Viking Ocean Cruises – Thermal Suite In The Spa

This is one of the many great things
about a cruise with Viking Ocean Cruises. It’s the thermal suite within the spa. There are other cruise lines
that have thermal suites similar to this
but it generally costs a lot extra to get access. On Viking, every passenger on the ship
has access to it at no additional charge. That big pool within the thermal
suite is heated to 95 degrees… And the water in the Jacuzzi is at a 101 degrees. So, it’s very comfortable to relax in the water
and let all your stress just melt away. The depth of the pool is just right
so that you can stand in it
but still have your head above water to breathe. Here’s a look at it with the jets turned off… So that you can see that there’s a metal rack there at
this end and it’s contoured to the shape of your body… So that you can rest on top of it
and let the water work its magic. On either side of the room
you’ll find these comfortable loungers
with thick padded cushions. Before you get in the pool or the Jacuzzi
they ask that you shower first, and… This is not an ordinary
shower like you would have at home. It’s a pretty amazing rainfall shower
with individual controls for all the nozzles. I love it! Now the Nordic tradition in a spa is
to continually go from hot to cold to hot again. So, I’ve asked my wife to show you this next feature. It’s the snow room
and it’s really cold in there! Another option for cooling down is just
a good old-fashioned cold bucket of water. Pull that chain and that should
cool you down pretty fast! These tile loungers have
radiant heating built in to them, so… When you lie down on them
the heat radiates up into your back and your legs. It is wonderful! There is relaxing spa music
playing softly in the background. I actually like to bring a set of
noise-cancelling headphones and my MP3 player… And I listen to my favorite relaxing music
as I stretch out here
and enjoy my time in the thermal suite. Bring your favorite reading material:
a book, a Kindle, a magazine… Or if you forgot to bring it
they offer some reading material for you. Adjacent to the thermal suite are
separate changing rooms for men and women. But these are not the basic kind of locker rooms
you’ve probably seen in a gym! Viking has really gone way beyond the basics
and made a nice little retreat out of it. Plenty of towels, of course…
But inside each locker
you’ll also find a bathrobe and slippers. There are hair dryers…
and I liked that in addition to soap
they also offer hand lotion. In the thermal suite there’s a
co-ed sauna… But if you’d rather only share a sauna
with people of your own gender… You’ll like the saunas adjacent to the lockers in the changing rooms. Please note that bathing suits ARE required to be worn. Each changing room also has its own plunge pool… So, after you get out of the sauna,
if you want to cool down… Slip in here,
where the water temperature is 78
degrees. And the changing rooms feature
an absolutely brilliant feature… This is a little device to spin-dry your bathing suit after you’ve changed out of it and
into clothes. Now there is a lot more to the Viking spa
than just the thermal suite. There is a fitness center… And I really like the idea of exercising with
an ocean view. You can get a manicure or pedicure… There are hairstylist that can do your hair… And here’s my idea of a good time
how about a nice massage? And the thing I really like about their massage rooms… Is that each one has a shower. So that after your massage,
you can shower off the massage oil. And finally, the ultimate massage room: This is the couples massage room
complete with a huge Jacuzzi
for the two of you to share. So, consider me a huge fan of the spas
on Viking ocean cruises… Especially the fact that every passenger
has full access to the thermal suite
at no extra charge. I’m Jim Zim.
Enjoying Viking’s 10-day
“West Indies Explorer” itinerary in the Caribbean. I’ll be posting several other
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