Vietnam boat sinks after collision with Chinese vessel

Vietnam boat sinks after collision with Chinese vessel

Tensions are rising in the South China Sea
after a Chinese vessel reportedly hit a Vietnamese fishing boat causing it to sink. Vietnamese Television, who recently broadcast
this footage said it was filmed near a controversial oil rig last month. The video shows a larger vessel closely following
a smaller fishing boat. Then in another shot the boat begins to sink. Both countries blame each other for the incident
near the disputed Paracel Islands. Vietnamese media says that Chinese vessels rammed the
boat and used water cannons on their coast guards, while Chinese state media argued that
the boat collided with its vessel after harassing a Chinese fishing boat. Whatever the reason, the sinking is likely
to escalate tensions between the two countries which are locked in dispute about the South
China sea territory.

42 thoughts on “Vietnam boat sinks after collision with Chinese vessel

  1. China is one hell of a greedy ass country. They claim nearly all open waters near their adjacent neighboring countries, leaving nothing for Japan and Vietnam to live off from and when anything happens in those disputed waters, China blames it on everyone else.

    At this rate, I can already see it now, WWIII is a really big possibility with the way things are going.

  2. We want the peace, but Chinese never let us have peace in 4000 years of Vietnam'history. We will never scare them. We will fight until the last one for peace, for my country.

  3. While Ocidental Companies making China Enrichment…The China Expansion Policy begins….this is a preludy for the 3rd WORLDWAR..Just wait a Radical comunist lider take the China command….

  4. china and russia are working together…  china grabbing oil and gas fields and russia grabbing land from Ukraine…  a new cold war is here

  5. 1/3 of  Vietanam's  GDP come from oil from China Sea, they are stealing from China, because oil filed is connected under the sea.  Now China begin to drill in its proper sea,  but they came to bother.   Vietanams are poor rogues,  100%

  6. Yes it looks like the small V. boat rammed the Chinese boat while cunningly and quite literally running away from it ,  hmmmm

  7. its beginning from mh370 malaysia airline missing china dispatch military find the plane indeed there are found seafloor ton of rich oil after all 3 new base was begin to build

  8. and again june 12 2019.. Chinese ship hit Philippines fishing vessel..
    and they run away so stupid and barbaric kind of people they are.. wait your karma

  9. 中国的每个朝代都喜欢揍越南。


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