Ups and downs of living on a small boat – Ep37 – The Sailing Frenchman

Ups and downs of living on a small boat – Ep37 – The Sailing Frenchman

Behind me is St Martin,
I’m just leaving Fort Louis Marina, on the French side of St Martin, I have just finished the the charter that I was doing this week Here I am on the boat I’m
skippering this week, it’s a 60ft boat so twice the size of my boat,
it’s actually wider than the length of my boat it’s a nice catamaran for charter I guess,
five cabins, a big dinghy, 30hp which make it more powerful than my own boat, generator running most of the time to have A/C on,
we have microwave onboard, lots of fridges Look plenty of room, 2 big engines,
doing 9kts on engine everything is craziness,
the opposite of my boat in any direction and there is a dishwasher in there it’s really crazy, I’m really not used to that and right now we’re changing all the linen with my colleague who’s a French chef I could not feel much that week first because of customers privacy but also because charter work is pretty busy,
you wake up early to help the chef with breakfast and start your chores, then move the boat,
stop for lunch move again, drive the dinghy, make sure
the boat is clean and everything is running etc… my boat also grew up a
pretty nice beard while being waiting for me in St Martin so I had to scrap these before leaving I just finished the the charter that I was
doing this week it’s a good way for me to keep
the travel going, working once in a while charter is good money, I sail for a week
on a big cat, and it’s nice you meet new people it’s a different experience
and then back on my boat now I’m going to Guadeloupe, it’s a 140nm passage should be there tomorrow or the day after in the morning depending on the wind I’m going to Guadalupe to meet up
with a really good friend of mine who is coming to join me for a few weeks: Henry I pick him up and we go to Antigua for the sailing week which is a regatta similar to Les Voiles de St Barth that’s the plan let’s see how it goes
and now smooth sailing towards Guadeloupe So strange, look at the colour separation here at the SW tip of St Martin the water has 2 really different colours it’s beautiful Crazy hey!
Without any significant change of depth Been sailing all night and all morning upwind,
and the autopilot was doing fine but apparently something
broke inside, the engine is still working but the pilot keeps disengaging I’ve been working on a system
to keep the boat steering by itself so kind of old school with a palan
and a bungee on the other side it’s kind of doing a good job All good, sailing…
nothing I haven’t thought about before and this system, I’ve been running it in my head as an:
“what if the autopilot stops working?” This is a bit more than 36 hours that I’m at sea and… it’s boring this boat is not made to go upwind Now I need to enter over there and I have the wind and the current against me and it’s taking forever I’ve been tacking all night probably a few more hours tacking before being able to enter the passage in the reef and get sheltered I’m arriving in Guadalupe in Grand Cul de Sac,
in the north of the island I’m in the part behind the reef,
it’s a bit sketchy to enter cause I have 3 different charts that are giving different information about where the reefs are but everything went fine and now I’m going to try to find a nice spot to anchor here going to pick up my
friend Henry Here in Guadalupe since 2 days, we made a bit of
provisioning and ready to go to Antigua but most importantly I picked up Henry Hello, nice to meet you Alright, so I think we will do a mix of
English and French with Henry He is staying with me for a few weeks Introduction by himself: Hello, I’m Henry, I come from the Pyrenees, in France I came in the Caribbean to visit my friend Hugo and discover sailing It’s something new for me, a bit scary, but let’s see And how did we met? We were in high school together,
and also doing a lot’s of skiing Then we share room for a while at your place Do you have any previous sailing experience Well I did some Hobby Cat in holiday camp So how do you feel about the coming passage? I’m fearing not to see land, big waves,
and having lot’s of depth under me and I hope I will be able to help on deck No worries about this last part Now we’re cooking some food and leaving right after, So we arrive tomorrow morning in Antigua… normally You check that the toping lift has some slack The toping lift is this line that hold
the boom when the sail isn’t up I’m going to go pick up the anchor, you can keep the tiller centered So far, all good, he’s the one doing the hard jobs 🙂 So we’re leaving Baie Mahault, this anchorage is like a lake, it was my first, loved it There we just gybed, and can you see the black an yellow buoy over there? So Henry, how do you feel about this first passage? It was nice, it was beautiful,
I’m super tired Now that we are stopped I’m not seasick anymore A few showers, but you had warned me about those Now we are going to explore Antigua, that’s cool We had a good passage,
faster than expected, on a beam reach We dropped the hook in front of English harbor tomorrow we will try to get more into the mangrove to have a nice sheltered place so we can stay there for the week during the regatta The place looks pretty cool by day as well So Henry, how is it to pull up the anchor? Man, it’s super hard But now I will know what to expect! Because right there, without warming up, it wasn’t fun, but it’s done Stay tuned for the next episode to see Henry and I crash into the Antigua race week and keep on sailing the Caribbean like real pirates Or not…

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  1. French is a beautiful language! I wish I could understand it😉 Sailing is an international language. So it's all good. Love your videos!

  2. Étonnant comme ta voix, Hugo, change de tonalité quand tu passes au français. Tenorino en anglais et baryton en français! Bref, belle video, comme dab.

