The LAKE MICHIGAN Crossing | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 10

The LAKE MICHIGAN Crossing | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 10

Tonight we are sailing across Lake
Michigan! Look at this bad boy! Land ho! Land! Sand! This morning, actually afternoon, Kirk’s making me and himself Eggs rancheros and peach slices Mm thanks Hmm Oh what’s the matter? That’s a good peach Oh! [laughs] This awesome sauce It is equal parts Sriracha, sour cream to however much lime you have on hand This is gonna be a spice-y meal Tonight we are sailing across Lake Michigan We’ve been watching the weather for the past week There’s a big cold front that just moved across the lake and they have gale force winds up to 40
knots on the east coast of the lake and we are on the west coast Wind is going to die out quickly this front moved in and just sort of swallowed up all of the
wind on the lake So pretty much we’re trying to ride the coattails of this
low-pressure system Yeah before it completely dies out We don’t want to head out too early because then we’re gonna be in like 25 knot winds and we’re
also gonna be leav ing on Friday well I don’t really believe in that, but it is our first crossing and we should probably Heed the superstition of sailors for centuries? It rained like crazy yesterday and we
are absolutely a blown away that the sun is out and it’s really really calm, this is what we are kind of afraid of There’s got to be some wind out on the lake Yeah we should check the flag There’s a flag that we can check that shows us kind of what the conditions look like near shore on the lake It’s just out over there maybe a quarter of a mile Kirk the flag is waving Is it? Yeah Is it out straight or is it just waving? No it’s not out straight, it’s… Okay Well, now it’s down. I gotta hang the Radar reflector Radar reflector It’s our first big sail tonight! It’s our first big sail Radar reflector It’s going up So fiberglass is not very good at
reflecting radar because it’s porous and it’s just a web, a mesh of fibers so things like your mast are okay you’re like furling unit, your radar unit,
anything that’s flat and solid are okay at reflecting radar but your boat isn’t so things like even floating gobs of seaweed or a flock of geese or whatever
can oftentimes look like a boat you put this thing up there and the idea is, it is impossible to mistake for anything other than a radar signature [Lauren] of a boat of a boat [Lauren] of a vessel of a vessel I think it’s time for a rum drink [Lauren laughs] [Lauren] So you’re gonna have a cocktail and I’m gonna go for a run? Yep Gonna take the edge off Look at the moon it’s big We’re gonna have a full moon tonight almost [Lauren] Oh that’s gonna be so good [Kirk] It’s like one or two nights before the full moon So there’s definitely still some swell Ah t here’s someone else leaving, too But, we’re not leaving until midnight because we gotta wait for Kirk’s dad to come in
and supposedly you’re not supposed to leave port on Friday So the wind has died quite a bit We were expecting there’d be more We’ve still got four hours until we’re gonna leave so yeah we’ll see fingers crossed we have some wind I forgot to latch the bathroom door I
just sort of thing is the first time we’ve hosted the
spinnaker this bad boy we’re humming along almost at wind speed four knots of
wind 3.78 I’m a speedo Lorenz just lounging here like it’s any old regular
day dad the foredeck man up there what do you think we got to do a little
trimming I think here but oh yeah we’re going along at wind speed yeah in the
direction we went ahead look at this boat it’s an absolute mess we got lines
everywhere stuff everywhere we’ve had about four hours of super rough crappy
swell on the nose motoring for the last three cuz there was no wind and finally
we started to see some tail winds we tried to hoist the spinnaker and realize
we didn’t have sheets came back with my head between my legs my tail between my
legs something was between my legs and
decided to do some digging Booya what do you have to say for
yourself I’d be feeling good now there’s like no waves like a Sunday walk in the
park I know you’re feeling like crap earlier because I couldn’t do anything
you know like I don’t help like the everything looks a disaster because I
haven’t been able to lift like one finger to put anything away because if I
do that I’m just gonna know don’t worry about it can you wrap yourself around there once land ho I was your first sail across
Lake Michigan how long was it 17 hours every we’re not done yet
put the spinnaker up the first time sleep how about you how is your first
sail across Lake Michigan 3 pukes 3 I know I started to lose track in the
first the winds dropped from five feet there
were a couple of times I did too I mean it was usually public when I went below
deck and I was trying to walk around down there and the next thing I know
it’s like oh man my stomach like this yeah usually if I’m at the home I can
keep it at bay but this time where we miles instead water
yeah yeah oh man so we just completed our first
20-hour crossing of the lake we motored what four of twenty hours we had 20 knots of wind on the nose we
had absolute calm we flew the spinnaker we went upwind we went downwind we were
in giant seas we were in calm water we had a lot of Sun and now we have a ton
of these big scary like that looks like just a giant scary tornado thing and I was sick as a dog for the first
half of the trip that makes me worried how sick you were
yeah makes me very worried for the first like six hours your dad
slept yeah we were searching off of the house but then I was 95% of everything we’re gonna be making
me a lot of dinners and give me a lot of back and foot rubs like
dinners when we’re in for sure all right we’re getting close here I
want to take this in the harbor Lauren and I have started celebrating
important life events with whiskey’s this is our whoa all right
we started celebrating important life events here with whisky was the wedding
your 30th birthday you are mistaken sir that is all scotch
this ah so good I guess we’re celebrating boat events with whisky got
it first sail across the lake a little more do we had this when we met the
bartender in in Louisiana in New Orleans on our trip back from California and he
was a sailor he told him about buying her boat and he said take a shot at tell
him or do with me at the end of the night yeah cuz we’re all super
dehydrated from our 20 yards yeah and with no food Cheers
successful crossing of Lake Michigan

