Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple (Breakdown)

Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple (Breakdown)

and finds that with the riots in vancouver
and after the stanley cup and that there was this awesome picture
of a couple kissing on the ground as the rights were taking place there’s the photo outlaw it turns out
that we have identified bit couple it is and i came by the name of alexandra
thomas and her australian boyfriend scott jones and that we have the level of this it
turns out that there were college students who were a stock on a roof of
the building during the riots and they were taking video of it and they caught
video of the couple making out on the ground as the rights are happening let’s
watch but the do the not that i had on it is several things again uh… first of all the initial reports were that she got
knocked down at some point and he would go help or a pop they got caught in that romantic moment
of set out as as a zip file our children probably and i thought that it was like this
brief moment and if i were happening catch it but let me know that video that looks
like they’re like none of this kind of coalitions hang out and they were down there for a long and
i are there for a long time and add the scotch on city actually bodyspace took
place after seeing the picture of himself he said classic this was shortly after
the right please run over the top of us and naturally alex did some comforting
it mere cryptic so uh… you know i think i
probably six attended alright saleable it really doesn’t like the worst it doesn’t know that this is going off
in the background is so chill and havin fun i thought you know they get out in
the streets i have to say i recently when i saw the picture i thought off problematic i would love it if it
actually threw me on the ground so making out with me while the rightfully
so like shooting their guns and you know bill and what i
said but now i realize now i would not be amused by
that time until they get the hell offered me a and then being comforted we
need to get the hell out here affect at becomes grandpa unanswered grandma and
favorite one congenital for a here the fact that conservative and another that he says would you be did know and and
and also designs are the use of what more do you budget in agony just arrived
in our totally sexy guy the renewable kind of into it whatever you know asap a
second and then she would have been in this case against her australian too sunday night after they’ve been dating
so mike shows like current life and i picked it get off me right now that we
gotta get outta here sahi earlier statement but i think that the truth
that’s what we’re going to show you the truth okay now final thing on this case it turns out every single moment of your life is
being recorded people have a brief absolutely because
like so we saw there is no pressure at all because there’s the riots going on
somebody to the pitcher etcetera the no of course is out there disparities always active you know i get is a special
circumstances the right to monitor but i feel like if there was ever a
controversy or petrovsky uh… around something you did leg you but i bought
the wrong kind a bubble gum and it became a national story they have videotape in that your absolutely right about that mcdougal not being a public place
without uh… an expectation to get videotaped photographed it’s gonna
happen so video cameras everywhere in this case they were doing wrong but everything you do some long okay and get away with it you hope that it doesn’t have a national
story because then the council everybody’s iceberg of the national
start your balance on somebody somewhere was recorded

100 thoughts on “Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple (Breakdown)

  1. Is this a real show
    or two high school friends in there basement making a video
    commentary should have a semblance of intelligence

  2. I watch TheYoungTurks to see their horrible judgment on news half their comments leave them looking stupid and ignorant. Especially the large brown man.

  3. A lot of times we all had to crouch down a bit because there was so much smoke and tear gas everywhere you couldn't breathe properly. They probably were catching their breath after being knocked down like that, because under the smoke was the only place you could do that.

  4. The comments section of this video appears to have been overrun by self-righteous jerks with only one thought on their mind: "How DARE a human being make a mistake??!!" Btw, my 10-year-old brother can spell better and construct better sentences than half of you :p So what if TYT misinterpreted the video? It will not result in a profound paradigm shift. TYT is run by people, and (gasp!) people sometimes make mistakes!

  5. @fernandes124 I couldn't agree with u more!!! Fortunetly here in America full scale riots like this one are hard to come by. What probably gets me more is the fact that this riot was spun out of a hockey game gone bad, where else could this of happened outside Canada!!!

  6. (soccer in usa /Fotbal world ) fight rio de janeiro Brazilian >> watch?v=8s-Urb8ymUo&feature=related / watch?v=kA4IePz7780&feature=fvst

  7. @yazid3848 next time u get whacked in the face by a police baton and you suddenly start crying about it on the webs who's gonna believe you? just because you're an insensitive fuck doesn't' mean you have to ruin it for the rest of us. there's a saying "if you don't have something nice to say then keep it to yourself." it very much applies here.

  8. what is it with people who are in the news..well pseudo news in this case…and COMMENTING the news…also "that's what we do on this show the truth" right …I've scrolled trough the vids randomly i just can't seem to find anything besides jerks jerking around.

  9. watch?v=tXtqtjot9-o&feature=related

    this is a real news reportage. not bullshit. also at the end, one can see that the couple was running from the police who as usual stopped to offer some comforting shields to the face to those who fell. because that's what police does for you. riot or no riot, excessive usage of force is forbidden. they fell on the ground, yes that must be very dangerous for someone behind a bulletproof lexan shield helmet body suit and a baton.

