They Broke onto our Sailboat in Montenegro

They Broke onto our Sailboat in Montenegro

Something hanging off the mast too. They undid some lines there. We got back to the boat and somebody have been of the boat and they broke some stuff. After a week in Albania we set sail and
head north west to Montenegro. We begin to sail with a gentle breeze with the
wind around ten knots. As we moved along the wind began to weaken. We had two
options. turn on the engine and motor the rest of
the way or bring out the spinnaker sail. This is our spinnaker and I’m pretty sure from what I understand it’s like there’s this long
bag which looks like what we’ve got here and then you raise that and then you pull the bag down and the spinnaker comes out. Like the ring slides up. Oh and this goes up. Okay so that means that this is your tack and this is your clew. What is this pulley for though?
I’ve never sailed with this spinnaker before I have no idea to put a spinnaker up. We put away the headsail. This is my guess
of how to do this. We’re gonna raise it up with the halyard then I’ll
attach the tack to the forward cleat and then we’ll attach this sheet to the clew
and run that back to a winch, maybe toss it through a block. See if that works. All right, Tara go ahead and pull up the slack. All right, hold that. That doesn’t look right. We might have a twisted spinnaker. All right, off she goes. Let it go, right? Oh, there she goes! Not bad for winging it! I don’t really
know how you trim a spinnaker so I’m experimenting right now. Front, the front
of it looks like it luffing so now if we can trim it in, it should stop luffing.
As soon as that stops luffing that should mean that we’re trim. Keep trimming. I
also have no idea how long this line is supposed to be attached to the tack.
All right, let’s go with that for right now. One of the reasons I love
sailing is that even though this is not perfect rigging and the sail could be
made more efficient by a salty sailor our shoddy first attempt worked. We gained
a few knots and made it to our anchor. We played a game of Monopoly and watched
the storm roll pass us to the north. We headed into town to find a coffee
shop that would serve as office for the day. And on our return to Arianrhod… Probably was that group of guys. Those guys, yeah. And look at the mast, like that thing hanging off the mast too. They undid some lines there. We got back to the boat and
somebody had been on the boat and they broke some stuff. They broke our throwable here.
It’s broken in two spots. That’s really unfortunate because this thing is
actually really important. Somebody goes overboard you throw it and it shoots out
of the water like five six feet there’s a flag on the top so that the person in
the water the man overboard can pull that, release the flag, and then you can
locate them so that’s broken that’s unfortunate. That snapped and hit Tara in
the face. They went through the cockpit took out the drill, they didn’t take the
drill. Left a pair of pants. They left some rolling papers.
They took, we had two hanging bags that we kept our clothes pins in, all this
kind of stuff, didn’t steal anything except for those two bags. It’s just
really infuriating to know that there’s somebody on the boat without permission,
but we’re gonna go ahead and just leave. We could contact the police, but it seems
like more trouble than it’s worth. Pretty sure I know who it was. As we were
leaving there was these like four goons on this like inflatable with a, I don’t
know like a paddle like a paddleboard boat like a paddle boat with a slide on
it. These four guys probably in their mid 20’s they just looked like they’re up
to no good. As we were leaving I actually commented to Tara I was like,
“that’s kind of weird that there’s just four like mid 20’s guys on like a paddle
boat out here in the bay.” Once we left and went into town I’m sure that they
probably came on board and hooliganized it. It’s just so frustrating. There’s
hooligans everywhere. We made way north. We came across a
raging fire scorching this hillside and from the relative safety of the water we
admired the power. And faster than you could say, “hold your
nose!” we were in Bar, Montenegro. Wind is blowing us onto the dock so in order for
us to get off the dock we’re going to undo the bow line because it’s gonna be
pretty much slack we’ll take the stern line run it up towards the midship so
it’s kind of like a spring line we’ll use this big fender as a roaming
fender. We’ll bear down go backwards on the stern spring line and then use this
as a pivot point to pivot out our bow and then we’ll turn around. I learned all that
from Sailing La Vagabonde put out a video about it. We were in this marina for
two nights because we had to do some paperwork for, because we just crossed
the border from Albania into Montenegro basically. Okay. Let’s get this bow line off, it’s slack. Ready, Jackson? Ready, we’re off. Still fending. Good? Yeah. All right. All right, we made it! We topped off on fuel and promptly motored out
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83 thoughts on “They Broke onto our Sailboat in Montenegro

  1. I am guessing like everything else if you don!t know how to.You go to youtube to find out how to do it?Yes there are some beep people every where.Great Video,Happy Sailing.⛵

  2. well done Dylan,, learn by doing, and it is fun learning,,,,,,,,,,,,, shame about the scum bags, but hey you are ( both ) over it and living a better life than what they are…

  3. We went to Montenegro last september. Beautiful country and nice people. They were very polite. But sometimes the tourists are stupid as hell.

