When Taekook started to get separated… ( bon voyage 2 ) | Taekook Analysis |

When Taekook started to get separated… ( bon voyage 2 ) | Taekook Analysis |

100 thoughts on “When Taekook started to get separated… ( bon voyage 2 ) | Taekook Analysis |

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  2. if u said that BH is blocking ur video it only means that they’re watching and reading all the comments here, if that’s the case then i have something to tell BH hahaha .. Honestly speaking BTS GROUP are all very good in their performance etc. already but TAEKOOK gives them more fans, money, subcribers and many more .. if they just let them OUT of their what ever it is, i’m very sure that they will gain more supporters everybody will be happy .. TAEKOOK , FANS and BH .. more fans more earnings and more love… hehe does that make sense?!

  3. JUNGKOOK: Just sitting there in the corner

    JUNGKOOK: looks lost asf
    TAEHYUNG: Did you just act cute?

  4. my opinion is that they both found true love…But they are scared to show it to. now a days people hate gays…maybe cause of their popularity?
    but.. love is love, we don't have to see what genders :C but people don't understand.. :<
    wove chu Taekook~! we'll support you both ^w^ ~!


  6. Sorry but your analyses similar to taekook lives so pliz don't make yourself that you are annocent bcz i saw you in Twitter attacking her methodes!!you are dellulu just like her

  7. Kookie is more on the down low about their relationship. He tips his hand when someone makes him mad or he feels he needs to stick up and protect Tae. Tae wears his emotions on his sleeve and is very clingy with Kookie. I think that makes the members uncomfortable. I love them and really appreciate your videos.

  8. JK being the youngest always has a lot of catching up to do in terms of growing up. He looks up to all his hyungs and learns different things from each of them. And just as his interests change from learning the drums to boxing to whatever else, his interest in the different hyungs also change. With JK it seems everything is seasonal & he binges on something or someone until he loses interest and goes on to the next. That’s just my observation and opinion though. You’re still welcome to ship them or any of the other combinations.

  9. Shipping is nice, but please don't take it too far that it will effect their friendship and their brotherhood. Tae and kook is not seperated because they are couple but because they get too much attention because of shipping that it make them uncomfortable. We all know what happened with larry please don't make history to repeat itself because i can already see them hesitating and tip toeing with each other . Please don't ruin their pure friendship and bond because of fake assumptions same goes to jikook. I am an ot7 person and i can't hate jimin or v because of ships which doesn't even exist in real life. It makes our fandom toxic . I don't want same things happened to bts which happened to 1d

  10. They are just close and I think i considered it bestfriend and i love their TLC…..maybe Jungkook found a comfortable with Tae so he can do whatever he want maybe its just a love for being a brother….

  11. 31:46 "But to not leave you sad right now" That sentence warmed my heart, it's very sweet of you to worry about how we'll feel after watching the video. Thank you for worrying about it and working so hard for us 🙂 💜

  12. Plssss, don't say taekook being separate. It's hurt me so much.
    I am just waiting when they will say us that they are couple.

    We purple you from BANGLADESH. 🇧🇩

  13. It is not fair .not everything they do in public means they r boyfriends that is rude they may be close friends only n if u true army u should give them ur love n support. Let them live the life that they deserve

  14. I don't know if they are a couple or just friends and, honestly, It doesn't matter for me, but I just keep thinking of how they're cute together ☺️
    I just want them to be happy and healthy 💜

  15. Классные анализы!Кто бы вот еще на русский перевел?И кто бы подсказал где можно эти моменты(бон-вояж и т.д) посмотреть с озвучкой на русском?

  16. If they friend or brother then why big hit
    Keep on cutting they since??? Idk
    I just what to ask they probably not like what we thought but I just what to know why big hit keep cutting out they since that all I whated to ask Don’t hate me for asking this question

  17. But I do this with my best friend all the time… No we are not romantically involved 😕 I ship Taekook for their bromance and not romantically
    I don't know I think every country has different cultures
    Homosexuality is like a phobia in the east.. And its almost unheard of.. So ya boys and girls are very open with each other… They hold hands.. They give kiss on cheeks.. They touch.. They play lots of silly games.. They even sleep together half naked…they change clothes in front of each other.. Especially students living in hostels and dorms.. No its not homosexuality.. Its natural.. Its friendship…my best friend always gives me the look like If I never excited she'd die… Its totally natural… U guys should stop over analysing things
    😂 I'm so sorry
    I loved this video but some of the scenes were just too much 🖤😅