100 thoughts on “The LAKE MICHIGAN Crossing | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 10

  1. Dont worry seasickness is a rookie thing, it goes away as you spend more time on sea. I grew up sailing and i’m able to sleep inside with 12feet waves.

    If you’re feeling sick try:
    1. Def being outside
    2. Steering
    3. Looking at the horizon

  2. Sea Sick……Try putting an earplug in one (just one) of your ears snug. Basically, it is caused by the difference from what your eyes see and your ears feel. By putting an earplug in one of your ears it confuses your brain from what the ears are trying to tell it and disregards the input. Either ear, its simple and doesn't hurt to try:)

  3. Don't worry about being seasick. When I was in the Navy many years ago a good friend who I had been stationed with at an air station got stationed aboard the same ship as me. When he came aboard the ship was at the end of a major overhaul in the shipyards in Portsmouth, VA so he had been aboard for 5 months before the boat had water under her keel again. Our first cruise was finally scheduled for 3 days to test the work done by the yard and conditions were dead calm. The minute the ship left the pier he got seasick to the extent he was incapcitated for the entire 3 days. The Navy was officially considering giving him a sea duty exemption. But my friend refused it and finally overcame his seasickness in the next few weeks. I sometimes think that the anxiety of doing something you've never done before and the excitement can puncuate your nerves to the point of seasickness. Also, there are some key things you can do to avoid it. One is keeping busy so you mind isn't on feeling bad. I heard you say that you couldn't lift a finger to help. That's when I would have put you to work and kept you busy doing something…..anything! Also, being below isn't a good situation either, get up on deck and keep your head looking out at the horizon and not at things up close. Lastly, never ever ever lay down and close your eyes. I'm sure you will get over your seasickness and eventually never have to think of it again. Good Luck! and congratulations on your first crossing guys!!!

  4. Instead of drugs and bands, you can try 1 earplug in an ear to trick your brain into compensating for an equilibrium problem.

  5. I just discovered your channel and thought the port background looked familiar. Love your videos and good luck in your travels!

  6. Love your channel – we are three years in and out of Racine as well. We did our first crossing last year (over to Ludington) last year as well and had a blast. Keep it up and we’ll see you out there !!

  7. Boy, do I ever feel remiss for not having commented for awhile! Kirk and Lauren, you are truly living the dream. Not only that, your videos are the absolute best of their type. Please keep them coming!

  8. Get some Sturgeron 15 on EBay. No side effects, then gradually reduce dosage to nil over a few days.
    Easier to sock the Kite if you collapse it 1st. Let the sheet go completely and go like a demon on the sock. With practice, a piece of cake. If wind picks up also run square to take the pressure out of it.