  10. look a like they both are afraid and their top of shooting continues… they both are bent down on the road……I thought this promotion is flaw full…

  11. You cannot make a judgement about TYT when it comes to these types of silly human interest stories. When it comes to important analysis of national and international politics NO ONE is better than The Young Turks. But the those of you making judgments of the quality of the show based on this video are most likely not the same people who watch TYT's brilliant videos about important sustentative issues. (In case you missed it, I am calling you stupid.)

  12. @Jakerson3 Yanking my chain refers to slavery. Nippy refers to the Pearl Harbor bombing. Don't be over-sensitive, most stuff that people say refer to bad past events.

  13. @GinaTheGenie Oh sorry, its just that there was a riot going on, but your right, we shouldve concentrated on the camera. Americans…typical. vaGina, your a tool.

  14. YES stupid new reporter guy. They just decided to lay there and get comfortable. And, it just so happens that the girl was SO comfortable, she started crying tears of joy! How sweet<3

  15. Just let the couple be, for god's sake! Just because your own boyfriend dosn't give a rat's fart about you, dosn't mean nobody's does.

  16. didnt show the part where some dumbass stomped on the girls head and neither the girl or guy did shit cuz they knew what would happen if they tried fighting back

  17. 20 minutes before this some jacked hindu sucker punched this white chick and broke her jaw and split her head open but no one cares about that ..look how news is portrayed that's not true ,they were dumb and didn't move

  18. 1:47 aww ee aww ee schmoopie-poopoo? wtf??? that's how you and your wife talk to each other lol rotflmao!!

  19. I was in the midst of the riots trying to get the hell out of there. The picture of them kissing was taken from my brother's best friend who was a free lance photographer and was totally unaware of the picture until he handed it to his editor. He was just snapping pictures away. I have respect for TheYoungTurks but this was just plain stupid and ignorant.

  20. Retarded college students. Makes me ashamed to be a Canuk… can't even hold their camera the right way!

  21. Dude… all they needed to do is hold the camera 90 degrees over.

    But the riots man… SO American. That's not how Canadians roll, and def not how people from BC are like…

  22. Not american, European and Egyptian ETC the places around there… Like There are HUGE riots about soccer like one I heard I think last year they lost a soccer match and 80 people died… everyone forgot about that one. Montreal, I doubt a car ever drove through downtown, so I just don't see why vancouver can't have one small riot.

  23. Well I didn't get caught up by the cops for the riot. I had the ghost call of duty ski mask on. I walked down where the riot was yesterday smoking a joint I found the street burnt a little it was funny

  24. If you look at another video. they are running away from the ambush of cops and fall down. she had a panic attack and was distraught . he was just comforting her.

  25. It was not a romantic moment! Unsubscribing! They had no idea what happened. She was having a panic attack and he tried calming her down. Watching this pissed me off.

  26. These guys need to get there information complete and correct, in another video you can clearly see the girl panicking and her boyfriend trying to calm her down and talking to her as she was panicking. Of course he was kissing her not for a "romantic" purposes, he said he was comforting her, comforting isn't only used for sexual/intimate definition. He was comforting her in the way to give her something familiar to her, the kiss, so she could calm down and keep her head steady.

  27. They are not just a couple kissing ok! That girl started having like a panic attack and her boyfriend was trying to calm her down!!

  28. It's a shame that they're saying they were comfortable and chilling without knowing what happened. The girl's body shut down from being so shocked and couldnt move, and so he comforted her and (what seems to be) the photographer that took that photo then came to check on her.


  30. No, he didn't knock her over. They both got trampled by the fucking police, were getting hit by the police, and manged to get them to stop and leave. They were both in shock, Alexandra was hysterical and scared to death, and her boyfriend Scott was trying to comfort her. Get your facts straight, assholes.

  31. They were not idiots; how were they to know about a crazed riot going on? They were just walking, and the police attacked them first.

  32. these new reporters don't know their information ….
    the girl was having a panic attack and her boyfriend was trying to calm her down. jesus christ.

  33. I don't care what they were doing, that picture is fucking awesome. It is so post-apocalyptic romantic. x'D I love it. The riot in the background.

  34. the reason why they were there was because the girl was having a panic attack and she was hyperventilating so her boyfriend was trying to calm her down

  35. What's with all the negativity?! she was having a panic attack and he was calming her down. And that happened to be kissing her. Most people are making it sound like they're just there making out. Like it was planned. She was scared shitless and couldn't move. Get your facts right. Not just the commenters, but the reporters.

  36. Panic attack or hysterics or whatever – you DO NOT STAY IN THE STREET! That's just stupid that the bf didn't pull her off the streets to safety. I know nothing happened where she lay (very comfortably by the way), but IT COULD HAVE! It's moronic for both of them to just lie there, enjoying the moment (I'm being snarky) – when a normal person would've run! 

  37. They weren't just kissing for yeah it was to comfort her but they didn't move because she had a panic attack and no one could leave

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