WILD weather, WILD animals and AWESOME people! South Africa! Sailing SV Delos Ep.101

WILD weather, WILD animals and AWESOME people! South Africa! Sailing SV Delos Ep.101

100 thoughts on “WILD weather, WILD animals and AWESOME people! South Africa! Sailing SV Delos Ep.101

  1. Hi guys.
    Im just an spanish guy that finished the work in Switzerland a couple of days ago and just luckely find one of your videos on YouTube … result ??
    I've got smashed your whole adventures (from 1st. to 105th)in t the last 48 hours … and really… without any idea about sailing I just felt Delos as my own home … you've created an special atmosphere between all of you & us throught of your dream,just unbelievable …
    Keep goin and wish you the Best Wind on your trip.
    Best wishes

  2. Great video guys. Brought back memories from my time in Tuzi Gazi marina (not all of it good) and Richards Bay but we too loved the game parks, the wildlife and the South African friendliness. Look forward to the next leg.

  3. The double ender at the marina looked similar to the sailboat I sailed to Mexico on. The owner was from South Africa. He purchased the boat in San Francisco. Leopard catamarans are made in South Africa. Great video

  4. At 7:10 why is your low pressure symbol spinning clockwise? Low pressure spins counter clockwise? No. ? Southern Hemisphere induced? Curious! Great video as always. This part of your journey should provide us with exceptional videos.

  5. Holy Moly, Passas da India is unbelievable diving I'd say not many have dived it. I dived Mauritius a few years ago and was nothing like that. Keep up the cool work , your sailing is like that steak –Awsome , safe sailing dudes can't wait till you make it to Europe. 🙂

  6. first, Brady i already wished you a happy birthday on instagram but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! second, that moment in the vid where you're all like " the dock we had wasnt really great…and you cut to an abyssmal dock…i cracked up hard", keep living the life.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9r8Bir_cDghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9r8Bir_cDg

    A question bought about by conditions you experienced whilst docked in SA: could Delos ever get caught in similar conditions (as above in tube link) ? or is available forecasting and your planning sufficient enough to almost certainly avoid these ? could Delos and crew handle the most extreme conditions at sea?

  8. Thanks Delos another great Monday morning checking out your African adventure (lucky you changed Marinas good decision ) with my coffee in -30 weather here in Canada .

  9. thanks for sharing this info. one of the other places you s ee this is south of key west in the gulf streem. the locals here say it can get as bad as the horn out here when it blows out of the east like it is now. not to bad now only 16 to 20 knts of wind but its been doing it for 3 weeks now.. as all was bad ass video thanks

  10. love the selfie stick made out of a fishing pole. I have an old broken one my self. Think I'll reuse it for the same.

  11. Hey look, one of that elephants legs is shorter than the others. It doesn't even reach the ground. Wait a minute, that's not a leg! What the……….

  12. 27:33 idk if its cuz im high or what but when that car started moving, i thought Brady was driving and not paying attention AT ALL. Lol!!! Too funny. Cheers, Delos!!!!

  13. I wish every episode someone got broken up with somehow; and it was super awkward again. Forced to sail the seas with rejection staring right at you. While topless to boot! Brutal but intriguing. Good luck moving forward.

  14. I had to catch up with quite a few of your past sailing years.. But now I'm on the hook. I simply love your videos, your adventures, the whole crew. And I really have to start going blue water sailing. I envy you more with every mile and every episode. Now I'm following you on marine traffic as well. If you guys ever decide to continue in Europe we'll have a party here where ever you are going.
    "Handbreit" (that's the short form of a greeting among sailors in german – meaning the size of a hand of water under your keel) from Katja

  15. I just gotta say…i love you guys, and girl 🙂 Been watching every episode (repeat), and the only thing im thinking about now…is 2 buy a sailboat…and experience the world! no worries! Keep up the good work 😀 Greetings from Norway.

  16. I've really enjoyed your trip and hope to see 100 more vid's. I know you're a year ahead on the videos but would like to hear Codi Mike (musician, I think out of Portland) at the end of your video. He has several songs that would fit well. One of my fav's is Cosmopolitan Man.


    Bella Vista, Arkansas

  17. We were there last year to visit family. I think we saw the same hippos, crocs and elephants. We were flying though and left our yacht home in Oregon.

  18. Haha, you guys are too funny and watching your videos is always a treat. We're back in California while we wait out the cyclone season in NZ and then we're hoping to head into SE Asia. Fair winds!

  19. As you go into these different ports, you put up a small flag of the country. I was wondering do you have to order the flags in advance and have them to put up or are they provided by customs or what?

  20. if you cross both afterbow lines to tie up the boat, it will not roll so much sideways in this weather 🙂
    I hope you understand what I mean, it is not that easy to find the translation vor nautical terms from german to english 😀

  21. I don't know … as long as you're tied to the dock, I would rather walk over to the harbor master and speak with him directly.
    That way he can't simply not answer you 😀

  22. I recognized morning glory from your interviews with cat owners… was the damage bad? I hope they where able to get repaired.

  23. the morning port control taught you wanted to enter the port, the afternoon port control lady was probably a secretary not knowing what she was reading….

  24. If by some chance I make it to South Africa one day, I would love to travel that road. You guys seemed to find everything that day just by driving!! 🙂

  25. I always thought they were joking around about tha ganja, untill this episode. I should have known though…this group is real and do not need to brag about that sort of stuff. Amazing people, I keep saying it. Brings such big smiles on my face its crazy.

  26. Just arrived Zululand from Tanzania. Checked out your vid to see the new local star, Brad. Lots of fun. Great weather info and local scenes. We will follow your path.

  27. Many years ago we decided to go on a 450 passenger ferry (no cars) from Bora Bora to papeete called the "ono ono" instead of flying from Bora Bora to papeete because the ferry made stops at few of the neighboring islands and we wanted to see the islands. I'm told this ferry is not currently running and hasnt been for years. Well big mistake going on this ferry. This was a 155 ft ferry as they called it but out at sea it was a huge jet ski!! , As we went out to sea we noticed many stewards pushing carts around with white paper bags. We thought wow the service must be great on this ferry. Guess what those bags were? Yep barf bags!! The seas were so rough. The captain said there was one other time the seas were that rough and he turned around. Well this time he didnt. All you could hear were people throwing up, watching the stewards pick up barf bag after barf bag and leave new ones. The ferry smelled so bad of puke. I have never been that sick in my entire life. The 155 ft yacht was being tossed like a toy in the ocean, slamming down like a big jet ski. Wham wham and it would shake the boat so hard. I thought we were all going to die. They had everyone inside and on deck wear life vests. Horrible! I had to have help getting off the boat because I was so sick i could barely walk!! I will never ever forget that.

  28. """" I just try to figure out what you are holding and what your limits are for a size of our size"""""" WTF.

  29. Thank you for your adventure in South Africa, I know this is two years old, but I hope this gets to you because it is amazing the things that God has created for us to see, and your lifestyle you are able to see more of it than I am able to, but I still appreciate God’s glory

  30. Hey, I discovered your channel about 1 week ago, and I am soooo addicted! I guess there are worse things to be addicted to! haha. But anyway, I must say out of ALL THE yachting/sailing video channels I've ever watched, yours is the BEST! There's just something about the way you guys edit and with the really nice music vibes – it's just so zen! Thank you for sharing your sailing experiences with us!

  31. When you watch a SV delos video and there's a boat in it that's from your freaking small hometown in Sweden! Hope they did sustain any damage to their boat at the dock. Also soo cool going back and watching your older videos btw. Keep it coming!

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