Things you shouldn’t do on a cruise

Things you shouldn’t do on a cruise

Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with Cruise Tips
TV. One of our subscribers requested that we put
together an episode highlighting things you probably shouldn’t do on a cruise. If you’ve been watching our channel for
a while, you probably know that we normally focus on things you CAN and SHOULD do on a
cruise, so this isn’t meant to be preachy. We want you to have a good time, stay safe,
and make the best of your cruise vacation, so here goes! #1 It’s probably NOT a good idea to Fly
to your embarkation port the same day as your cruise. If your flight is delayed, the ship will not
wait for you, unless of course, you arranged your flight through the cruise line, which
most people don’t. #2 Speaking of embarkation, don’t forget
to check in online before your cruise. Checking in at the terminal is a big pain,
and that’s not how you want to get your vacay started. So, you probably shouldn’t do that. #3 The biggest danger on any cruise is fire. So, cruise lines don’t want you to Light
a candle, a match or do anything fire-related in your cabin or anywhere on a ship. Of course, you can smoke in designated areas
on most ships, but not in your stateroom. #4 You’ll want to leave the beer & liquor
at home. While some cruise lines let you pack some
soda and wine, and many people find ways to smuggle booze onboard, most don’t allow
you to pack any other alcoholic beverages. Trust us, you don’t want to try this, and
end up in the “naughty room” with your suitcases once onboard. It’s embarrassing. #5 Don’t forget to put your phone in airplane
mode before sailaway, if you don’t plan to buy the ship’s wifi. Roaming charges on a cruise are a bummer,
and we’ve heard nightmare stories about $500 phone bills from cruisers who didn’t
know that roaming charges at sea are a thing. Do your research and you’ll be fine. #6 Don’t hog deck chairs, if you don’t
plan to use em for hours and hours. You’ll make other cruisers who want to enjoy
a little poolside fun really grumpy and the cruise staff may take your stuff, and store
it for you while you’re away. On some lines (like Carnival) crewmembers
monitor sun lounge usage and if they observe a seat that contains a towel or personal belongings
but appears to be unoccupied, a notification is placed on the chair indicating the current
time. If the chair remains unoccupied for 40 minutes,
the contents are removed and held for the guest’s safekeeping. #7 Speaking of not-so-great habits, in our
opinion it’s pretty uncool to remove the gratuities from your stateroom account. If you have an issue with the dining or stateroom
crew who take care of you, take it to management and get the issue resolved. #8 Lastly, don’t pack an uptight attitude. Cruise vacations can change, depending on
weather, sea conditions, and many other factors, and it’s best to look at those changes as
an adventure. You’re at sea, what better time to go with
the flow? We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. If you liked this video, give us a thumbs
up, and feel free to leave your Cruise tips and tricks in the comments below. To follow our cruise travels, and stay up
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flame thrower or my nunchucks

100 thoughts on “Things you shouldn’t do on a cruise

  1. My favourite tip is the one about not removing gratuities – I think the staff work so hard to give us great service that they deserve very penny!

  2. This little video rocks, but then again so do the others that you've done. If, as a former cruise ship worker, you would indulge me then let me add a few. 1) Don't buy the drink package. It doesn't pay for itself unless you really go out of your way to make it do so. Do you really want to get that way on your vacation. The opposite holds true for the soda packages if you have multiple kids. 2) On the subject of alcohol, don't stumble into the casino when you're smashed. I was a casino dealer and this was the no – no that I saw the most 3) You said it, but I'll say it again-don't be the fool (a.k.a. Pier runner) who loses track of time and holds up the boat, or misses it entirely. They might wait a little for you, but not forever. It's not only at the captain's discretion, but also with the tides where the ship is moored. Once it's moving is when you'll realize that you left your passport in your room. 4) Not to be grubby, but reconsider voiding the tips. It's the life's blood for a lot of us, especially the ones you never see., many of whom come from poor countries. If it's excessive, then alter it instead of killing it completely., Last of all, to all you chair hogs and line cutters, it will (and I have seen this) occasionally start a literal fight, so just don't do it. Come on board and have a good time.

  3. My first cruise I flew into port (Miami) the day before and my seatmate was going on her cruise the same day. We flew in, good flight, a little early- and our airgate malfunctioned. We sat for almost 45 minutes before we could get towed to another gate. Such a tiny thing could caused a missed cruise- don't do it! (Even though I did fly in the day of this past cruise and it was just fine, I was just aware of how much less running and stress I could've had by that extra day.)

