Tilted Fables: The History and Lore of the Four Tilt Types

Tilted Fables: The History and Lore of the Four Tilt Types

Grandpa, why do people get tilted? Why, tilt is as old as gaming itself, little one. But the spirit of tilt takes many forms. Would you like to hear a story? Yeah! Once…there was the perfect player. Passionate. Competitive. She never died in lane or missed a cannon; She was beloved by her teammates, all of whom shared this inner fire and love for the game. Everything changed one fateful match, when she finally made…a mistake. Her opponents were the first to point it out, quickly joined by the perfect player’s own teammates; Mocking her, telling her to uninstall in shame. Her head told her “mute.” Her heart cried “murder.” Self-conscious and blinded by tilt and betrayal, This Barbarian now thirsts for blood of friend and foe alike — Screaming curses in caps lock; threatening to feed; Welcoming the sweet embrace of death as she charges down the middle lane. There was once a noble Paladin, A master of strategy and leadership; a diligent reader of patch notes Who understood each meta perfectly. One day, the Paladin and three companions found their dead teammate At a crossroads deep within the jungle. “We must go this way to pursue the objective,” the Paladin declared. Their teammates disagreed. “The other way is better,” one replied. “We must have revenge!” The petty argument spiraled out of control, tilting the Paladin until they could take no more And drew their question mark-ping from its scabbard. “You’re trolling, I knew it all along!” they said, Spamming ping after ping in the ears of their comrades. “OBEY ME IF YOU WANT TO WIN!” But when their teammates abandoned them, the Paladin was left alone, With none to hear their helpful advice. They wander the jungle to this day, hoping to restore order to the chaos of solo queue, Demanding anyone who will listen to report their whole team. Long ago, there was a positive player who enjoyed the simple pleasures of gaming. One day, she came across a demon on the side of the road. “Why are you so positive all the time?” The creature asked. “I am in control of my emotions! How can I be upset if I take regular breaks between games? Nothing can tilt me! GG, WP!” Seeing this as a challenge, the demon cursed the happy player: You will lose seven games in a row, each day for a thousand years! Every night you’ll want to end on a victory, but that victory will come at 3 A.M.! You will spend 7,000 ranked games trying to reach your Gold promos, Only to watch your teammates feed and your power go out! Your tilt will simmer within you, boiling, Eating at you until you EXPLODE!” Legends say that when the moon is full, The cries of this stoic, scarred veteran echo softly in the night, As she queues for just…one…more…game. Many who tilt pay homage to Lord DGAF. Able to predict the future, this enlightened nobleman was a beacon of knowledge and sportsmanship. But too much wisdom can be a deceptive curse. Madness and melancholy consumed Lord DGAF as his future-sight became corrupted by experience. He believed he could tell instantly whether a match was over before it even began. Succumbing to despair, Lord DGAF chose to embrace the cruel joke that is life. “FF at fifteen!” Lord DGAF bellowed with pleasure as he gorged himself on wine and tears. His teammates begged him to try harder, insisting they scale better to late-game. It didn’t matter — Lord DGAF had been tilted since champ select. “Late game doesn’t matter! Nothing matters, except pleasure!” Lord DGAF cackled, flashing into a wall for the lulz As the feelings of emptiness and pessimism grew inside. Hatred, or passion? Nagging, or leadership? Masochism, or grit? Jaded nihilism, or experienced foresight? Tilt blurs the lines and twists our perspective. Feelings are complex and weird, but we must learn to harness them. We’re all human; tilt is inevitable. The question is: how can we master it? Mindfulness and regulating my emotions? No, no…no! By visiting the Riot Games Player Support site.

100 thoughts on “Tilted Fables: The History and Lore of the Four Tilt Types

  1. The 5th type is the one that is tilted by start and in game lobby he say “i wont lose more than 2 lp” and ingame start trolling thinking he will feel better

  2. If you take riots rules to real life, and ban anyone for swearing, then ill be happy. Say fuck? Dead. The crime obviously fits the punishment. Meanwhile riot employees can cheat the rules all they like.

