TOUR DU MONDE | J’ai MANGÉ un SCORPION ! (Voyage, Chiang Mai, Thaïlande) | Alex & MJ – On the GO

Alright, here we go. Alright, let’s be honest. Traveling is a sport. It’s physically and mentally challenging. Even if we try to make ourselves believe that it’s the same as being on vacation we know it’s never restful. Backpacks, one plane, two planes, four planes, lay overs, jet lags, take-offs. Thank you, buh bye. It’s a drug.
It’s stimulating. It’s something that is hard to explain. But even if we’re tired, we’re always ready to start over again. Alex, go to the washroom. Because the toilet experience in Japon is exceptional. But you have to sit on the bowl. The whole kit. Alright, I never filmed myself going to the washroom but there’s a first for everything. Oh yeah? There are different buttons for different things. Like this one, if you’re taking a dump, and you don’t want people to hear you, it plays music. This here cleans your butt. And this seems to be a deodorant for your butt. Ok, I’m going to get my butt washed. That was the weirdest feeling…ever! Oh my God. I made a mess. I got it and it splashed everywhere. There’s some on the door. What counts are the new experiences. Even if you traveled to 40 countries, it’s never enough. You wake up early. You go to bed late. You always wear the same thing. You explore. You get lost. You figure it out. You eat what’s available. You barely shower.
You pay for visas. You always search for Wifi. But you don’t care. Because everyday you see something new. That’s what it’s all about. Good morning YouTube, good morning Facebook, how’s it going ?! Welcome to Chiang Mai ! We’re finally in Thailand! It took a lot of time. It took 30 hours to get here. We took 3 planes. Had 4 layovers. We stopped in Japan. Now we’re here, but we’re tired. We’re jet lagged and we will be jet lagged for a few days. Luckily, we have a month to recover. Behind us is our appartement for the next 30 days. It’s nice. Yes, it’s super cute! We found it on Airbnb. We have everything we need: There’s a kitchen so we can cook
breakfast or whatever else, We have a living room with a
TV we haven’t even turned on yet, we have a king bed! I love our king bed! We have a full bathroom with hot water and we have an awesome Internet connection which is very important for us. So why are we staying here for 30-days when we usually travel from place to place? Well, long story short, MJ and I are working on a new online business which we will launch in March or April of this year. So we wanted to find a place where we could stay. And while doing our research, we found out that Chiang Mai was a digital nomad’s hub. This means that it’s a popular city for entrepreneurs to come and work on their business because it’s very cheap compared to other places in the World. And since we don’t have an appartement in Canada, we thought it would be cool to rent a place somewhere in the World to discover a new culture and travel a bit at the same time. And like Alex said, the cost of living here is very low. it costs us 2-3$ per meal to eat and the rent is about 700$. It’s better than what we would have probably found in Canada. So yes, we’ll be working 90% of time time but the other 10% will be devoted to discovering Chiang Mai and the north of Thailand. And it starts now. Thailand’s National sport is Muay Thai which is a form of martial art. I’m not a fighter but I’m a big fan of the Rocky movies so since there’s a gym that teaches Muay Thai near our place, we thought we’d come and try it out. I’m going to kick some ass. Right now he’s wrapping my hands. I think it’s so my hands don’t get stained with the blood of my opponent. No I think it’s so I don’t get hurt. I’m pretty weak so i’ll probably get hurt just by punching. It’s really fun, especially the kicking! I love kicking! I’m not good with my left and right so I get confused when he gives me directions. I feel like puking. Hein ?! Not really but I can feel it. I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t understand what I had to do. What was going on? I think he was frustrated, haha.
– He looked a bit disapointed. He got a bit impatient. Oops! It’s one heck of a workout. It’s been a while since someone
made me work this hard. I really liked it, for real. It’s fun because you’re working out but you don’t realize you’re working out because you’re always moving. I like that. Well, your face sure knows it’s been working out. Martial Arts aren’t really my thing: Karate, Taekwondo, etc. but being here in Thailand and doing the National sport is very cool. Every Sunday night, in Chiang Mai, there’s a market. The Sunday Night Market. Basically, it’s a few streets where locals come to sell their stuff: Food, clothes, jewelry, and even foot massages. You can really find all sorts of things here. I’m hungry so I’m going to try to find some food. I’ve been to Chiang Mai before and I’ve been to this market before. I remembered there were a lot of people and great ambiance. I find it really awesome and I feel like shopping. Little rings, wallets… Lots of ideas for Saint-Valentine’s Day, right Alex? There’s a travel TV show we love called Departures. It’s 2 guys from Toronto who traveled the World a few times. In one of the episodes, while in Thailand, they eat insects. And behind me is a kiosk which sells insects. I would’ve preferred just trying one bug, but the girl made me some sort of party mix. There are crickets, worms, grasshoppers. Alright. Let’s eat. Want to taste it with me? Yeah? What do you want ? It’s like a mix. Shut the hell up! Are you serious?! Salty. Really dry. Chalky. I just tasted the Bamboo Worm. Very salty. What is that monster? It’s a grasshopper. It’s still alive! No, just kidding. Really funny! Well played sir. We can see the eyes! Is that a cricket? What are you guys eating? I don’t know…crickets, Bamboo worm…do you want to taste? No, I don’t think I can handle it. Want the rest?
– No! It’s all you. Thanks a lot! I’m a very picky eater but right now, I have to try the scorpion.
Two guys from Canada bought one. Want some? No thanks! You know what, I’ll try it! Here we go. It’s super hard. I just want to peal it and eat the inside. We ate scorpion in Thailand! I’m going to have some in my teeth. A lot. I don’t know if it counts as my dessert though… Congratulations to Réré71 who wins the postcard on YouTube! And congrats to Katy Desrosiers who wins the postcard on Facebook! Send us a private message on Facebook or Instagram and send us your address and we’ll mail this out as soon as possible. For the rest of you, if you’d like
your chance to win a postcard, write a comment below and like this video! Tell us, where was your first trip and who was it with? We’re curious. Alright, that’s it! See you guys next time! Ciao! See ya! It’s like…. It’s not that bad.
It’s just my head that thinks this is gross. Do you want to try? They didn’t want to.

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