Welcome to Sailing A B Sea – We’re a couple of ‘wet grey nomads’!

Welcome to Sailing A B Sea – We’re a couple of ‘wet grey nomads’!

Hi I’m Barry and I’m Aannsha.
Welcome to ABsea YouTube channel. Well this channel is basically about our journey, leaving Australia, going to Europe, learning to sail, buying a sailboat and
having adventures scuba diving and making beach jewelry. Yeah it’s a rough
plan, but that’s how plans start basically isn’t it? Yeah yeah. Now people
might think instantly wow that’s a bit crazy, it’s a bit outlandish, but just a
little bit of background here, we have both extensively travelled in our
younger years and then I eventually settled down here in Australia with Aannsha and we had our son Luke and we made a promise to ourselves and to him that we would stay in one country, in one place, all through his schooling and
learning and friendship years and we did that. Yeah because we don’t have any
other family over here, so we figured it would be a really nice way of helping
him to grow into the community and make some really good long-term friends. Yeah, of
course now he’s 19 years old, he’s got himself sorted out with a job, and a the car and a house in Brisbane and he’s on his own journey and we are technically ’empty nesters’ so we figured we wanted to do something for ourselves and I’ve got a lot of gypsy blood inside me
and that gypsy blood wants to go and adventure and wander. Yep and I love
traveling too, I’ve done that separately and with Baz over the years and yeah
we’re ready to go. In fact there’s a term for people like us, in Australia
middle-aged or retired people who travel around the country are called ‘grey
nomads’ so we figured cuz we’ve got the sailing theme happening as well we’re
gonna be ‘wet grey nomads’. Yes most of the world won’t understand that but we’ll
try and educate you as to what the Australian-isms are. So we’ve got all our
social media channels just about set up, you can follow us on whichever is your
preference. We’ve got YouTube, we’ve got Facebook, we’ve got Twitter and we’ve
actually got a website which is on the screen right now and we’ll also include
all of the links and everything else you need to connect down in the description
down below. So you can follow our ups and downs, the fun times the sad times the happy times, the trials and tribulations times, as we begin this journey and
figure out which way it’s going. So all you gotta do is like and subscribe and
ding that bell so that you get notifications of when our next YouTube
video is up. Yep. So we’ll catch you next time. Okay see you. Cheers. Hi my name is Barry and I’m Aannsha and
welcome to ABSea YouTube channel. Hi. Hi? Hi. We’ve done that! I know, well hmmm…. Can we start again? We’ll have to.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Sailing A B Sea – We’re a couple of ‘wet grey nomads’!

  1. My family and are think you two are awesome and can't wait to hear and see how your story evolves. You're one channel we'll certainly be following. Enjoy the journey 😉

  2. My wife and I are, ahem, in the same boat. We re Brits living in Sydney and planning to go sailing in the Med. We used to live in Gibraltar and Spain and want to revisit in our own boat. So maybe we'll see you around. Subscribed.

  3. I am so thrilled to have stumbled across you two amazing people via Youtube where I was actually there to check out Aannsha's Wet Felt Painting instructional video! I then looked on Facebook and following the links landed here! I am now following you on all the social media links and you are totally inspiring! You totally rock!! <3

  4. Hi Guys, My husband and I just found your channel and are amazed with the similarities we have with you. We're in our mid/late fifties, just started sailing and are in our way to put an offer on the same year and model boat you have! He's also a Sagittarius and into diving… Lol. So Curious… what's your sign Aannsha?

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    This is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can help to grow our channel. Thanks guys and girls.

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