Which cruise ship is best?

Which cruise ship is best?

Ahoy cruises! Don’t know which cruise line to book. Not sure about which Cruise is going to be
best for you. Stick with us! Because we did a lot of research. We’re going to use our experience to let you
know which one will suit you best. From solo travellers to families and couples. We’re going to tell you which cruise line
is best for you. Let’s start with an active couple. People who like to do a lot on their holiday
and have lots of fun. So the young and young at heart. Exactly so it doesn’t matter what age you
are. If you like to have a good time on a ship
these are the best ones for me My favourite for this would be Royal Caribbean
Cruise Line. Especially some of the newer bigger ships. Because these are jammed packed So many different features Climbing walls, flow rider, ice skating rink, Dodgems at sea, Broadway shows A lot of restaurants bars and nightclubs to
pick from. There is literally so much to do. There are also so many people on board. There’s a wide range of people. So whoever you’re going with or whoever you
want to meet on board. You pretty sure to find something for you
on the Royal Caribbean ship. If you’re not keen on having loads of kids
on the ship with you at the same time. We recommend you go on these ships outside
of the school holidays. So really similar to Royal Caribbean is Norwegian
Cruise Line… and particularly there are bigger ships. So this is the Escape, the Epic, the Breakaway,
the Bliss. I’m trying to think of more off the top of
my head. Their newer bigger ships have some great features…. These are great if you like to have entertainment. Plus, if you like dining as well. Because they have load and loads of dining
options and bars on board. Similar to Royal Caribbean and they also have
Broadway shows You just cannot get bored on these ships. There are so many activities and different
things to do throughout the ship Next up is the fun ships. These are the Carnival ships. These are known as the party ships. Especially around spring break time. But the ships are filled to the brim with
so much to do. You’ve got water parks, IMAX theatres, rope
courses. You’ve got this thing where you drive around. Like a monorail bicycles. Just like Royal Caribbean and NCL, they have
so much fun onboard. But these ships definitely to attract to lots
of families And a lot of younger crowds So if you’re really up for a fun time Carnivals one for you Also if you want something a little bit different Have a look at some of the newer MSC ships These ships really do attract a really wide
range of people And trust us, the Italians love to party don’t
they Oh my God I know! They were going to like two or three in the
morning. It was such a good Mediterranean atmosphere
onboard. There are loads of dining options on these
ships. As well as great pools, slides and entertainment. Like we said… The party is the go on until through the evening
into the early hours of the morning. Yes its definitely a really good option Also the itinerary you go on changes a ship
also You can get the same ship on a different itinerary And It can feel like a really different cruise Useually medditeraniain cruises, more port
intensive cruises. Shorter cruise and Caribbean Cruises are usually
a bit more buzzing and exciting. A bit of a more active crowd. Yes, so these tend to skew a little bit younger But, again you going to have loads of people
looking for a really good active time. Yes, so this brings us to people who prefer
a more relaxing lovely, laidback cruise. Like clam sailing with a cocktail and a book… and a nice glass of wine. But this is not saying these ships don’t have
plenty of entertainment options They just have a slightly slower pace. Sometimes this is a great way to cruise also. First, let’s start with one of our favourites. Princess Cruises. 5 star luxury at sea. And these ships are beautiful. They are so classy and modern at the same
time. They are very classic and luxurious. It’s just a nice pace of life on these ships. You do get a very good mix of people. You get an older crowd and a younger crowd
mixed together. But it it is a much more relaxed type of ship. They are not playing off Slides and climbing
walls. It’s more about having a nice relaxing luxury
holiday. Yes, a little bit more traditional. But still quite modern in terms of thing like
dining. So they offer flexible dining options. So you are not going right far back in tradition. But you have a traditional flavour. With a modern style cruising. So next, Celebrity Cruises. These are known for Modern Luxury. As well as fantastic dining onboard. Definitely Quite simler to Princess Cruises They are a little bit more upscale. When I say upscale, I don’t mean posh. I mean more of a relaxed atmosphere. You have grass lawns on board where you can
have a picnic. Plus watch Movies under the Stars. Loads of lovely speciality restaurants and
entertainment. They really do offer something for everyone. And especially those who like a more relaxed
cruise. So everything is at a bit of a slower pace. But that does not mean its boring. The entertainment is still top notch. It just generally things are a bit less party
and more relaxing. So next we have Viking Cruises These are a Nordic company and they have… …just started breaking into the ocean cruise
market These ships look ultra luxurious. They are amazing. They are much smaller and more intimate. You can really get to know your fellow passengers. You can really chill out and have a lovely
chilled but modern feel. Coming from a river cruising background. They are a bit more boutique and luxurious. Infinity pools onboard, they look really nice. We definitely recommend these for a relaxing
holiday. If you are maybe looking for something a little
more active. But still having a quiet feel. Look at some of the smaller ships from Norwegian
Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Because these ships tend to attract a more