  4. First time cruiser, did not realize their onboard app let me make off ship phone calls, get charged $775. Any tips on how to fight most if not all of that???? That really put a sour taste in my mouth

  5. Also, never ever ever open the balcony door and the cabin door at the same time or your daily itinerary will end up in the toilet

  6. #9 – Don't spend a lot of time in your stateroom it's just there for sleeping! I made this mistake my first cruise.

  7. We broke the first rule and probably, the second. We Flew from Detroit to Seattle and we embarked about 2 hours after

  8. I will be cancelling the gratuities as well. I am suspicious of this money going to the crew and I have calculated that on a ship of 800 crew and passengers of 2100 that is an amount of US $28k per day collected and US$248 per week for each crew member. I'm sorry but I just don't believe that this will be a fact. If a crew member can tell me other wise I will gladly pay it. Otherwise I will tip myself.

  9. When you are on a crowded elevator and the elevator stops and the doors open its best not to call this the togetherness elevator so the more the merrier. You get an odd look or two

  10. #2 should be….. Don't be late for your ship while on a island!!! If you miss it.. you're going to have a headache!!

  11. HI Sherri, my family is sailing on Carnival Cruise next week, is the $51.80 gratuity fee the travel agent quoted me per day or for the entire trip. Also we are sailing on the Liberty do you have any advice for that ship?

  12. When we are cruising we will move the gratuity to where it is deserved, on most cruise we do not use the dinning room so that gets removed and put to our stewards because the servers in the dinning room don't serve us, for us money can be tight after paying for a cruise that we can't pay 80+ a person for gratuity, specially if we don't use that service.

  13. Hi so, we are going to Norway on our first cruise in June. Did I read correctly that if you turn your phone to airplane mode, you can't phone home? What about when you are in the ports can you switch it back on then. Can I use the phone to take pictures? I'm a bit worried now. Also my husband smokes, would he have to use the designated smoking area as we have booked a balcony , I don't think he would be allowed to smoke on his balcony. This is stressing me out a bit.

  14. if you do fly Same day make it an early flight. my flight is at 530am, and it's a 2 hour flight. and if you do this get insurance. I have done this 3 out of my 4 cruises and been fine. hopefully my 100% success rate continues into October when I go on Carnival Vista.

  15. Those people who have phones glued to their heads deserve a $500 bill. After all isn't the whole purpose of a cruise to get away from civilization not to check your gaybook page every 5 minutes.

  16. Hello Miss! Could you please tell me what exactly happens at the end of the contract. If for instance, I (along with other crew/staff members) successfully finish the contract, what does more precisely happen from that moment onward. Will anybody wait/escort us to a coach and then directly to the airport? Will we leave the ship all together (boom – open the gates over 1000, 2000 crew members need to exit the ship right in this moment) or separately day by day.. Hopefully you understand my question. I would like to know how things unfold when you finish your contract and you start to prepare going home. Thank you in advance.

  17. you forgot to add the most important one of all – no diving from the stateroom balconies.

    i learned the hard way.

  18. One tip I suggest is to also maybe pack some little bags of candies (wrapped hard candies or taffy's that won't melt) and give them to some of the staff that are helping you through out your cruise. The staff generally will give amazing service and it's nice to show them that you appreciate that with a little treat. Also don't be afraid to have a little fun with the staff members. We've brought our bald staff "bald brushes" and they thought it was hilarious and would go around showing it to all their fellow co-workers and we also brought some of those fake out "rattle snake eggs" that pop up when you open the bag and they would call their co-workers over to give them a little scare too xD It was so fun.

  19. You forgot to mention the most important rule of all: do NOT mistreat the crew! They are far away from home, working very long hours seven days a week without a day off for the next 6 to 9 months, they have to smile all day long and remember the name of thousands of guests in order to deliver a personal service, they are often tired and they are not "allowed" to get sick therefore an abusive guest who swears and shout at them on a daily basis just doesn't help! Guests must remember that without the crew their cruise wouldn't even happen! And yeah, I already worked in cruise ships myself so I know exactly what I'm talking about! I've got so much abuse from guests that I ended up changing positions to a back of the house role with zero guest interaction and only then I was able to enjoy my experience onboard. I was a 2 stripe officer, but even the stripes are no guarantee of respect so anyway please please please if you go on a cruise, just be polite and kind to the crew members!

