We SPLASHED (and so did the Travel Lift!!!) | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵

We SPLASHED (and so did the Travel Lift!!!) | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵

hello well today is a very special day
isn’t it yeah why is that boat is going to water just a little bit later than
expected because of the rudder but who cares we’re good to go now we’re
confident we’re gonna be good although I will be checking very carefully for
leaks in lots of different places we also have a gentleman called Garreth from
medway drone exploration with a drone so we will have some drone footage of us
today which is a really nice boat yeah thank you very much and shortly we will be
picked up and we’ll start making our way towards the water Hello Emma! Guess what happened
when you were asleep. It’s our boat, it’s moved… Well it’s a
beautiful sunny day today there are people out sailing on the river and Britaly is over there just waiting for
high tide to go in in the meantime we’re in the sunshine here aren’t we darling? Yes!
And what’s happened to Rossella today? I got burnt Rossella has got sunburned Italian Rossella has got sunburned in England Italian-skinned Rossella has got sunburned in England
yeah hurrah Ishould have put this on before but I didn’t think the Sun was so powerful
Well it is, see! England is a very sunny country! Yeah Britaly is going in the water! okay this is the Chris cam
I’m just come inside the boat and I’m looking for leaks we have had water in here that
I’ve just mopped up so there was already some water in this part of the boat. What I’m really
interested in are the sea cocks there they look good. I’m gonna check the bilge: there is water there. and that appears to be rising from the front So I’ll have a good look at this, it may be that this is the water continuing to arrive here
from the bow but I will monitor this. This is not yet filling up but it will start
doing so soon because this water is going to make its way down into the
lower part the bilge. This is dry. The three seacocks there are good. The two seacocks there are
good. I’m going to check the sail drive diaphragm. The saildrive diaphragm looks good.
I’ll check the rudder. The waterline is not up as high as this but I did drill and epoxy
through some holes here, so I have to check those. Ok they are all good. So, the one area for concern, so far, is
the bow. Is that water residual water Is that water residual water from the power washing I just did? Or is it something else? I think we’re gonna go for a release
with the crane, so let’s see what happens! Hello darling! See, this boat floats on the water too- it doesn’t just stay in a car park! That’s a better view than a gravel carpark isn’t it? Hello! Hiya! You wanna grab the microphone don’t you always so we are on the pontoon here at
the Yacht Club we’ve been here for a day and a half all is well in the world We do have some water in the bilge but I
have tasted it and it isn’t salty and then after a little bit more tracing
I’ve seen where it’s coming from, at the aft end of the boat we’ve got a hot
water heater and there’s a little drip coming from that so that’s filling up
the engine bay very slowly isn’t it so we’re about to depart and it’s only
it’s a very short journey we’re not going very far but that doesn’t mean
that it’s not a big deal because this is a big deal for us for many different
reasons exactly the main one is bobbing
up and down in front of you aren’t you so it’s a very big learning curve for us
and we’re going to take you with us on this journey So it’s a very big learning curve for us, and we are going to take you with us on this journey! This is an important moment: we’re putting up the Red Ensign for the first time and I’m going to be whistling the Italian
national anthem while I do that for for parity because this is a dual
nationality boat I’m just doing a little mini briefing
for Rossella here, so I may as well show you guys too (By the way, we’re whispering because Emma is asleep!) Yes, we hope that she stays in an
non-demanding state like this… So the problem that we’ve got at the moment is
there’s quite a gusty wind and it’s pinning us against the pontoon
so it’s gusting up to about 15 knots so just a little bit more than that so what
we need to do Rossella, is use a spring line off the stern so at the moment we
are the front of the boat is there it’s that’s the bow we’ve got a line here right
here we’re gonna do is untie this line when we do that
nothing will happen, we’ll just be staying with position on the pontoon so
what we’re going to need to do is walk the boat backwards just literally walk
and push it backwards until this line gets tight like that and then once we’re
in that position we can put some fenders on the stern here if you look after the
fenders on the stern then I’ll put the boat into reverse and then what will
happen is this line will go tight, the boat will start to rotate around and the fenders will be squashed
against the pontoon and once we’ve got enough of an angle to be ready to
leave… something like that (Fenders here) then we’ll release this
line from the boat and then I’ll power ahead and we’ll leave the pontoon behind us. Ok captain! Any questions? Err, I think I’m alright… we’ll find out soon! Ok, since we have wasted a lot of time in preparations if you look down
at the water there, you can see the bubbles running past so there is quite a tide running here which is going contrary to my plan of using the spring however
we’re going to give it a go if it doesn’t work there’s another way
we can do it but we’re gonna try plan a first and then take it from there you you

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