relaxing crowd… And tend to have a bit more relaxed atmosphere. A “relaxing crowd”…. “We all like to relax”… How would you explain the people onboard? More laid back and this is because these tend
to be on longer and more exotic itineraries. It really goes for any cruise line. So MSC, Cunard, Transatlantic Crossies, Pacific
Crossings…. …do usually attract a much more mature crowd. More calm and relaxed atmosphere. You are not rushing around in all the ports. It’s not all about the party lifestyle. It’s not a weekend with your friends getting
drunk on a cruise. It’s more taking the time to enjoy the ship
and the ports. Not rushing doing everything on-board. It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere. That has a lot to do with the ship and type
of cruise you are on. If you are looking for a cruise line for families Take a look at Royal Caribbean and Norwegian
Cruise Line. These ships as we have said have something
for everyone. They have tons of facilities. They have amazing kids clubs. From toddlers to teenagers. There is something for everyone. With clubs for the teens and day clubs for
the little kids. There is so much to do. You have ropes courses, golf courses, climbing
walls. Everything you can imagine on a ship Is on these ships. They are fantastic for families. We sailed with our nephews and the staff where
fantastic Welcoming them on-board and great with them. Definitely, the kids had such a fantastic
time. They were made to feel very included. And there is always something to do. We were looking at the daily planner and there
were actives going on all the time for kids. They will never get bored. And failing that there is always the kid’s
pool. Which are great for them with the splash zones
and the slides. Of course, great kids clubs keep your kids
occupied So you can get away and enjoy yourself with
a bit of r & r The ultimate cruise line for families is Disney
Cruise Lines These are cruises they are designed around
family cruises If you are anyone in your family loves Disney
this is the cruise for you. The kid’s clubs are amazing There are so many activities for ages 9 to
999 There is something for everyone Their entertainment is all family friendly There are also adult areas inboard So while the kids are away in the clubs all
day and into the night You can be enjoying a cocktail in the adult’s
lounge or the pub onboard There’s also an adults-only pool as well so
there’s a nice relaxing area just for adults. The kids can watch movies at the cinema or
on the big screen outside. They can meet their favourite Disney characters So, next up Carnival They have fantastic kids club, and so much
to do We also need to give a special mention to
MSC and Princess Cruises Who also have outstanding kids clubs and facilities One good thing about MSC is that you can find
really affordable cruises These are really good for families because
you can save a small fortune They’re quite a new Cruise Line so you can
get some amazing deals. Also, some cruise lines offer fantastic staterooms
that cater to families. Royal Caribbean and Carnival’s newer ships
have family suites. I want to stay there myself! I don’t want to travel with the family! What type of itineraries suit children and
families? We would say the Mediterranean a the Caribbean
and the best itineraries These also tend to be short cruises. We recommend the bigger and newer ships because
these are just jam-packed with facilities. Bigger ships have a more younger family crowd Smaller ships and longer itineraries have
a quieter crowd and more mature travellers Recently there’s been a big push in Cruise
Lines catering specifically for solo travellers. Cruise lines such as a Norwegian Cruise Line
and Royal Caribbean have cabins just For solo travellers The great thing about Solo Cabins is that
you don’t have to Pay the extra occupancy fee You can go on holiday by yourself and relax
and meet lots of new people Norwegian Cruise Line has the biggest range
of solo cabins They have
a solo lounge where you could mix and mingle with all of the other people travelling solo There are a massive 128 solo staterooms on
the Norwegian Epic There is 82 on the Norwegian Escape and 59
on the Norwegian Breakaway and the Norwegian Getaway There are so many cabins for solo travellers! On most of the newer ships such as the Quantum
class and the Oasis class. Apart from the Oasis of the Seas Have solo cabins on board There’s plenty of activities to mix and mingle You’re never going to be bored and you’re
going to meet lots of new friends Another good option is Cunard. They also have
solar cabins and some of the biggest at sea. P&O also have solo cabins on their newest
ship Britannia. Finally, Holland America also has solo cabins
on them… Why do they name all these ships with names
we cannot pronounce? Because it’s Dutch, its Holland. Holland America has solar cabins on as well
there’s not as many as on other cruise lines. Cruising is really great for solo travellers
because of all the activities Isn’t it I think it’s absolutely fantastic
if you brave enough to go away by yourself I think it’s fantastic You always see in the planner meetups for
solo travellers There’s so much to do. You do not need to go away with somebody else
to have a good time. As always, do your research. Look at sites such as cruise critic and watch
videos to get a good idea of what ship you want to sail on. There are so many different types of cruises
and your perfect ship is out there waiting For you. This highlights that are cruising is for everybody Cruises are not it’s not just for one type
of person. The all stereotypes of ‘cruising is just for
old people’ really annoys me Cruising has been completely revolutionized
and evolved into something cool. It’s really sad when you hear people say: “I went on a cruise and I was bored” or “I
went on a cruise and it was just a party ship” That just highlights like they chose the wrong
ship. It’s so important you get the right ship for
you. That’s it for this video. Make sure you follow us on Instagram where
we’re… Posting new photos every day and don’t forget to subscribe.

