Use A Ladder On The Stairs- Ladder Stairwell Hack – GardenFork

Use A Ladder On The Stairs- Ladder Stairwell Hack – GardenFork

43 thoughts on “Use A Ladder On The Stairs- Ladder Stairwell Hack – GardenFork

  1. good thinking. I recall my Father use to stack up some old WW1 encyclopedia volumes; look dangerous but worked.

  2. I was a roofer for 15 years so I have used something similar for ladders on hillsides and stairs. One thing I would add to your design is a lip or a bracket that would stop the feet from sliding. Also if you are going to use this outside without a wall to stop it from moving I would add something to anchor it to the ground. The higher up you climb the more the ladder will want to slide.

  3. Very nice. I have a deep stairwell going into my basement. Hard to paint and clean at the top. This will definitely help me out. Thanks!

  4. Perfect timing, I need to paint our entry way and we have some tricky stairs – nice end card btw

  5. Thanks for the tip.I need to reinstall my smoke alarm but was concerned about going ass over tea kettle by overreaching beyond the handrail…
    I'm go''in, cover me…

  6. Great, simple, and easy to make solution. I just bought a triple ladder with a "stair function" (ie. it can fold out into an offset A frame shape), to paint our stairwell. it doesn't get me anywhere near high enough; and it's incredibly dangerous too! I'm taking it back to the shop; and I'm going to make one of these instead! Thanks so much.

  7. Those adjustable ladders are fucking bullshit, especially the little giaints which weighed a ton. Buy a damn stair buddy AKA LeVel tool from a paint store. No need for bullshit

  8. I wish my parents knew this 20 years ago when they moved in. They could have hired somebody to make this, and they could have been using this for the past 20 years!!
    For those doing this for a light bulb, use an LED.

  9. It's a good idea but instead of measuring down underneath the ladder is it more simple to put a spirit level on the stair tread get it level and then measure down. The ladder will be level without looking at your tape and measuring

  10. I've found d it extremely difficult to find something like this in the UK. I do all my own diy. I don't have wood or ply wood to make this so I'll have to find items around the home to put on the step and see if they'll work.

  11. isn't there a ladder that has adjustable metal sleeves on each leg? Something you could just slide up or down and then pin?

  12. I made a similar step when decorating a hallway. For added security, I screwed it to the staircase stringer and like some other comments put a lip on the downhill side to prevent lateral slippage, rock solid.

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