This is WHY WE DO IT! Cruiser PARADISE – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 236

This is WHY WE DO IT! Cruiser PARADISE – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 236

100 thoughts on “This is WHY WE DO IT! Cruiser PARADISE – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 236

  1. when you are splashing around that like ringing a dinner bell to sharks and gators. it know that whatever is splashing around is not a good swimmer or injured. Humans are not good swimmers(compared to fish).

  2. #Blue'sHonesty – – Thanks for sharing the surface shark encounter. It takes boldness to leave the world behind and live a fulltime cruiser lifestyle, but it takes genuine courage to display one's vulnerability and honesty with all the world on YouTube. This is another reason why we love SV Delos.

  3. Strange to think how I'm looking at the same time at the same sun, but here it would be close to the horizon and the weather would probably be crap.

  4. Packed it in …. big time! So much in this one! There's like 50 different things, I gotta watch it again! Love You Guys!

  5. DELOS ,,,, special youtube channel… thanks for your videos, i love your histories since so long ago,, they made me change my life and run to the waters of this world,,, looking forward to maybe one day cross by them and be able to share couple beers and adventures,,,, total inspiration for my channel o//

  6. I can't believe you didn't do a slow-mo of that shoring star and the puff of smoke. That's just a crazy capture. You've got to go back to that and make a big deal out if it. Half way through minute 23 Love love love it.

  7. There are places to be alone, get your ice auger go north of Siberia! Moderate temps -60° f below most of the year! No power internet phones, nothing ! You'll need clothes, real clothes! I enjoy the ice were you guys enjoy heat above freezing! Sweden should have some barren places up north to be alone! Enjoy your warm temps, have fun!

  8. You could bury the plastic at least then it would breakdown in the ground and not be ingested into the food chain back in the sea. It not perfect but would help.

  9. I cannot believe people pay you to live like this while those funding probably have much poorer lives, stupidity knows no bounds.

  10. Delos Salty Crew, always taking video shots and editing to the next level for sailing vlogs! Awesome Kiting, Skeg boarding and Milky Way shots. The peaceful, serene, secluded islands were long overdue for you all, but in true Delos fashion you still invited us into your beachfront oasis. Thank You Salty Crew, Always.

  11. Not sure the point of this video. It’s great to do these things for a little while, a few times in your life. I’m happy for you. But a life of indulgence and idleness is not something to really admire, long term. If there is a purpose to this, what was it? I missed it.

  12. Blue, a quick way to tell which way the stars are moving in the sky: take a 30 second (or longer) exposure and see which way the "tails" are going. Presto!

    What piece of gear do you use to get the rotating time lapses?

  13. I have to say CAPT. BREEYAWN …… a dead ringer for Hans Gruber! I'm sure he's been told this before. At any rate he's definitely a die hard.

  14. the dog said, "If I didn't have internet I'd take a walk and hike and sit and meditate thinking about the internet then I'd walk and hike and sit and meditate about other things." ~ tenderbastard

  15. Wow!!! The photos of the Milky Way galaxy are incredible. We really enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos of the galaxy. Thank you for sharing them. We hope we will see more of the stars during your sailing. 🙂

  16. So you're getting the hang of the kiting and your foiling is starting to come along… now it's time to put both of them together and foil using the kite – best feeling ever! As to sharks, I kitesurf in Western Australia, the ocean of the great white – I've always felt safe as you're always moving. Appreciate that Blue was in the water for a while, but sharks are naturally wary creatures and it takes them a long time to pluck up the courage to check something out. That's why it's usually the surfers that get chomped because they're sitting there for ½ an hour waiting for the perfect wave. Glad Blue kept her wits about her, steadied her nerve and just got back up on the board – fantastic effort when your adrenaline is starting to pump!

  17. Wish more sailors would clean up the places they visit, it's a privilege to be able to travel and see secluded places. Why do you just say it's sad that the plastic is there when you can compromise space on your boat and clean up your species impact. Who knows when someone else will visit that beach and be true stewards of their environment.