  3. Nasus, how are you so positive and in control of your emotions? Don't you ever tilt?

    looks over shoulder and smirks menacingly
    "…that's because I'm always tilted"
    Presses R and flashes in

  4. Instead of getting banned you should be thrown into a separate queue with the rest of the people that shoulda got banned until you can hit a checkpoint in your honor or something

    It’s either gonna be the most vile parts of league since all the assholes are there, or the nicest part of league since everyone wants to get out of it

  5. When your a paladin that learned to stop relying on his team and your a happy veteran that never types and doesn't get lose streaks I don't really have a tilt type

  6. I loved evrything about this video and site, but evryone i ask and even when i myself tried multiple times the quiz, its 80% paladin. something does not feel right

  7. sadly i can feel similarity at the 1st story of tilt once i was a good laner but one single mistake they will flame u for it and once im fed up well you know how the story goes and got banned so yeah riot thnx for banning me now i wont spend shit at your company anymore thnx u now i finally understand competative games like moba are garbage it doesnt matter how good you are nor good at playing with other people becuase 70% of the time youll end up with retards who goes 1.9 and gonna put the blame on u and it will tilt you and the cycle goes on so yeah im playing BLack desert now and im enjoying it once a retard piss u off u can pk him till your rage subside it doesnt matter if it a team mate guilde mate doesnt matter the fun in trashing other people who piss u off is good stress reliver 😈

  8. you want to play some rank.
    enter a game
    all good , team with good ranks, 100000+ points on champ
    they all play like is bronz-silver, you are D4
    Rito release new skins
    Rito dosn t care about the rank (rank = no $ , skins = $)
    Rito: if you lose a game is your fault, you are toxic and didn t carry that booste/ebay kid with 0/12 in 18 min.
    Rito is aware of this problem…but if is not generate $ is irrelevant.
    But what i know, i am just some toxic cunt that plays this game for more the 9 years….

  9. I'm the scarred veteran. I once played 2,000 games to get into Gold :/ I guess I leveled up to the burnt out veteran now because I play fewer and fewer games of league, and now don't want to play it anymore?

  10. I won't mind having a flammer on my team who I can easily mute than a troll who won't be punished and get off the hook because of this low effort punishment system that you have now.

    This videos doesn't mean anything and should be an evidence to your lack of knowledge of how this community is shaping up due to your underwhelming efforts to please your beloved proplayers while not caring for the rest of your player base.

    Throwing the blame on people being tilted is not going make us believe that the whole problem stems from you lazy punishment system or your lazy balance team.

    Every year you as company prove to me that you got lucky making a game while having incompetent people running and balancing it.

    Blaming tilt won't solve your laziness, put a good punishment system and get better people to balance the game.

  11. Still Riot can't seem to see the real issue is the 15 year old kids that ping the map without stopping, feeding their lanes and then flaming everyone while they are 0/10 and think they are better.

  12. Shittiest game of all time, keeps you engaged by making it impossibly difficult to win alone, yet giving you a false sense of importance when you perform well.

    Why does the mute button exist if there's a fucking ban to punish for hurr durr "Anti-Sportsmanship"? I'M NOT PLAYING A SPORT WHERE PEOPLE GET HURT, I'M PLAYING A FUCKING ONLINE VIDEO GAME.

    Why the fuck should I care about my beheavior when I'm playing a game SPECIALLY WHEN IT'S COMPLETELY FOR FUN?
    If others can't have fun around you then you're at fault… IN A GAME CONTROLLED BY A VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE ENVIROMENT; THAT CAN ALSO BE CHOSEN TO PLAY SOLO OR IN PREMADE TEAMS! (And it's also on the fucking internet btw).

    You have to put your smiley face on chat because you'll hurt the guy (YOU'RE LITTERALLY KILLING AND GETTING KILLED BY) feelings.

    I swear to myself there's a trillion things that are way more frustrating than seeing someone in a little chat window call you (or your mom) either faggot or some fucking old ass racial slur.

    I'm not even advocating for actual trolling (which in itself should be a healthy funny and manageable part of the game); You developers are lazy as fuck.
    By average, this is the most painfully ignorant and unreasonable community I've ever had the displeasure to meet (and I used to play DOTA).
    The people who invited me to play this shit were all toxic assholes irl, so much that they basically ruined my childhood.


    Riot I understand you don't give a shit about what can be better as long as you get a buck out of it, but by god's name I'll litterally do an essay and put it on the news talking about how your game basically drives people into feeling and beheaving like shit all the time.

    Btw pro-players get paid for playing, riot is essentially their boss. You're riot's client, don't put up with their shit.

    So far I just had this as a personal opinion, but after watching this video it just confirms my hypothesis.
    You're awful riot, I didn't like your game concept before playing it, I didn't like it when I played it, and I still fucking despise it as an ex player.

    Kids shouldn't be able to play a game where a cunt's got tits bigger than her head, and heartlesly killing is displayed as something edgy and cool even to be rewarded upon. (for god sake at least make it teen rated).

    Gamers we live in a society where if you talk shit to random people online you get punished, but it's perfectly fine if you sell your bath water for $30 a jar.

    Gamers rise the fuck up.

