Unlimited Spawn Glitch To Help Unlock Tier 4 Riot Map I Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Exo Survival

Unlimited Spawn Glitch To Help Unlock Tier 4 Riot Map I Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Exo Survival

Hey everybody this is Sitti from SittiphatGaming
and I am happy to bring to you today a glitch that I found while playing Call of Duty Advanced
Warfare Exo Survival on the Tier 3 map of Defender. As you may have seen from the beginning
video or the video description this glitch will give an unlimited amounts of spawns after
death so you could technically go on playing Exo Survival forever. Okay so let’s go over
what you first need which is the Goliath score streak (you know that mech suit thing) which
is either attainable by default through the Heavy Class or also from an orbital care package.
However, if I were you though I would get it through the Heavy Class because from the
beginning of the game for all Heavy Classes the Goliath is already there ready to be called
in. Okay now you have to wait for the Tsunami event that always happens on this map around
Round 5, but this time for me it happened on Round 3. So make sure you call in the Goliath
capsule near the stairs as close as possible so that when the tsunami does arrive the water
will barely touch the mech suit’s legs when the tsunami hits making it explode then giving
you the unlimited spawns as shown right there and also throughout the rest of the gameplay
video. However, if you are too close to the shoreline then the tsunami will totally engulf
the entire mech suit and the glitch it will not work. I don’t know why it works this
way. Because I found all of this on accident so, sorry for me not being able to answer
that. Okay so after you complete the glitch doing all the aforementioned things I told
you here are some things to note. No matter what, when you are in the glitch you will
always automatically spawn with a Light Class that has no upgrades at all and if you did
have upgrades or other weapons/classes before when you are in this glitch it will not transfer
over. Also, you can get new guns and perks in the glitch but then again when you die
your class will reset to the regular, non upgraded Light Class. The most important thing
though that you guys should know is that if you call in then wear another Goliath you
will not have anymore unlimited spawns as the glitch would sadly reset. And finally
the last thing I want to say in this video is that by also posting out this I hope it
gives Sledgehammer Games an opportunity to see this glitch in order to fix it in the
future because I know they have worked very hard to make this game and that they would
definitely love to further polish all those glitches and bugs. However, before all that
happens, maybe you guys can finally get to unlock that sweet zombie skin and bonus round!
Okay so thanks for watching this is Sitti and I’ll see you on the other side!

52 thoughts on “Unlimited Spawn Glitch To Help Unlock Tier 4 Riot Map I Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Exo Survival

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  4. I cant understand what you're saying the audio isn't that good. I get you got to get goliath by the stairs and get killed by the wave but at 2:09 I cant make out a thing you are saying. mind explaining it on text?

  5. Not to be a dick, just some constructive criticism- The "intro" to your 'How To', was WAY too long. I almost backed out to another video (glad I didn't). Also, your voice over volume needs to be louder than the gameplay volume. Many parts I had to rewind bc I cannot understand what you're saying. Aside form that.. good video. 

  6. Intro is long as fuck. Could speak a bit louder as you are murmuring everything but overall great video and looking forward to the next one

  7. Do you need to get rid of your quick revive before performing this glitch? Because I have tried it 3 times in the exact time and spot you've done it and it didn't work

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