    Great Vid, enjoy.

  9. You’ll get used to it Lauren. Might take a while but you won’t get sick after you spend some time on the water. Happens to everyone.

  10. Great video and thanks for sharing your stories. Not sure where your cruising will take you, but my wife and I recently finished a cruise throughout the Great Lakes, and documented it on our YouTube channel, Perhaps some of the info on our destinations and experiences may help you as well. It's a fantastic area to sail. Best of luck and we look forward to following your travels!

  11. i remember heading out on lake Erie when a east wind was blowing ( im on the western basin ) so she gets pretty choppy and confused.. anyways i had my family with me, we hardly made it out.. when i seen my mom turning colors, then her say shes going down below to lay down and ( feel better ) lol she wasnt below to long! when i seen her burping lol

    the great lakes can be hard to handle at times!

    looking forward to seeing ( up north ) footage 👍👍

  12. Well, that didn’t look too difficult. It looks to me that you need not only sheets for the spinnaker, but also a pole?

  13. I'm from the Pentwater area and was really pleased to see this episode! I found your channel while researching sailing the great lakes with the idea of eventually heading to the gulf.
    Keep em coming! Subbed 🙂

  14. I'll be following you guys….how exactly do you plan to access the Mississippi? Curious-I am in California so I don't know the Chicago area very well.

  15. I just found your channel and had to subscribe. The first channel on the great lakes that i have found. I hope you guys venture further around the other ones.

  16. MIchelle uses bonine when it gets super nasty in the Gulf at work in the winter time. She, being an engineer, doesn't have the luxury of seeing out the window. But I feel she has it better because the bridge sways and pitches so much being so high up! Congrats on the crossing!

  17. The votes are in the crew and I have voted you the luckiest guy on these sailing vlogs.because you are with the most attractive lady here . Respects keep the vids comming.

  18. Guys, seems like seasickness is a challenge, suggest you try Transderm SCOP. Talk to your Dr. Fortunately we do not suffer from seasickness ourselves but we know a lot of sailors who do and swear by this stuff. You have to start using it well before you leave to be effective.

  19. On one of your video's you day that you live aboard? Do you head south for the winter, or live on the hard?

  20. Guaranteed cure for sickness ..  Sit under a gumtree for half an hour.  Works every time.. If you cant find a gum tree, other species will suffice I have heard, but they don't have the same eucalyptus aroma.

  21. Great videos.
    Scotch IS whisky. Whisky from Scotland is called Scotch here in the states. In Scotland (and the U.K.) it's just called Whisky, and it's not spelled with an "E". All Scotch is Whisky, But not all Whiskey is Scotch. Irish Whiskey is just that, Irish whiskey.

  22. That's a great sea worthy yacht. I watched the episode where you bought it and it seemed to me a smokin deal. Nice family who you bought it from. To me the boat almost looks new and the winches and stainless work sparkle. I truly think you could make it down through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific to Polynesia, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

  23. Just FYI, please don't be too hasty in dismissing the "superstitions"… Even (especially) the ones about untying your lines and heading out on a Friday! Deep water has a way of making new believers! That said, Fair winds and calm seas to ye both! From fellow sailers / new subs, on the West Coast of Ireland!

  24. Oh, one other thing, double check EVERYTHING, even the openings in your head, to be sure "all holes are closed!" Next, when on deck, CLIP ON! THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCEPTIONS! ESPECIALLY from dusk to dawn! Which brings us to your MOB (Man over board) DRILLS! Now, I'm not trying to take the fun out of it, but I promise you, you'll have loads more fun if you ARE CONFIDENT ABOUT WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE SAILING ALONG, LOOK AROUND, AND THE OTHER ONÉ IS MISSING! It sadly happens during "watch" and someone goes to adjust the sail, dismissing the Clipping On, and being in the dark, on a slippy deck, and your partners asleep…yeah, it happens quickly! So, MOB DRILLS is a MUST ! LASTLY, WATCH HOW DELOS PROVISIONS, getting rid of labels, using reusable containers for storing rice, grains, etc. It will stop critters from going with you, AND put a couple of Bay Leaves into your container where you keep your Flour and grains, as bugs, weavles, roaches and other little fellas won't set up camp there, and it won't add any flavour to anything you use it with! Peppermint oil is also good for keeping spiders at bay… Won't keep them all out, but it makes a big difference! OK, now I feel better, I've said my bits, and wish ye every blessing on your adventures! We'll be watching your videos! And you both do a brilliant job with your content, editing, and just being yourselves!