  13. No no no the Paladin deosnt tillt because the teammates disagree with his calls. The Paladin tillts because he calls Baron After a pick and the teammates decides to just not go to Baron and rather invade the enemie jungle and die 10 seconde later. Thats why the Paladin tillts. And thats why tillt. They dont listen to anything. But they dont to anything good insteat they just die.

  14. I kinda Think that this is Made to bash Players. Like the ff 15 one. Iam the one saying ff 15 because my Team goes 2/16 in 10 Minutes. And the 2 Kills came from me. So we fuking lost. And i just wanna end this shit and go next. But the teammates never ever ff 15 i never see that in my life the always drag it out to 30 Minutes where the enemies just kill Farm us and everybody is 0/11

  15. "You will lose seven games in a row, each day for a thousand years! " man I feel his curse, ggwp need duo, somebody help me escape p4

  16. "You will lose seven games in a row, each day for a thousand years! " man I feel his curse, ggwp need duo, somebody help me escape p4

  17. So all I've learned from this is your team mates make you tilt. Good job riot you have yet to actually look at the problem that makes this game bad.

  18. swear to god i have tried the test like 5 times trying to get the other categories and i only get paladin as when i did it serious wtf is this madness

  19. How about you actually fix the matchmaking instead of trying to blame the playerbase and "tilt". Of course i'm going to tilt when you give me a piece of shit botlane that is like 5 divisions lower than my rank, goes 0/10 in 6 mins and single-handedly loses the game, you stupid pieces of shit.
    Fuck you for even attempting to market the tilt that you cause, you cunts.

  20. I am Ten Billion Percent certain
    This video's accuracy is OVER 9000
    Let us pray for the souls that got devoured by the Power of Tilt

  21. so I thought this was a video from poor rite support team who was tired of getting complains from tilted players. That was until I got to trying to learn zoe and I never got so tiled in my like I went on like a 15 game losing streak and kneed my desk so hard I flipped my monitor over then I went on that website and started doing everything I started listening to your music and I never listen to music. I took breaks muted everyone after 1st death stated warding and I just worked slowly till I finally carried a game just now and never got tilted while losing because I felt myself improve. Thank you so much

  22. Ive been away from league for two weeks now because i am a barbarian, i miss my akali, i miss the FUN GOOD GAMES, i dont know what to do, it feels like a fat waste of time and energy to tilt away. idk

  23. i went through all the four stages of tilting, and to this day im still titillatingly half tilted every game the key is balance the four elements! 🙂

  24. If you're a paladin or not, i recommend looking at the playlist at the end of the paladin tilt type page.
    It's actually not half bad

  25. The Scarred Veteran is an exact replica of myself and my LoL experience. Win one or two games then immediately lose 12 games to ragers, afks, feeders, disconnects, ect. Lose promos and get demoted. But then I will win one more game.

  26. I'm not gonna play league after our tournament.. I don't like how it feels when I get tilted anymore… a heavy burden on my chest 🙁

  27. This is just about the cringiest shit I have ever seen in video games….and the "coping techniques" are even worse. Whoever made this is out of touch with their game and reality.

  28. In my experience, if you're tilting on any game you're probably playing too much. Regular breaks, exercise, and taking care of yourself irl help stop you from tilting immensely. We all know how the LoL community can be, and no matter how levelheaded you are the toxicity will start to affect you if you're exposing yourself for uninterrupted hours every day.

    Also, the demon isn't the matchmaking system you tilted animals. It's referring to how loss streaks happen and how—despite tilting and playing worse and worse with each successive game—some players keep queuing for another because they want to end on a win, and end up going on massive loss streaks trying to chase that win while they're tilted. The curse is just bad luck, and the moral is how it can interact with the player's values in a negative way.

  29. The only thing thats tilting is the fact that if you get a lose streak you wont be able to get normal teams anymore cause riot will put you the worst players alive in your team. Intentional feeders, afks etc. and you lose more LP for losing a trollgame than you win for carry a serious game. Thats the only tilting thing in the game, that they still didnt improve their ranking system, they just added iron. In fact nothing changed. Unlucky people get matched with idiots, lucky people get matched with experienced players with brain. All you can do after getting into a losestreak is, deleting your account and start over from the beginning, before riot fucked your account.

  30. Ok im Soo th3 paladin like could yoi fucktard not baron at 25 min while their whole team is up and All your sum team is gone while they still have their and not mention you FUCK only have half hp and their feed as 10/4 kayle is tping prepard to kill all of you ass and you could have backed if and reset but Nooo "comit" full team kill lost my fucking D1 promo and not one not twice but three time ( in that aspect im like a veteran i suppose the curse thingy)

  31. If someone dies more than 7 times in 20mins you should be able to tell him that you hope his mother dies on christmas and not get banned

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