Why This Actress Was Blacklisted From Hollywood | Strong Opinions Loosely Held | RIOT

Why This Actress Was Blacklisted From Hollywood | Strong Opinions Loosely Held | RIOT

I auditioned and, you know, everybody had
to Got the role. He goes, “Yeah, yeah, so the bikini top,
yeah just lose it, doesn’t work. Okay everybody, action.” And then he goes, “Yeah, you got a problem with that?” That intimidation at that moment, having to make the decision right there on the spot. And then I come back and he plays Nola on my tits. So we want to stop that from happening to young actresses. That’s actress and legend, Rosanna Arquette. She was one of the first women to blow the whistle on Harvey Weinstein when she spoke to the New Yorker about her harassment. Now, decades after being passed over for jobs and spied on- You think you were spied on? I know. We have proof. We have proof that he did spy on me. She’s back on our screens in the female
centric comedy, Sideswiped. With everything going on in the world right now having something to laugh about is refreshing for all of us. But what’s it like to be a Hollywood A-lister, and then suddenly blacklisted? I’m Elisa Kreisinger, and as a white woman on the internet, I have a lot of opinions. Each week, I set out to prove myself wrong by talking to an expert who might not have all the answers, but they certainly know more that I do. That’s why this is Strong Opinions Loosely
Held. Okay, for those of you who don’t know, Rosanna Arquette is an American legend. She starred alongside Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, she was in the cult classic Pulp Fiction, and she had two hit pop songs
written about her in the ‘80s. You know, “Rosanna” by Toto and “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel? “Take me all the way, Rosanna yeah!” I love that song. But when she was at the height of her career she was invited to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room for a meeting. Can you talk about the original harassment? The original harassment happened just like a lot of the women. I had a film that I was supposed to do and
get a new script from Harvey, having dinner with him at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I arrive at the hotel and they say, “Mr. Weinstein will see you upstairs.” And I was like — I immediately went like– Felt that, “Danger, danger!” You feel it and you know. And I was like… And he opens in his white bathrobe, “Oh
Rosanna I can’t move my neck, I can’t move my neck.” And I was like, “Oh I have a massage for
you.” And he goes, “No, no, no, no, Rosanna.” And he grabs and I was like. You know? And I just went. And he goes, “You’re making a very big
mistake.” And I said, “I’ll never be that girl.” And I went down the elevator and it was a
significant change in life. After she refused his advances, Arquette says that Weinstein ruined her career in retaliation. We have proof he did spy on me. How did you know? Ronan. The New Yorker found it all. Oh really? M-hm. So you didn’t find out until a year ago
that you had been spied on for the majority of your career. No. But it all makes sense. Agents pressured her to be quiet, even female ones. I had told people this, and nobody would listen,
you know, and then they said, “you better keep your mouth shut.” But she wasn’t the only actress whose career was damaged by Weinstein’s desire for payback. Daryl Hannah, Mira Sorvino, Asia Argento, and Rose McGowan were also vocal about Weinstein’s abuse and they saw their career suffer as
a result. But there were other actresses who you say, too, who you came up with who were similarly blacklisted. Yeah, Daryl Hannah. Now Daryl Hannah’s story is really, really
important in all of this because she had a witness. She said no to his advances. Yes. And the she couldn’t get work after that? No, badly. It was terrible. Were there other actresses? All of us. Everybody who came out were affected. You see Peter Jackson coming out and saying that he was talked out of seeing Ashley Judd or Mira Sorvino for Lord of the Rings. So we all have compared notes and it’s the same story. Do you ever think about the roles that if
you weren’t retaliated against that you would’ve or could’ve played. Yeah, there were a few, there were a few. But it is what it is, and I guess that’s
my path. So I don’t feel resentful. I feel angry for the women who were raped. I really, really do. Last year, Arquette helped spark the international Me Too movement when she confided in New Yorker journalist Ronan Farrow, and connected him to other actresses who were ready to speak out about Weinstein. Did you know that you were gonna be one of the first voices to come out to start Me Too? I didn’t know that. I did know that this was important to talk
about to gather women who I respected and were respected in the industry, and discuss these names. When Ronan approached you did you fear that you were gonna face backlash again for coming forward? Because you had been blacklisted, you say, throughout your career for coming forward about Harvey. So were you afraid your career was gonna suffer even more? Um, yeah. I was. But I thought it was important enough. Really, I’m doing this for my daughter,
I’m doing this for young women who are coming up in this business who need to feel safe. A lot of people try to shame you and say, “Oh, did that really happen?” or “You’re lying.” And what we are seeing is men are shaking
in their boots and they’re so enraged because this is a paradigm shift. It’s here. Me Too is causing a paradigm shift in Hollywood to focus on female centric stories. That’s something that Arquette did early
on in her career but she didn’t realize how rare it was. It’s interesting because the movie I did
with Madonna called Desperately Seeking Susan thirty years ago was written by a woman, directed by a woman, produced by women and about women, and the studio head was Barbara Boyle at Orion Pictures, who found the project and was our executive. It was groundbreaking and the first of its
kind. Did you ever make another movie with that many women involved again? Not like that, no. Except wait, in Sideswiped! And now, next year, it’s gonna be all female directors. In her new YouTube Premium series, Arquette joins comedian Carly Craig and actress Chelsea Frei in a multi-generational comedy about
online dating created by Craig herself. Arquette plays their fiery single mother dating on Tinder, and she pushes her daughter to swipe right on all 252 of her matches. Tell me about Sideswiped. What drew you to the project in the first
place? Carly is the creator of the show and she really did go on 269 dates or something and she wrote this show based on that. And what drew you to Mary, the mother? Cause Mary is a immature child — she was fun to play. It was really a stretch for me. You know, it’s so fun to laugh and I’ve
played a lot of dark characters for a lot of years, so I loved being light and having
fun. So for that I’m looking forward to people
tuning in into the show and falling in love with these characters. Let’s be honest, after being blacklisted
from Hollywood, Arquette deserves to do a comedy. In the last year she has taken on the role
of Hollywood changemaker. And I don’t know about you, but I am so
happy she’s back on our screens.

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  3. I was going To wish this piece of shit was blacklisted in Hollywood but they already did it. Now you have all the time in the world to apologize for being white and privileged. Moron

  4. She hates herself for being white and we are told to hate ourselves for being white… Should we hate ourselves, or be stronger?

  5. Who the hell is she? Never heard of her… She's just trying to blame someone else for her failure. I've watched pulp fiction many times and don't remember her at all that's how insignificant she was and remains.

  6. I think Arquette got herself whitelisted in her own mindset.

    Yet another feminist who hate her own skin color – who hate the need of fueling hate towards white men only. Arquette feel so much white shame over being white – being privileged, yet – also so much need to cry over the fact that she has been put aside because she was never good enough.

    Turn off the camera, let the attention die – and let Arquette sell all her belongings and then start living like a real poor white person. It will never happen. It is just like all the famous people who are critical towards boarders, while they all live in big mansions with big fence and security guards. It is just like all the actors who said they would move out of USA because Trump became president …

    A crying hypocrite – who proves the messed up left wing feminist world!

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