The Introvert’s Survival Guide to the Holidays (funny)

The Introvert’s Survival Guide to the Holidays (funny)

100 thoughts on “The Introvert’s Survival Guide to the Holidays (funny)

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  2. I actually often sat down behind the christmas tree as a child "to play in peace" … as a teenager "to admire the beauty" … as an adult it is a bit difficult, I always sit with my grandmother's cats and dogs on the floor "to make sure they don't break anything" … I have to honestly say, actually I love the Christmas season, warm drinks, soft socks, lights everywhere … but all these people everywhere make it real a lot of broken … and that shopping and family questions…

    I have to say that the suit suits you really well, my eyes thank you for this moment
    I wish you a nice and relaxing Christmas time

  3. The shirt… The flat, robotic tone… Introversion… The hint of psychotic… The conversation subjects brought up… Your overall sense of humor in your videos… The imaginary illness to avoid holiday gatherings… The hair… The scruff… The alcohol choice that reminds me of my ISTP nature… The old fashioned Christmas chair set up that reminds me of old movies… Was this made for me? Am I apart of a strange mind slave cult culture that you are somehow involved in?

  4. i was watching this on my laptop and my mom and aunt said you are really but really handsome and watched the whole even tho they dont speak english, and even said that they wished that you were my cousin´s boyfriend lmao

  5. Look man, all you need to do is join the "comfortably dissociated in public" club. This has been a major breakthrough for me as an INFJ. If I'm not literally being paid to be there, I'm just not there. At all. I'm not attempting to make smalltalk or curb the super weird/creepy INFJ vibes.

    I'm enjoying the casual hints that you take "crazy pills." CBD oil has been a lifesaver for me personally. C-PTSD is a massive bitch.

    Your acting's getting really good cause I kinda feel like I need to give you a hug after watching this. Merry Christmas, good luck out there, God save us all.

  6. Lol, so good. Lots of covert introverts in my family, so after dinner the dining room would suddenly be empty and you would find my family members all over the place – in the kitchen helping, outside with the dogs, in the toilet… usually the only ones left at the table is my grandma and grandpa (and maybe one or two more faithful souls) 🙃. So I can't even tell how glad I am not having to apply your lovely tips – for all the other ones suffering out there: I feel with you!

  7. Hahahahahahahahahaha 😂 An average holiday season in my younger years… fortunately for me, I am old enough now to be able to skip all these! Thanks for the smile 😁

  8. 2:45 perhaps NEVER. Ever… ever. ever.
    I don't want to have to ever socialise and that includes anything I would ever spawn.

    I bring my emotional support opossum everywhere I go. They think it's the same one everytime- but it's not.
    I just talk to him and hide in the corner until "he" feels tired and wants to go home.
    He is nocturnal.

  9. What if your whole family are introverts but there's one ISTJ that insists you still torment yourselves?
    …and she knows where you live.

  10. "Don't drink too much!"
    Hahahahahahaha I've got a 2 week period off work over Christmas and New year's, and you better believe being tanked is the only way I'm surviving it.

  11. I went complete savage this year and just told everyone that I am not coming, because I am done with all the 5+h long sittings and useless talkings at the table and wont do it anymore, just to please them extraverts who need that. I am okay with giving them gifts, saying "Merry Cristmas/Happy New Year" and leave. I know, thats quite harsh 😀, but hey, we dont have to if we feel drained after, life is too short to pretend you like attenting something just to please others and I hate lying, so told them the truth. They did not care that much anyway. Now I am going to cozy up home with a blanket, have some snacks and play video games all Christmas and it makes me happy :3

  12. “I was checking to make sure the tree had enough water.”
    “…our tree is fake?”
    “I was CHECKING to make sure the TREE HAD ENOUGH WATER-“

  13. 😆😆😆😆. I have used that I need to go home because I’m having an asthma attack and I do not have my inhalers. The other survival tech was cleaning out their entire kitchen.

  14. I know this may not be for everyone but I always get out of the awkward after dinner talk by volunteering to help with the dishes.

  15. I'm truly frightened! I've done most of these at one time or another:) Even now, planning on how to gracefully avoid the dreaded yearly trip to visit relatives. Thanks, Frank.

  16. This is why it's even harder to be an introvert that doesn't drink. LMAO. My favorite – hiding behind the tree. I'll have to try that one.

  17. You forgot sitting in places nobody wants to be (ex: outside during cold weather, laundry room with the lights off, on the roof, etc.) and pretending to have taken a vow of silence!

  18. Ok, I love you. I thought I was alone in this scenario. I no later have a dog and I can't use that excuse anymore for leaving parties earlier. I will watch your video again to get some ideas for future events. Enjoy your holiday.

  19. After watching this video I crouched behind my workplace Christmas tree for the remainder of the party, no one would even look at me. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars I successfully had no social interaction

  20. When I run into people—I just offer to get them something, leave and never come back. It’s so crowded around here they won’t notice. Works like a charm lol

  21. If you scream in the car and lost your voice, you won’t have to talk to anyone. Killing two birds with one stone, I like it.

  22. I would answer "perhaps never" when asked when I'm having children, but if my dad found out I said that he'd probably cry xD

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