Tour of The WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE SHIP! (Symphony of the Seas)

Tour of The WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE SHIP! (Symphony of the Seas)

100 thoughts on “Tour of The WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE SHIP! (Symphony of the Seas)

  1. Watch the entire cruise series!

  2. I just got back from the Harmony of The Seas it’s the same boat it’s a twin boat it was so much fun we were on Central Park

  3. ugh where does all the sewage and waste go from those massive ships?
    might not be noticeable in the Atlantic, but the Med in the summer heat?
    dont swim in the Med 😷

  4. It seems like you guys are not transparent whatsoever in sponsorship or paid promotions. Why don't you discuss prices more? If this was sponsored in any way, this video seems unethical to your audience.

  5. Going in 7 days. Cant wait to explore. We already recieved a upgrade from interior cabin to balcony oceanview and a day on Coco Cay instead of bobbing around all day at sea. RCI you ROCK!!

  6. Thank you for another great video. When you mentioned the drink package, did you say that any cocktail up to $13? So, what does that mean? Is there a price limit per day or per drink? Thanks in advance.

  7. I've checked the website of the Royal Caribbean after this video and actually Symphony of the Seas Vessel only ships in the Caribbean Seas …. Wasn't yours in the Meditteranean?

  8. That ship is amazing except why would you wants to be on a ship that looked just like you are on land, kinda defeat the purpose. Just a thought !

  9. i think we had the same guy who cleans your room. he was so nice and he made puppets with props everyday:) i miss the cruise!

  10. when walking 5 minutes is already a chore you are really fucking silly. and no, holding a 500g camera does not justify you being out of breath. what a joke

  11. I’ve been on harmony of the seas for a 7 day cruise last spring. Symphony is just like harmony, but a tiny bit bigger.

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