  20. Don't grab some random college girls boobs or they will slap you 10x harder than then getting shot with a bee bee gun

  21. Don't go to the doctor unless you must. I passed a gallstone, which is painful but tolerable, and was promptly booted off in Greece, alone, at the age of 92, and not in good shape to be making my way home by myself. Cruise lines want nothing to do with anyone who could conceivably cause them a problem. Fortunately, I had good insurance (although I grumbled about the price) and the company sent a courier to escort me home

  22. Here is a another good tip to air; PLEASE PUT YOUR: ((KEYS ,CAMERA ,CELLPHONES)) ((in a bag)) ((off your body)) your about to walk through a Metal Detector, if you ((Want/Need)) to get to the ship quicker then you need to do this.

  23. Another don't- Don't "reserve" multiple vacant seats at the theater. If your group can't see fit to enter the theater together, then show up just before show time or even arrive late- then they should skip the show. Pet peeve of mine.

  24. what we can do if the cruise ship was attacked by pirates? Could we make home made bomb (detergent soda bleach etc. mixture) to protect ourselves?

  25. Can we have our travel agent add gratuity to our trip so we don't have to deal with it after our trip? We are 1st time cruiser & will be cruising on Holland America next year in Sept for 14 day cruise to Alaska.

  26. A white bra under a lacy blue sweater–no. A beige, nude or skin tone would have been better. Love your videos!

  27. don't use rum runners to bring your own booze………and if you do……..pack them with your toiletries and near the wheels of your suitcase.

  28. when you cruse with 2 or more in your party, make sure at least one person DOSENT wear a backpack. then pack a flat empty backpack in your suitcase…it wont take up a lot of room.
    beacause invariably you always leave with more stuff then you embarked with.

  29. Im so nervous for my first cruise and trying to remember all these things in the comments especially when my parents do most of these things? Its hard. So can someone please give me essential tips??

  30. I love your tips and have a question. Me and my boyfriend are a adventurous couple looking to have lots of fun. We're planning go go on our first cruise and would like to know which cruise line would you recommend for a fun young romantic couple?

  31. Also don't damage property like punching walls because on the cruise I went on these teenagers punched holes in the walls and got charged a lot of money for the damage.

  32. We had the tips added into our cruise package when we booked. We did add extra tips for a few of the staff after finding out they were WONDERFUL.

  33. My wife says she's afraid of people who want to get to damn close to us and then start asking for money or favors. Or just plain old hustlers, and con men and anyone who wants to pick ones pocket. Nosy people. Where you from, where you work, do you own a home? got kids, got a car, what kind, how much money do you make, on and on. People who don't look healthy, sick looking scum bags.

  34. I have listened to the video and all the warnings.  hardly any of the warnings about extra costs applied to Saga Cruises once you are on board, there is no limit on wine and spirits being taken on board and it is not necessary because wine with meals, simple spirits and mixers like gin and tonic are complimentary at the many bars.  There are no queues.  A car is included up to 250 miles from the port or even further for more expensive cruises, and at the port there are tables laid with complimentary tea and cakes if you have to wait for immigration and passport officials so families can sit together with newspapers and magazines instead of standing in a line.  I note that there are no references to this excellent cruise line in your videos. no hidden extras and superb personal service in elegance and comfort. no piped music or tannoy announcements. (Except he ship's bell broadcast at noon)
    You do not have to sign chits for all sorts of extras, passengers like me in the cheapest inside cabin are treated just the same as someone in the most expensive suite, good library for a sit down after breakfast and a complimentary brandy late at night.  And their ships are shaped like ships not blocks of flats so they are great in rough weather.  Whenever it has been windy, we have encountered passengers form slab-sided cruise ships who have told us how they were told bits of their itineraries had to be omitted 'for safety reasons' but the sea and wind conditions were no problem for our ship.   A good sign, on the last three cruises the Master has told us at his Welcome! cocktail party for all passengers, that more than 60% of the passengers have travelled with Saga twice or more before.  Probably the most civilised holiday you can get anywhere.  Warning about Saga: book early or you will find the cruise is already fully booked, plan at least a year ahead.