  18. They have always been touchy with eachother and the rest of the group. Skinship is part of there culture. Every kpop groups has skinship. Some people do more skinship in front of the camera then others do more skinship behind the camera. It's all based on personality being extroverted or introverted. Their is nothing sexual about it. They are like brothers .there are other people who show much more skinship then or less. They are not gay they have had girlfriends and dated lots of girls. .they are just normal guys goofing doing or saying normal stuff. They have a special bond. The whole group is a brotherhood.they where never separated. Taehyung in the last couple of years has suffered great loss of family and friends that have died. Jk had some stuff to deal with .you can be close like that and not be sexual. Their are different types of deep connections and not all are romantic. You can be friends soulmates or twin flames.(and by the way bts are big support of LGBTQ).and so im.

  19. Bangtan’s Shippers I appreciate the time and effort in profiling these “brothers”.Jungkook is the youngest. Being Asian I fully understand theses guys. They really treat their members as brothers. They’re have all shared in rearing up Jungkook who is still young and needed the attention and eve. Tough love. Sometimes V is trying to train him how not to just think about himself and be possessive of any Hyundai who is taking care of him. Asian countries are still very conservative and have usually large family or close knit kin’s. Growing pains are necessary to mature in life. They are far from their families .As such to survive they have to understand and accommodate each other. More so the youngest one. Tough love is also necessary in taking care of our younger siblings. These differences in personalities will eventually help mold Jungkook into who he is now. Just be thankful and enjoy their personal lives with us. Don’t psychologize them. Big hit ,Mr Bangtan, the staff and the talented intelligent boys are operating on self-actualization which is Jung’s(psychologist) way of looking at relationship. They don’t employ Freudian analysis. What I love about the Bighit Concept is to provide an environment for this artists to fully actualize their gifts. Their goal is to produce beautiful wonderful and enriched projects which will promote healing to the “world”. Stop analyzing and start enjoying their off stage onstage selves. As it is they work very hard.They try to comfort each other love each other as they have sacrificed being wither moms and dads and siblings just to concentrate on the work they love most creating, singing and dancing positively to at least help this generation aim high and improve relationships. Please refrain from interpreting their interpersonal relationship as sexual. You heard them these young boys have dreams of becoming dadas and have families of their own. In the meantime they are exploring and developing their fullest potentials to serve us.Lets just pray that the Good Lord will preserve their spirit soul and body to give Him the glory’s!

  20. Could anyone confirm "for real" "for sure" that the subtitles when Tae said "you want to live here with me" are completely "Real"?

  21. Mesmo não entendendo muito na minha humilde opinião jungkook largou Tae para ficar correndo atrás do jimin que na minha opinião não tá nem aí

  22. For me, there is no double meaning on their closeness and sweetness. They were just childish. Always want playing around. I still love V no matter what. 💜💜💜

  23. Basically they tend to stick to each other for whole day if I was in the place of jungkook i may hv done the same taehyung is a cutie 😘😘😘

  24. It's sad but watching how BH separates them – it makes me believe in Taekook more. I just hope they are always happy and love each other 😊

  25. De los 3 viajes este es el más bonito por que los 7 estuvieron juntos; cuando Tae viaja por separado al poco alguien del grupo debe regresar a Corea antes de tiempo.

  26. The agency is so stupid they should do what army want and we want to watch them together always no matter friends or boyfriends they are really hot together !!! Damn stupid agency keeps separate between them !!

  27. I can see beautiful relationships between 2 bst frnds….they are madly loving each other,
    me and my frndz also do this..kissing..hugging…it because of our deep friendship.. we share everything..our gud and bad secrets..so..guys..plz don't judge their identity…if they're gay..they Will say it..otherwise don't judge their identity..,please don't destroy their beautiful friendship
    Plz forget my English..bcz my English is bad…I love Tkook…their beautiful friendship..it have no boundaries. .
    From India 🇮🇳💜bts

  28. 26:05, oh yeah he knew what he was doing, he did that so he could “have the honor & pleasure of mopping it up” out of JK’s lap. If that ever happens with any of us, we can say, “I learned that trick from Kim Taehyung” & we can say, like that line in “Boy with Luv” teach me everything. Tae knows his 💩 don’t he. Yeah & then JK thinks, “ma, he knows” …knows what?, that he had “a hard on”, hell, he keeps one of them anytime he’s around Tae.

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