  18. I just finished my first day of sailing today in Norfork, VA with the ASA 101 course program and I wanted you guys to know that I took a lot of information aboard that I gained from watching your channel. I hope you all know that although you provide all of us with entertainment and a simile of a sailing experience with your videos, you also provide us with valuable information pertaining to our own sailing experiences and that it is MUCH APPRECIATED!! Fair winds and following seas to you, my friends and I will continue enjoying and learning from your adventures!

  19. Awesome meteor shot! looking forward to getting my shirt in the mail. I am glad to see you guys are doing some celestial nav. It is very rewarding when you nail a fix.

  20. amazing Milky Way time lapse footage with meteorite vaporizing with smoke trails, who sees that anywhere else, just superb!!!

  21. This sure was a neat, easy going and beautiful episode. Blue did a excellent job of cutting Brian's hair….I'm talking Professional !

  22. Pfff. That opening shoot with the wafel making ; in a blink i thought you were pouring all over a keyboard.
    That clearly indicates i need more Delos to rewrite my framed mindset.

  23. I liked the focus on the sextant and celestial navigation. The other extraneous footage wasn’t bad either. 😜. BTW, all objects in the night sky move from east to west so it’s pretty knowable which way things are headed.

  24. How about a follow up regarding the new antifouling paint? It´s been a while now since you painted the boat and by now you should have well grounded opinion about it. Love your videos btw. 🙂

  25. When you want to clean the beach do what we do on Temptress. Collect it and burn it. We were last there in 2016, love Flamingo!

  26. Also thanks for showing the winward side of the island and the world's problem with plastic and especially thank you for picking up what you can.

  27. the hits just keep coming. very tranquil place. think of all the adventures to come with sierra. its a big world out there for her. so much to see and do. great job delos crew.

  28. A lot of that plastic comes from China dumping stuff not recycled. Yes, some countries are still dumping garbage in the ocean. Some cruise-lines too.

  29. Ive been saying this for yeeeearssssss!!!
    23:27 Neutrino burst caught on the time laps !!
    plz like or comment DELOS lol . Im tlaking to you BLU!!!! lol much love !

  30. You guys got some skills!! LOVED the drone footage with the kiting. We have been exploring deserted islands for the last few months and are looking forward to a little bit more stimulation and company! Kaz you look so beautiful! Enjoy the peace and serenity legends!

  31. Will be interesting in years to look back and see the stats on how there was this boom in people taking up sailing and cruising during this time due to all the sailing vlogs. They made something that was theoretical that many people only dreamed about doing because they didn't think they actually could do it for all the various reasons and instead made it into something that actually looks doable by taking us viscerally along for the ride and seeing how it's done. And you guys do a good job on all the pieces – the drone/underwater/timelapse footage, fast-mo to slow-mo speeds/music choices, content decisions and of course the editing. Another great video.

  32. Wow, the shooting star at 23:28 is so awesome. I would love to see more time lapse of the night sky. Awesome videos, thanks for sharing.

  33. The cinematography in this episode was one of the best so far I'd say. There are so many different shooting techniques used. Overall the episode had a similar feel to a kiteboarding promotional video that was shot professionally. Great work and happy to see you guys kite / foil more.

  34. You guys are really getting the hang of the Kiteboarding gig. Great Job!! I recently bought a 21 foot Ski boat that I take my 2 boys Jorden 14 & Kohen 12,  knee boarding, tubing and skiing. Well a week or 2 ago I showed them your Video with Pokémon and your crash course/training week. Now they are asking for a damn kiteboard for Christmas!!!  thanks a lot Delos…LOL JK you guys make my lunch break awesome as hell! I sit in my cubicle watching your Paradise/exploring unfold, its really hard to get back to work after 1:00 from watching your Channel. Oh well !!!Cheers !!! LOVE what you guys do, keep it up !!!

  35. Loved it, loved it, loved it. What a place to chill out. Too bad all the plastic is there. Maybe someday us humans will finally figure this out. Thank you and sail on.

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