Why HMS Queen Elizabeth Can Never Sail Alone

Why HMS Queen Elizabeth Can Never Sail Alone

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  1. The UK only has 13 frigates and 6 destroyers.
    If you doubled that number it would be difficult to keep up with its commitments and defend these carriers.
    These are nice big ships but without frigates they are useless.

  2. I was stationed on an aircraft carrier. They need escort vessels because they are very vulnerable. During a military exercise a Swedish submarine 'sunk' the USS George H. W. Bush and all of her escorts without being detected.

  3. Why will the HMS Queen Elizabeth never sail alone?
    Because she's an aircraft carrier. Also because she's named after the current monarch, but mostly because she's an aircraft carrier.

    (p.s I am an asian kid and its 1 am here and i am rushing work that was due 7 hours ago but here I am)

  5. The only issue I see with the Queen Elizabeth class is that there aren't enough of them. 2 is one, and one is none, I'd be more comfortable if there were 4 ships as opposed to the current 2.

  6. How was this released yesterday when it says its about to have its first helicopter landing? It's on its F-35 trials at the moment, helicopters were ages ago.

  7. Because she's an aircraft carrier that requires escorts like a destroyer or a frigate like any other naval aircraft carrier's otherwise she will be a sitting duck.

  8. Hahahaha 😆the Russians hypersonic missiles forces can easily sunk the entire battle group and they know that as well the Americans…. this is not fiction this is a fact

  9. Couldn't they have just equipped the QE with Harriers until it received its minimum complement of F35s, at least they way to could practice with landing and taking off rather then just have a glorified helicopter carrier.

  10. They should make it one of those hydrofoil things for torpedos and covered with reactive armor for missiles and then it could sail alone.

  11. I know we are far removed from the British fleet beating the Spanish Armada, but I would love to see the Brits build their fleet up to a reasonable size again.

  12. This is no different to any US carrier, and based on the mention of the first F-35B landings, it is also a very old video footage. Some F-35B are already based onboard and she is being used to train the US Marine pilots right now. She already has very similar defensive systems to the new USS Ford, the only significant difference being the Ford has a 3rd CWIS, and the QE will have her 3rd fitted in 2020 before she goes into active service. She can also, as with the Ford, use her aircraft as defense both above and below the waterline. The Ford will never travel alone either. They're both impressive and built with similar, yet also very different schools of thought. Well done Smithsonian channel for making a short video that couldn't adequately explain a situation, and that used footage and interviews from over a year ago. You are meant to provide accurate educational material.

  13. a carrier is never alone the set up for a task force is Tankers and Tugs go to the aft they will fallow the ship and refuel and resupply it when it is at sea Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, Frigates, and Escort Carriers go to the sides their job is to protect the ship and The Sub goes underneath the carrier their job is to sink enemy vessels. This is the makeup of a task force it has been that way since HMS Argus was launched in the 20s.

  14. Aircraft carriers ALWAYS sail in the center of a task force. Or at least with escorts. That's been tactical procedure for a long time now. They're not equipped with defense against multiple, and various types of vessels. She can put up a fight of course, but she'd be outmatched.

  15. So basically, its the exact same as every carrier. Destroyers and Frigates for defense, and supply ships for, you know, supply.

  16. 40 aircraft? Only during peacetime patrol.

    Capable of 72 F35b and 8 helicopters on full load during war.

    Higher maximum 24 hr sortie rate than a Nimitz class.

  17. The Royal navy could have bought some Burke class destroyers for their escorting fleet while the us could have ordered some type 26 frigates instead of the awful LCS ships and the controversial FFG-X program. Both navies are stretched thinly and need each other's help.

  18. We need to give Britain all that we can at this moment so that she can become an independent Sovereign Nation once again and I call on all Americans to be a part of this I'm just kidding 50% of Americans Let's help out do all you can to help especially our military

  19. Meanwhile the Russians have an aircraft carrier built decades ago and retro fitted with heaps of ballistic missiles so it can sail alone and defend itself alone.

  20. Obsolete ship needs extra protection which is an illusion since spamming it with cheap missiles/cheap gunships/cheap drones thwarts any defence.

  21. The UK's Carrier Strike Group will be formed of a minimum of 8 vessels:

    – 1x QE-class aircraft carrier (with 40-70 aircraft, depending on requirement)

    – 2x Type 45 Daring-class air defence destroyers

    – 2x Type 23 Duke-class anti-submarine frigates (Type 26 City-class from 2024)

    – 1x Astute-class nuclear fleet submarine

    – 1x Tide-class replenishment tanker

    – 1x Fort Rosalie-class dry stores ship (new Fleet Solid Support Ship from 2024)

    She may also be joined by ships of other navies, including the US, Australia, Canada, and Dutch.

  22. It – it’s an aircraft carrier?! If it were travelling alone in the first place I’d lose all faith and confidence in the Royal Navy to defend its own waters.

  23. What I like about this ship are the two towers. One for the ship's operation and the other for the flight operations. It seems to me this is a better design then American designed aircraft carries where all operation are in one tower. I wonder if the Queen Elizabeth has more room?

  24. It’s not enough, we’d need at least two more of them to do anything above Bosnia type operations where the opposition had no airforce.

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