    Our hotel was on the left side, when you enter the bay of Kotor. (Njivice)

    Thanks for the images. I really enjoyed the memories of that vacation.

  4. Man so shit about those pricks but yeah anyway as always safe travels! Can’t wait to see what you guys get up to next, living my dreams through you guys x

  5. I can't imagine why 4 guys would trespass on your boat and break a throwable, remove an expensive drill from its case but leave it, and only steal 2 worthless clothes bags.
    And how on earth did the throwable snap and hit Tara in the face ?

  6. I’m glad you both are OK. And, I’m glad you left for town when they illegally went on board. Who knows what would’ve happened if they boarded when you were there.

  7. Dylan how do you stay so muscular while travelling and living on a boat (serious question)? Also, would you ever film a full day of eating wile living on a sailboat? Love the vids 🙂

  8. I get that reporting it to the police would be “pointless” but when it comes to things like that I tend to think that it’s not about me, it’s about the next person that comes along that could be much worse off

  9. I've always had a ton of trouble with spinnakers, you guys did really well just winging. A little tip, get the sail all the way up with the foot of the sail on a block that lets the line connected to the foot of the sail go in front of the boat, outside of any railing. Then get the leading edge nice and tight, maybe a little bit of sag if the wind is really light. Once the front is squared away, pull the sheet. Then you have someone in the back easing the sheet until the front luffs, then sheet in hard until it stops and repeat. You want the sail out as far as possible without luffing. And the lazy sheet gets ran around the bow and back to the upwind block. To jibe you let the sail go in front of the forestay and turn the boat, then pull in on the other side. You're fortunate to have an asymmetrical spinnaker, they're much less work than a symmetrical spinnaker and dealing with a pole. Enjoy the warm waters! I can't wait until the Great Lakes melt and warm back up so I can go sailing again!

  10. You guys rock. I don't know if I'd ever have the balls to do what you do but dam it's nice to be able to see your journey. Where are you guys now and is there a website that you update to let us know where you are. Greetings from ATL stateside

  11. How can I do this amazing adventure? please give me some tips about anything that helps in being a wanderer. You guys are amazing!

  12. Ok the spinnaker experiment was fun to watch and a sucess. When learning new sail skills with out an experienced sailor on board there are 2 hard rules to keep mind. 1. Manoeuvre with total safety of crew in mind. 2. Make sure conditions are such that there is little to no risk of equipment damage. I think you covered both aspects well. Also I think now you could deploy that spinnaker much like pros. . The fact you had a go says a lot about you and crew. Shame you got broken into though. Well done for just being out there and giving it your best shot..

  13. For the Spinnaker first hoist it all the way. Then use that white u-shaped piece to go around the furled foresail. The line on the bottom is to keep it from going too far up the furled sail. You want the leading edge of the sail as close to the forestay as you can get it.

  14. Sucks that they invaded your space and broke some stuff. Glad they didn't too much damage. pretty cool how you can literally leave that behind you. Really getting into this trip now. Deep water is too scary, so I live this vibe vicariously through you.

  15. Awesome video, thanks for showing the struggles of your adventure. Living the dream through you. You got yourself a Patron 🙂

  16. It looks like your jib is not hauled up all the way or the halyard was slack when you were docking (nicely done btw). But anyway the point is that if your halyard goes slack you are at risk of getting a halyard wrap. Which is where the halyard wraps around the foil at the top as you try to furl up the sail and jams it all up (usually happens at the most inoperable moment. …so check it out. Also nice job on spin flying. Shorten the tack. Turn off the wind a bit more. Sail on! You guys rock!

  17. The white plastic device with the block is to attach the tack of your spinnaker to your furled headsail. It may be an ATN Tacker or similar. You use that instead of a tack line and works great for an asym.

