted it’s
now in private hands so we didn’t bother stopping there obviously we went back to
the boat put the dinghy on the back deck and left lee stocking Island a couple
of hours ago to take advantage of this really good southeasterly wind we’ve got
to head north and we’re heading up to little farmers Cay about at a trip of
about 20 miles or so yeah I think that so, do you think little barracuda is fine to eat? i think that one’s perfectly fine to eat it certainly quite small and well we’ve just eaten quite a large one over the last couple of days after taste sampling it on the first night not having any ill effects and yeah I mean we gonna stick to this rule
of eating the small ones anything less than about three feet and I hope for the
best. Eat at your own risk is that local fella told us yesterday at Barraterre it was nice one small excellent for
dinner fits well for 3 people and it was yes kind of cute and yeah now it’s clean
everything’s washed ready for the next one so MiQ got something on his hook another barra three inches more yes right now we’re quite well offshore as you can see we have gone quite deep to miss this Galleo Bank be nice if we could get a bit of variety in our fish though it seems to be very much stacked in the Barracuda
department these waters I’d like to be able to catch something else than a barracuda but this time I was using a small pretty heavy, but a blue one yeah I’ll change to something else I tried this one now it looks kind of tropical to me it’s kind of spoon type almost like the old famous Swedish Toby I polished it in the other day it’s quite … yeah we check it out and what lure are you fishing with Zaya? Rapala with the big spoon in the front and it wobbles…. raa paa laa wobbler and dives underwater its got a bunch of bites yesterday I caught that half of the fish with this shared it with the shark last night for dinner we had this very nice barracuda curry with rice that
MiQ prepared absolutely delicious nice use of the Barracuda meat actually
to curry it perhaps to hide a little bit of the flavor but also to soften the
meat which is quite a I guess you describe it as a firm meat great news I mean we’re continually catching fish and we’re continually feeding ourselves from
them and that smile says it all so today we had some very nice experiences just outside here we had spotted several times shark sharks that were some cases quite big one of them was playing like surfing
down a wave with only the tip of the dorsal fin sticking out of the follow me
wave tip and yes was really nice as you can see SIA is still in charge of having
short watch all right it is an excellent sailing day the water is unbelievable
color and sails are set up really nice and we are almost flying Wow golden bake another punch we’re here
at little farmers ki and we had a pretty lively night with the current against
the wind like he’s fished fish jumping then a lightning storm came in about
3:00 4:00 in the morning no rain just it was lots of lightning around the boat
and the wind caused the three boats and our anchorage to swing in all sorts of
different directions or mostly the current but we were next to this one
Lagoon 380 and it was sailing at about 3 or 4 knots at times around its anchor
chain and coming very close to us partly our fault last evening for anchoring too
close to them but at times our anchors were completely in opposition the way
the boats were lying we’re just lagoon spinning past 10
meters away to close really and we thought about reentering and it looked
like it have been doing it a while and seemed okay so now we’ve come ashore and
we’re back at our little spot on the visitors jetty here in small Harbor well we left little farmers key this
morning after exploring that we town there and showing Mick around and we’ve
just been fishing on along the banks side heading south back towards
Georgetown and we’re now gonna pass out through Rutter key cut onto the ocean
side where the fishing is going to be a little different
Mick’s been selecting what he’s going to use because the water is going to be a
little deeper I go for my what we call a tackle and being the ocean side they
might be other species of fish out there maybe some wahoo maybe some mahi you
never know alright now I should try another way and that’s 400 gram pilch
and then I had some hand tied flies that I used for several occasions that are
usually quite good it’s kind of a strange arrangement here but still it
works quite nice and I get the swivel on each of these flies because sometimes
it’s really handy when if you get several fish and they really get
entangled so we shall try this one hook it up and see what’s going on right so wasn’t you deaf yeah
nine point three under the keel line well it’s jumping honey think it’s no tickets no well after losing that last fish which
will identify later because we’ve got the head we’re keen to come back through
the cat again so we just doubled back and hopefully there’s still a few more
fish around or maybe that sharks made them all a little bit more cautious
blast there’s two times this happened to us in a couple of days it’s starting to
get used to this concept of the taxman and as luck would have it she’s on again
right back in the cut get in quick this time okay yeah as is it quite a big one I can’t fish
I’d love to happen we turn around
we went in inside again we brought another very cool
three penal around we’re trying to fish a little bit of a ledge here come to us
close together is a bitch mix under something putting up a bit of a fight
we’re just right off the coast here at little Darby Island and we’ve got this
offshore wind so we’ve been able to come in very close on the seaward side of the
islands away just edging smiley with enough steerage to keep away from the
rock will you reckon yeah you can make that
one go Erica it’s a short shark hanging around the Barracuda snapped two of the
hooks there’s just one left and that this was to hope that I caught him with
I had very serious goals yeah yeah so we were just trying to go a little
slower to as much suggested to avoid catching the barracudas and we hope will
make hook that one at three knots and we were trying to knots before that and
weren’t getting anything so he put it up a knot and bang
three and a half which is what we were doing when we caught the previous
Barracuda is also the speed we were doing when we caught the unidentified
fish so we’re just following this ledge here we’ve got about 8 meters 7 meters
or so under the boat and then it’s up to 2 meters just to the right of the boat
30 meters to the right then we’ll take the boat in a little closer run along
the ledge and let’s see what happens a couple of minutes since the last
recording and both of them are hooked up it’s really it was totally brand-new
when I put it into the water and now it’s really cheered up see it had some
really heavy bites I mean it’s almost led and this is really funny what are we gonna do about this bear
okay this give it there jellies now I’m dripping blood and I don’t want that
blood on the dance floor actually this is power but I think it we don’t mind the bad kiddo so I’m gonna
put this frame here when I see would like those under something else we just came
to write a key cut quite a fighter here hopefully something other than a bearer
it is don’t lose it now the yellowtail I think that’s called a yellowtail snapper
I just watch it yeah beautiful fish we just I just said to make this time to
get the lines and we were about to drop the pick here at prime key this
beautiful little look particularly Geun and Connie and Larry told us about we’ve
been here one time before and lo and behold the real just took off Mick said
that the fish jumped about two meters out of the water we can see it just off
the Barrow that Powercat occasionally a surface is it’s still fighting hard and
now of course we’ve got to hope that a shark doesn’t get it before Mick and get
it on board at one time he was like running on the water with only the tail
and of course with his reign of the lion in his mouth but he was like flipping
like this for I don’t know three four meters it was really something to see
really amazing oh boy that’s fishing very much stronger and he only you can
see here it’s only been debate so so this is today’s horse I Jack we just
seasoned it in some lemon pepper gave it some egg and dusted it in flour and pop
it in the pan once we did this with a lot of people it was a South African guy
there he was like walking around and giving us well dear viewers subscribe
now and don’t miss next week’s grizzly find that uncovers a tragic story do you
think regardless following view yes it’s it’s
a skull definitely you can see easily see the connections between the plates
let’s all give a huge thanks to our patrons without them these videos
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you for watching

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