Turn a Sailboat into a Motorboat in Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Secret Trick)

Turn a Sailboat into a Motorboat in Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Secret Trick)

Man, I want to get to that island. I can’t swim that far. Cryonis would take forever. I guess I just have to use this raft and get
eventually. It’s the quickest method, right? I mean I can shoot concentrated gusts of wind
with my Korok Leaf or even charge up for a big burst of speed. It’s really the best way. Or is it? There’s actually another way to sail in
Breath of the Wild without the use of a Korok Leaf. As discovered by Reddit user, Kelevra_V, you
can actually use Magnesis to push your raft in any direction. All you need is something metal, and I’m
sure you have a metal weapon lying around somewhere in your inventory. Then use Magnesis on that object to push it
against the main mast. You’ll soon see that the raft begins travelling
in that direction. It can even do this while docked at a beach. There’s even speed control as using the
d-pad to push the object farther away puts more pressure on the mast and you move faster. The only tricky thing is the initial positioning
and how sometimes you might not have the best view. But it’s great method to turn your raft
into a kind of motorboat when you don’t want to bother with a Korok Leaf. Thanks for watching and if you have any cool
tricks like this of your own, let us know in the comments. And of course, be sure to subscribe to GameXplain
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100 thoughts on “Turn a Sailboat into a Motorboat in Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Secret Trick)

  1. Cool idea if you don't want to search for a leaf, however, if you do have a leaf you can make your boat go 50+ MPH if you time your gusts correctly.

  2. I've been using treasure chests you find in the water to propel the rafts, it works pretty good when you get the hang of it, they can even move it on land.

  3. On the Korok Leaf, also — if you steadily tap Y to only use the first swing, you can build up a steady rhythm that gets you much faster than the combo swing.

  4. Seriously, 2 weeks since its release and I am still in awe of this game's masterful game design and physics. Bravo Nintendo, bravo.

  5. I'm so glad you showed us this. I've stayed away from the rafts because of the Korok leaf system. Wish Nintendo put in a better boat mechanic like Wind Waker.

  6. Magnesis can be used to push a tonne of different objects! Try it instead of stasis+bashing with a weapon. Moving things like the black slabs of rock in the Faron region are trivial using this method.

  7. O, those buns or biscuits you get at the Akkala stable that give you an extra stamina wheel, they don't work in the rain!
    I needed more stamina to tame the giant horse, and teleported there, but it was raining. They didn't activate the stamina wheel. I ate 2, nothing. It stopped raining a few minutes later, so I bought a 3rd, and it activated the extra stamina wheel like normal.

  8. Single tap the Y (only first attack animation ) with the leaf and it can build up A LOT of speed making it that fastest movement ive seen in game.

  9. Never would have thought of that! I did, however, use a version of this trick to get to the shrine in the lake of lava. They provide you with two magnetic blocks on either side. The first couple of times, I leapfrogged the blocks to get to my destination, but I discovered you can use magnesis on the other block to propel yourself on the block you're standing on. It works especially well if you move the block from side to side to catch the corner of the block you're standing on.

  10. Well, since you can float the raft with octo balloons if your raft gets stuck just float it up and move it over the obstacle.

  11. How BoTW handled the world borders with the ocean was just lazy beyond belief. I was shocked with how lazy it was. They should have made an invincible shark insta-kill you or something. Or maybe and infinite sea but the further you go, the more poisonous the air gets. The possibilities are endless. This may seem like a non-issue to most people, but the fact that such a game that involves freedom as much as this would have some mechanic to force you to go back instead of a lazy invisible wall. I thought Nintendo was better than this.

  12. Stick some balloons to the raft to make it fly, then use magnesis to push it. Flying boat. I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like a fun idea.

  13. I think that the carrying case is cool, but I already have a computer bag, so I'm thinking of just using that instead. (Once I have a switch, that is.)

  14. Bruh, I got that shit flying with the Korok Leaf. Got from Lurelin to the northeast maze in like 2 minutes

  15. try combining octoballons, a sail boat and the korok leaf, I think it might make an allow you to fly on the sailboat

  16. Could you cast stasis on the raft and then hit it with multiple korok leaf swings to impart an initial large momentum?

  17. Ok, I just found a faster way to travel on a raft in Breath of The Wild. What you do is simply use a charge attack using a Korok Leaf and have Urbosa's Fury activated, you release and spam the Y button in the direction you want to go. I have gone so fast that I drove half way across an island and killed a bird!

  18. I did the cryonis method there, it did indeed take forever, and then I gave up because that trial is horrible.

  19. I know a way to use the korok leaf to go faster than that, after you swing the leaf once, wait about half a second when the leaf is all the way on your left, then do it again, you will instantly do the same animation for the first gust, if you do the second gust, where you spin around, then you did it wrong, correct timing is key and you'll be speeding across the ocean in no time

  20. GAMEXPLAIN. You DO know that just using the leaf WITHOUT the One-Two combo is WAY FASTER.
    Just time the swings far enough so that you don't need go into a combo

  21. I was using this to get to eventide island an when I got there it took all my items except for the sword I was using

  22. I had done this before, and I tried doing it last night and couldn't get it to work. Did it get patched out in the recent patch?

  23. This is really sweet! Though my method is usually timing the korok leaf to use quick swings over and over instead of a double attack, creating a rhythm and picking up speed really quickly

  24. You can also use the TreasureChest hidden underneath the first island watch tower.
    Use Magnesis to find it from under water
    Put it in the boat and use Magnesis again : )

  25. Pro tip: korok leaf is actually waaaay faster and absolutely OP in terms of speed when you use the first melee, skip the second and use the first again (over and over) trust me, or try it yourself if you're a skeptic. It's stupid how fast you can get by using this method.

  26. I dont know if you guys knew this but if you place yourself just infront of the mast and use the korok leaf you can get up to speeds twice as fast as magnesis top speed and it remains consistent. I can get from the far side of the bay to eventide island in about 16- 20 seconds. I have a vid on my channel if you want to see

  27. The korok leaf is still by far the best and fastest method!
    here's a video if you haven't seen it done yet!

  28. If you wait until the korok leaf first swinging animation finishes you can use the first swinging animation again without the delay of the spinny swing and the speed stacks up within 3 swings or so

  29. This boat thing was kind of a letdown.
    I thought we were going to be able to sail one (the normal way) to entire islands like Wind Waker.
    The Switch b is much more powerful than the gamecube or WiiU, think of the stuff we could've explored of they went the extra mile.

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