  25. I wanted to say I'm new to your Channel I've been watching since you bought the boat and I have to say kudos to y'all very happy for you do a bunch more of that rough selling and rough ocean waters and you'll get rid of that seasickness it's the easiest way at least that's what I found when I was young congratulations on your new boat and completing your first Open Water Crossing in your new sailboat

  26. Beautiful boat, and a beautiful couple. Kirk, take care of that one, never has there been a more perfect woman. I'll be following and cheering your adventures. FW&FS.

  27. Congrats on getting your sea legs. I agree with your father that nothing is as beautiful as sailing unless your sailing with your home.

  28. Eat apples to prevent sea sickness. On a cruse 40 years ago, on the SS Rotterdam, they had a barrel full every day on every level — for that reason. Haven't seen them since.

  29. Hey Guys, great video! We just stumbled across your channel, because we have this dream about buying a boat and sailing the world, really refreshing to find someone a similar age, and not a retiree doing the same thing! Would love for you to check out our channel if you get chance 🙂

  30. I don't have to get a boat now cuz you guys have one for me! You covered everything! Great stuff. Thank you ❤😊👍

  31. WDo you ever question why the sun and the moon are in the same sky and you can see them both? If we have the sun and the moon over Michigan, then what did China have at that moment?

  32. Never leave port on a Friday. Michigander love. Ive left on a friday got back after a super rough ride then the spot light went out. Bad night. HUGE island in the middle of the bay no moon only on running lights scary night for sure no fish as well downrigger got caught wrapped my hand i'm a master diver never been seasick on the ocean was puking over deck granted smaller boat but just don't do it.

  33. Just found you two about 5 vids back. I thought I sensed a midwesternish Grt. Lakes sensibility in the first video. So, I checked the playlists AND found Lk. Michigan series. Great videos! You made me very happy when you sailed to our sandy side eastern shore to Pentwater! It is one of the "home ports" for us. I'm now a subscriber. Thanks for the well produced/edited videos. You are a great duo/team!

  34. What a great video ! ! You people are fantastic and are a beautiful couple ! I love your videos, your living my dream, all the best From Robert UK London.

  35. Rip Curl Encinitas? I grew up in Encinitas, CA….down the street from Encinitas Surfboards….my dad worked for them Glassing boards in the 60s and 70s…cool to see those brands going global……but in LAKE MICHIGAN???? WTF? LOL…..Nice.

  36. Lyn Pardey always was seasick the first couple of days of their many trips during their circumnavigations. Glad sea bands and Bonnie are helping.

  37. Your midnight sail reminded me of my first nighttime cross country flight. The dark was so calm, peaceful, there was no traffic, the landscape was surreal… Marvelous!

  38. To be sure, Lauren doesn't give off supermodel vibes (more Sarah plain and small) but when she smiles… Light radiates from her face ☺️. You're a blessed man, Kirk.

  39. So you averaged 5mph. Sailing sucks. I guess it is relaxing, but how long is relaxing relaxing? Maybe if your dad wasn't there you could.. boom chicky wa wa.

  40. If y’all are ever looking for an extra crew member for a day or two and you’re coming through Chicago, Green Bay or Door County where I hang my hat, I’m more than happy to join you for a day. I love sailing. Put me to work!

  41. Love this channel and the folks who broke away and headed for salt water! Share the dream? join our group

  42. My uncle used to fly metal pie plate on his mast. Apparently it gave the radar signature of an aircraft carrier.

  43. so you spent all that money on a boat to live/sail on, without taking a 3-4-day offshore sail as crew first to see how you feel??

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