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  2. Nowadays, people, no matter how much the cruise lines include on their ships, people are bored and not entertained. This is not the fault of cruise lines, but of the people themselves. How many times have you seen people walking around with their cell phones, eyes glued to the screens? They’re waiting for instant gratification, well,it ain’t gonna happen. Put the phone in the safe, get your asses out on deck and mingle with people. Wake up early, have breakfast, get off the ship and explore , go to the beach, visit a local restaurant. Stop penny pinching onboard and hit a specialty restaurant, go to a wine tasting and meet people. Stop being caught in your shell of safety and live a little. My wife and I really appreciate your videos. You guys know how to live and we have taken your advice on a few recommended ships and were not disappointed. Keep up the good work guys, we luv ya!

  3. first, we love your blogs and wish we had come upon them before our last, and only cruise! We are two gay physicians, I'm older at 63 my partner is 36. we enjoyed the actual cruising, and the ports of call, but shipboard a bit too much. we were recommended to take the Atlantis Mediterranean cruise! yikes! any recommendation as to itinerary, cruise line, or ship that might be a bit more comfortable for a ''normal'' gay couple? If this is insensitive to ask, I apologize in advance!

  4. Found you guys through searching Meraviglia, as were booked on that later in the year, but usually sail RCL or P&O, but are trying all different companies this year and are sailing on Sapphire Princess in July, and I see your sailing on that too… when are you sailing on her?? And when will the vlogs be up as I’d love too see them, as there are none at all on line!! Love your vlogs xxxx

  5. The more these giant ships build crazy stuff for kids, the less I want to cruise because I want to relax and not spend my vacation with a bunch of spoiled brats and snobby adults! I was told that Crystal Cruises is my type of ship but the average age there is 80 and I'm too young for that crowd! 🙂

  6. Although I have been cruising since the 1980s  I am reeducating myself due to the changes in the industry.  Thank you for all of the current information and the research.  I enjoy blogging with you guys.  Stay happy.

  7. Thanks for another great video gents! I am a solo cruiser in my late 30s and I love sailing with Holland America, they are starting to cater to a younger crowd but still elegant and luxurious. I cannot wait to check out the solo room on the Getaway in 53 days though and the rest of the ship after watching your vacation on board.

  8. I wished I had seen this before booking our first cruise. We booked Norwegian Breakaway for January. My husband and I are both over 50 – actually he is over 60. But we do enjoy a bit of partying but not overwhelming.

  9. I love listening and watching the two of you:) So genuinely personable and you love what you do.. thanks for another great and informative video!! Cheers

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  11. I've been on the RC explorer, adventure, Liberty, and anthem of the seas, and the Norwegian breakaway and out of all of them my favorite was the adventure. It may have been the oldest, but it was such a relaxing yet fun experience. The staff was great and it was such a nice experience. The anthem and breakaway was great but it was a little too crowded and there was no main dining room.

  12. Hi guys, you are fantastic.

    I missed that you mentioned Celebrity Cruises, our favorite as well as the Princess Cruises

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    Does Vicking have anything besides reading? What would be your suggestion I like a formal tradional and less people.
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