  18. Get yourself a copy of Chapman's seamanship it should be your Bible on the boat. It will help you with your rigging and other information like using spring lines.
    I would have sprung off the dock a little differently. Touching someone else is a no no.
    Hey but you're out there and learning as you go. Good on ya.
    My wife and I cruised for fourteen years before she was in an accident.
    Have fun. Cheers

  19. I love your videos. Been watching since you started van life! You said in one of your videos "its not the kind of camera you have, its the story." I agree, the story does make a huge impact of a difference to the video. It does give true definition to the story.
    Keep up the beautiful work. I hope you visit Sardinia, it's gorgeous there around spring.

  20. Bless you guys. Those cheeeky
    thieves are a big pain. They deserve bad karma for sure.
    Greetings from cold snowy

  21. I can't believe they broke in, no matter where you go you have to be smart with your home. Lock it up, carry your important stuff with you and trust no one and tell no one your secrets. Ok, that bag for the spiniker is called either a "rubber" or a "condom". And never use your spinniker at night unless you have someone else up with you, it to dangerous even long time sailors don't use it at night. : ) peace

  22. Also start watching youtube videos if you don't know how to do something it is too dan
    gerous on a boat to always just get by, by the seat of your pants. When you were putting up the spinniker the wind picked up. "Offshore Sailing School — How to set your Spinnaker " this is a great video.: ) peace

  23. What annoys me is whoever broke in was probably sitting on shore watching you all leave and get back to the boat going thru things. That really sucks I hope you got on the radio and ask around if anyone saw anything and to let others know that there is a thief around. I bet the police were aware and most likely just needed some proof, but you left and now someone else will have the same issue. : ) peace It all sucks

  24. If that is a symmetrical kite you really should use a pole for it to be useful. Asymmetrical is fine what you are doing.

  25. Good attempt.. Most guys have a problem even finding the cleat 👍

    Does anyone have an idea of what episode of SLV he’s talking about?

  26. There's a boat security company that I somehow got connected to on instagram. Haven't checked out their technology yet but the reviews I've read have been good. Just passing it along.

  27. i know it is a pain.. but if the police do not know.. then they are unaware of the problem. you should contact them anyways.

  28. i know it is a pain.. but if the police do not know.. then they are unaware of the problem. you should contact them anyways.

  29. thank goodness they didn't get your monopoly game!!

    Seriously. yea, that's pitiful. sorry i has to happen, whether ya'll or anybody.

  30. So you see a bunch of hulligans hanging around your boat watching you leave and you still go into town? Also why only talk about the subject of your video for less than 2 minutes in a 8 minute plus video

  31. Good on ya SLV, did Riley or Elayna tell you they Sailed about a full Season wih an upside down Spinnaker? I am not sure Sailing La vagabonde or Vegabonde you were refering to….either way, GOOD ON YA FOR THE HELP for those of us just learning….great shots! Fair Winds!!

  32. next time, leaving a downwind berth, try using the bowspring. Go forward, pivot on the bow , then reverse.
    Alternatively atach a line (as long as posible) on your cleat OPPOSITE the dock (in this case it would be on your starbord side) and as far backward on the dock as you can (double it). throttle forward, rudder away from dock. wait a bit, wait a bit. boat starts moving away from dock. throttle neutral, recover sternline, go forward 🙂

  33. Layout shards of glass and nails pointing upward for when they step foot on your vessel. There are a number of ways you can make them not want to get on your boat.

  34. Hey guys, even if you don't report to the police mabye file a report with with the location of the anchorage as a heads up to other cruisers?

  35. As far as it was to see, Your spinnacker is a symetric one, those are meant to be set with a pole to the windward side (when not running deadcenter – then it's still the side Your mains'l/main boom isn't). It is a pretty flat spinnacker though, the way You set it doesn't hurt, but considerably more efficiency is gained by poling one (usually the windward/foremost) downangle out. What can help, too, is giving out a bit more halyard: spi will go to where the wind is up there. With increasing windspeed, spi is best controlled adding barberhaulers, vertical snatchblocked downhaules between sheet/afthaul and deck/toerail.

  36. Just found you, you are certainly learning the hard way. But I admire your ambition and positive attitude to setbacks. You all are a great crew and doing a great job with the videos.

  37. Next time pls Atleast call the locale cops sins day wil keep a ey on the place it happend sins most of those place live of the people viseting and day don't like thiefs scaring away customer

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