Tips on How to Navigate the *TEENAGE YEARS*

Tips on How to Navigate the *TEENAGE YEARS*

hey everyone its Laura Brenema Here I am
coming to you today to talk about teenagers and just some simple tips
helping you navigate those teenage years and involving your relationship with
your teenager I am a mom of three I have two teenagers I have a 19 year old and a
17 year old and then I have a 11 year old so I’ve quite the gap between my
second and third and I’m navigating these teenage years and I woke up this
morning thinking yeah I should share some things because let’s face it as a
mom of young children there are options you know you have playgroups for your
toddler’s and and you have mom Church but as a mom of teenagers there’s not
really much out there and sin and I would love to hear how you navigate this
season with your teenager and that we can help each other in this there was a
time where when my kids were little I was kind of scared of teenagers they
intimidated me but as a mom I will just say for those of you with young children
know that you will grow as a mom it could still feel very new someone said
having a teenager is like bringing home a newborn baby again you’re thinking oh
my goodness I do it what do I do now but I do grow into it and you learn and
you’re not going to be perfect oh but but it is a lot of fun it is such a fun
season you are seeing your children turn into adults sometimes they are making
decisions that you totally agree with sometimes not so much but they are
sharing their hopes and dreams with you and you’re navigating school
possibilities and career possibilities with them so there’s so many great
things about teenagers and but you know if you’re a mom of teenagers you’re
gonna know this there are times where you feel very grieved because you know
that this season is coming to an end and it kind of hits you at times you’re you
know I could be like looking at a photo album of long ago or such and that just
nostalgia just hits me it’s such a precious time
our kids are going up and but it can be hard to that season of letting go and so
so one of the story I remember when my children were younger and you know you
just want them all close to you and I said mom you know how do you let your
kids go you know how do you do this and she said Oh God has a way and yeah it
kind of tucked that in and over the years I’ve thought about that now that I
have teenagers I can assure you that God has made a way so that you will be ready
for this release but it’s still Grievous so just have a few tips here so tips for
and let me just say if I haven’t said it before I forget about said it or not I’m
not perfect my relationship with my teenagers are
not perfect but I do have a relationship with them and I feel that they they love
me they love being around me for the most part and so if got that going for
me anyway pray for your teenagers right pray for your children I love this book
it’s called 65 promises from God for your child and in it you’re gonna be
praying the Word of God over your children’s life number two hug this is
another one that can go throughout the ages when your child hugs you you let
them be the ones to first release that means that you’re gonna stand there with
your arms around them you’re not gonna be in a hurry to leave you’re going to
wait until they release and they’re ready to move on I will say that one of
my two year olds I did this with them since they were little I was hugged for
15 minutes i sat there for 15 minutes and then all of a sudden they got up and
moved and that was that all right make sure your teenager has food and they
have a you know sleep sometimes they don’t realize that their blood sugar is
going a little wonky and they need their blood Sugar’s stabilized with food so
you’ll have to help them realize when that’s occurring so they they will have
you know good health East because you know they can’t live or that they think
they can live on Doritos and Dr Pepper but they really can’t and sleep is
important as right facial expressions this one is my favorite one because
as a when my kids in her teenage years and they would share with me things
about school or what’s going on with her life I remember like you know in a way I
want my facial expression be like you know like are you kidding me but it was
like I heard that that inner voice like no Laura don’t overreact don’t overreact
keep your facial expressions looking very calm and collected like oh is that
okay yes okay so facial expression that’s important teaching points
sometimes when you’re in a moment of tension that’s not always the best time
to have a teaching point sometimes you need to as my husband says we get to
choose to be the adult I remember that so you can choose to be the adult and
sometimes you might just need to step away from a discussion and bring it back
up though maybe the next day or a few days later or even a week later you
don’t have to be right right now as the parent this is something that we’re
learning about okay so teaching points make them short and sweet I mean you’ve
got about 15 seconds and you’re done throughout the day if you can just you
know put in those little teaching points without them really knowing that would
be great picture picture stories picture analogies are great for teenagers as
well I have said to my children before we are in a relay race with you that
your dad and I have been running running running we’re passing the baton to you
and right now you know that section where they’re really ray lasers they
both have the batons that’s where we are with you right now we are all holding
this baton it’s just this short little season that we’re holding this with you
and pretty soon you’re gonna be able to take take off and run with that baton
all by yourself but just know this is just a short little season so hang in
there with us we are your biggest fans all right um my next tip is to use your
years of driving your kids around wisely that is super precious
and I’m already past you know – I have two drivers now they don’t need me to
drive them around anymore and you know what that makes me sad I am
kind of surprised because it’s very it’s a very busy season taking your kids
around and driving them to sports or clubs or friends house but I’m telling
you it is such a precious time use it wisely when you have that one-on-one
time with your teenager and they’re sitting in the passenger seat and you
guys are driving there’s something about it that they let their guard down and
they will open up to you alright next tip be available that means that you
could have some light nights talking to your teenager it could mean that you’re
working on a project and your teenager is coming around and so you might want
to set that down and be available to your teenager this next one I lude it to
already and that is to remind them often that you are on their team we say that
to our kids quite often we are on your team we are your biggest fans no one is
going to cheer you on more than than us your family are these are for parents so
parents of teenagers it is so important that you find friends that you hang out
with friends that are in the same season it’s not something that you have to go
and gripe about you’re teenagers I’m not saying that I think I don’t agree with
that at all but you are going to want to be around people who are in that same
season there is just something about it to be able to have that community of
like-minded people going through the same thing of grieving and letting go
but being excited that your children are entering a new season of their life and
my last tip is find a hobby if being an empty-nester is is if you’re struggling
with that I would say find a hobby volunteer or even find a side hustle job
that you can do that will give you purpose and just kind of use up some of
your spare time so that you’re not you know thinking too hard about missed
opportunities or whatnot or omit or just missing your chill
it’s good to use that energy to help others there’s plenty of people who can
be helped in and around your community and for me you know I use my side hustle
as that and I still you know have children at home but I realized what’s
coming ahead and so I’m preparing now and getting that underway all right I
hope you all found value in this this is definitely out of my comfort zone
leveling your teenagers there just is such a special time all right I’ll talk
to you later bye

49 thoughts on “Tips on How to Navigate the *TEENAGE YEARS*

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  6. Wow, I'm not in this time yet but I do have 3 little boys so my time will be here soon (8, 5, 3 yrs old). I will say that I LOVE hugs from my kiddos. I agree that teaching points when "fired" is the the best time to provide that discussion. GREAT tips, Laura!!

  7. Omy goodness the tip on hugs were great, as u said the key is to let them release, I would have never thought about that , because for me it would be a quick hurry hug lol

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    My son who is 10 years younger just became a teen this year, and he is a totally different experience. I am greatly enjoying my teenage son.

  13. Facial expressions are great advice!! My son and I have had some of our best conversations in the car. Part of that is helped by the fact that we don’t let him bring electronics in the car unless we are leaving on a road trip…it really helps to foster the conversation when his nose isn’t stuck in a screen

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