  35. Tip 1) cruise with MSC cruises, its an italian cruise company and i never ate better pizza magharita.m not even in rome

  36. My niece racked up $2200.00 cellphone Bill. The cruise service desk was able to remove all of the charges but they said if we had waited just 2 hours later they would not have been able to remove any of the charges

  37. Thanks for your tips!
    I like you videos very much 🙂
    So you have to pay more at sea if you get internet from land, also if you cruise at a location you usually don’t have to pay?
    I think there’s no extra payement if you woudn’t have to pay on land and you switch off rooming, is there?

  38. I’ve got a cruise tip for you, especially for Mediterranean cruises:
    If you want to save money with your excursions, check the possibility of free shuttles in every port before you cruise. In almost every Mediterranean port you can get to the city for free easily and if you’re into beaches, you often get there by foot, too.
    Check that out before your cruise, like everything else, so you are prepared and save a lot of money and worries in your holidays!

  39. Money exchange are more expensive that on your bank! 🙂 Take note if you go to visit another country

  40. The point of tips has been lost. These days, service people seem to be leaning towards thinking that the tip is extra wage money owed to them by the customer……beaming in from the 70's here, when I grew up and learned the rules, TIPS ARE GIVEN FOR GOOD SERVICE, NOT JUST FOR SERVICE. Please don't make me feel bad for not feeling I have to tip every time a crew member does their JOB. I just paid a FORTUNE to get on this ship and NOW I HAVE TO TIP PEOPLE ON HERE TO GET THEM TO WORK? Screw THAT. Seriously. Screw THAT. Next time you go to any service place, such as the bank, or the gas station, be sure to tip your server.

  41. About the alcohol, a lot of cruises offer open bar packages for a small price. It is absolutely worth the money if you are the kind to drink a lot on vacation.

  42. im going on my first cruise,i mean i live in miami ive been on a weekend cruise but not seven whole days,my question to u is im a bit closetophobic,how can i get a room close to an outside door,or even one with a window,we payed alot of money for this caribean cruise,and i dont want to be in an enclosed room,in the middle of the ship,i own fast toys like harleys and cars not sure how im gonna feel going so

  43. Thank you! While I decided today to never take a cruise (I HATE "automatic" gratuties which are actually just added fees) I appreciate the information as your videos are simple and straightforward. 😊

  44. If your captain takes a detour to show off the ship to his mate, you should make your way to the lifeboats.

  45. I agree with the gratuities and get the phone roaming charges squared away before getting on that cruise. Add international calling package from your phone carrier for the time being and then when you get back just take that feature off.

  46. On "at sea" days, do not, I repeat, not, book the water skiing package. If you fall, the ship will not stop for you or launch a lifeboat.

  47. Cruise companies can forgive a lot (they want you to have fun) as long as you don't interfere unduly with other cruisers enjoyment of their cruise.

  48. 2:45 Complain to management about a room attendant who is in your cabin multiple times a day? Yeah, I'm sure that would turn out well. I think you're much better off removing gratuities.

  49. The tipping thing is ridiculous. Don’t put the pressure on us as consumers to pay for your company’s employees. I always take the gratuities off and tip with cash directly. I’ve spoken to so many cruise staff members who admit that they don’t see a dime of the service fee.

  50. #8 is so true, don’t get upset because the weather is bad I’ve been on plenty of cruises and all you can do is make the best of it, spend time in the pool, in the casino, or even just walking and exploring the ship which is a great exercise that I Plan to do on my next cruise which will most likely be a 14 day cruise to Hawaii

  51. I plan to remove my credulity on my cruise so I can pay my crew staff and cash. Cruise Lines do not pay their employees very well, in fact, the paid-in very poorly. in many cases, they do not even make enough tips to get above the minimum amount of their supposed to be paid and get paid more in the cruise line. it would be the equivalence of your server making under minimum wage and their employer having to pay them extra. I still see many Cruise people talk about this do you think you could actually make a video on this or mention it in a future video? What do you think about this method? As a server myself, I would much rather them pocket my money and have the cruise pay them more.

  52. Is it that bad peeps don’t tip, they need to add gratuity???? My goodness peeps , if you can’t afford to tip …. u shouldn’t even be going on a vacation

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