  3. I'm terrified of water and anything in the water in general but your videos have made me very interested in sailing. Love watching

  4. Just awesome what you are doing . I let someone turn me from this path when I was in my 20s but no more. I am 57 and this summer I start in the Pacific south west of Canada.

  5. For someone whos never even boated before.. The amount of things you would need to know, where do you even start?

    Also fkin coolest channel that youtube has recommended to me yet, I'm binging your videos man

  6. Thank you for another great video. Marine growth seems to be much much more intense in the warmer weather…. And I thought marine growth was bad in Norway…… I obviously need to find something else to complain about!
    How often do you need to scrape the bottom and how often do you apply New antifouling?

  7. Bonjour Hugo, this vid is really nice and for some reason very inspiring ) You are like maritime Saviour – finding good people and bringing them to your boat and to your channel, he-he ))) Greets to Henry and good luck with regata!!

  8. Thanks for posting your videos. I really enjoy them. I have a question: When you travel solo overnight, do you sleep in short bursts? or not at all? Or get a full night's sleep. I've read different approaches using radar and AIS alarms, but I think your boat isn't equiped with this.

  9. Honestly, French is the most beautiful language — perhaps in the world. I'm going to sign up for a refresher course. 🙂

  10. @TheSailingFrenchman hey man i found your channel few days ago , i didn't even know sailing is huge thing on youtube. I really like it. Watched almost all of your vids saving few for next few days so i have something to look forward to. I want to ask you if you had any previous schooling in maritime life , did you graduate at some academy of sort or what was it? I'm asking this because i have no experience in sailing or sea life but these vids really got me and i'm thinking of learning some basic stuff on my own (although i'm coming from country which doesn't have sea exit) and maybe one day to come to the point when i can make plans on setting the sails. How does it work, what kind of education would you recommend and do you know any good books (preferably in English) which i can get to keep dream live and educate myself in basic things like navigation , winds , seas , rules of engagement and communication in open sea , entering harbor etc…something you do every day but i keep asking myself what would i do in that situation and i have no answer . Thank you and keep posting.

  11. How dose you non Electric self-steering system work? I‘m a Student from Germany so i don‘t have the money to buy an electrical one, but still planed a nice Tour this year.
    It‘s good to see your videos when your boat isn‘t in the water.

  12. Génial tes p'tites vidéos 🙂 C'est cool que tu sois toujours motivé à nous partager ce que tu fais ici et là. Tu rends la voile et la possibilité de s'évader plus facile d'accès si on y est bien préparé 🙂
    Cheers from Stockholm.

  13. Salut … tu pourrais expliquer comment tu fais pour poser un mouillage tout seul (et pour quitter le mouillage tout seul) ? je suis curieux. Et sinon super tes vidéos. Merci 🙂 et bon voyage.

  14. Glad you enjoyed Tradewinds as I am a member and really enjoy the crews and meeting the other members on the boats. Each crew member has a great story on "how they got to the sailing world" Be safe

  15. The best sub of 2018; super chilled out channel in English, but in French it is amazingly cool!!! Currently the boss of solo sailing channels and possibly all sailing channels!!

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    Prends le temps, profite, et fais nous profiter…. Que le vent te pousse encore longtemps l'aventurier!
    Merci pour ces petites bouffées de liberté!

  19. it is awesome to see that your channel is growing and getting bigger. I love you and your videos so much. keep up living your dream!
    any chance you will visit one of the beautiful Dutch islands in the caribbean?

  20. Merci pour ta chaine. Elle respire de liberté. J'ai 1 petite question: Comment tu trouves tes jobs dans presque tous les ports ? Merci, et bon vent …

  21. We watched your channel every Friday. we are from two different countries Colombia and Sweden and we did not understand French It would be nice if you translate the french part in English so we feel part and understand what your friend is talking about.

  22. Wow I would not have eaten before you left if your friend has never been sailing before, poor thing. I think he might get addicted to sailing and come stay forever. : ) peace

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  25. Hi Hugo I just discovered you last week but have binge watched your story with utmost envy and absolute respect. Congratulations on a safe crossing I bet you haven't been so close to your dad since you was a kid I'm sure that can be a challenge. Hope you stayed best . You seem to have quickly made great contacts and crewing in the regatta was a great way into the scene. How are you finding the costs in the Caribbean, I believe things can get pricey but I think your boat size an minimalist style must really help. My brother is about to relaunch down in Panama next week but still work to do before he leaves. Am now thinking asymmetric kite is the way to go but will need to devise a small bowsprit as you have. Be safe and watch out for the reefs.

  26. Flag from home is getting pretty worn out. She may not be the the fastest boat out there, but she sure is a hard worker. Fair winds!

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  28. Hello there mister sailing frenchman, first of all thank you for the awsome video's you made. i have a question. What did you do with the garabage you collected when you were on the sea for weeks? "Ofcourse" human waste could be dumped into the sea but what did you do with the rest? Like the cans, plastic, paper etc. etc. I am just wondering. Greetings from the Netherlands.

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  33. Hugo, next time when the autopilot stops working there is the best old school method for thousands zero energy consumption n.miles .THE STORM JIB SYSTEM.

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  35. The change is ocean color should be because the salt levels are different. The gulf mixing with Atlantic

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