What Does PATREON REALLY Mean To Us? – How Not To Sail A Boat

What Does PATREON REALLY Mean To Us? – How Not To Sail A Boat

What is Patreon? Patreon is a platform
for independent creators to connect with the people who love what they create on
a more personal level. A creator is a musician who shares
personal stories about the songs that they write, comic-book experts who
entertain and engage with fans in a podcast or sailors and travellers like us
we want to share videos of our unique lifestyle, adventures off-grid and all
things learned through our YouTube channel. No matter what type of creator,
it allows followers to support their favorite creations at whatever level
they’re able to. In the case of our vlog, we like to think that instead of paying
for a cable TV subscription for the videos that you like to watch, instead
you are directly supporting the person behind the lens and in return you get so
so much more! We not only get to take you on an adventure to beautiful
destinations all across the world. Places both above and below the water that you
might never see the same way if not by boat. But you get to experience it from
the beginning and through our eyes. From the days of slaving away getting our
boat ready to sail to the moment that we toss the dock lines to start the
adventure. We visit iconic destinations like the New York City harbor and take
you with us as we fly a foreign courtesy flag after arriving to a new country
under sail for the first time. But it isn’t all roses and we do not try and
paint a pretty picture of everything that we do. We want to show you the spots that people talk about and what they are really like. We want you to meet the
famous Bahamian beach pigs but we also want you to know the trouble that they
cause when you forget your dingy anchor. We do not only want to share the times
when the sails are full and the hull glides smoothly through the water but we
also want to share the times when you forget to shorten the dinghy line before
starting the engine and putting it in reverse. We want to share the coconut
hunting failures and the injuries on board too. And even more we want to share the scary times. The times when your boat drags anchor, when you have to brave
storms in the middle of the night and when the weather forecast leaves you
worrying about the passage ahead. We want to share the daily life and the
work that comes along with every incredible experience. We still have to
get ready in the mornings, we raise the anchor by hand, we scrub the hull for
barnacles and collect wood for those beautiful beach fires. We still have to
catch our own food, do our own laundry and build the things that we need on
board. But we also do normal things like trying to find a pub on a remote island
to watch the Superbowl or needing haircuts when a local salon is not
available. And every day is spent learning. Learning to sew the sails,
taking apart yet another broken piece of the boat, learning about local plants and
learning from other sailors and their experiences and stories. And we introduce you to these new friends that we meet along the way.
Other cruises on a budget, friends met at a foreign anchorage or other wonderful
people supporting this crazy journey that we embarked on. And if that’s not
enough for you you have the opportunity to be a crew onboard and sail with us. Swimming in crystal-clear waters, entertaining ourselves on a quiet day,
helping with watchkeeping duties, afternoon swims after long days at sea
or soaking up the incredible sunsets at anchor. Better still, if crewing is not
your style then join a Patreon meetup a an exotic destination somewhere around
the world and get a taste of what life is like on board SV One-O-Six.

3 thoughts on “What Does PATREON REALLY Mean To Us? – How Not To Sail A Boat

  1. Im proud to support your channel, I’ve been watching the sailing shows for a while now, and I’m lookin for my boat this year as well… You guys deserve the support based on the comedy level alone haha. Keep it up! Loved the welcome video too 🤙🏼 #106

  2. I can't afford to be a patron, but will help by hitting the LIKE button! 230 views and only 16 likes,, come on people!!!

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