The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (12/12) Movie CLIP – Sean Beats D.K. (2006) HD

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (12/12) Movie CLIP – Sean Beats D.K. (2006) HD

l’m talking about, man. TWINKIE: l told you! (KAMATA SPEAKING JAPANESE)

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  1. At FF9 they should bring back Brian Tee and Charlize Theron as the bad guys.. this could be amazing if there is another drift scene at the new movie.


  3. all than money DK spent on that 350z, the aps twin turbocharger, that veilside bodykit, the decall (scrab) all gone to waste

  4. This is the best part scene the fast and the furious 3 Tokyo drift final race scene in the mountains road ahead when Sean car lovely classic muscle car hot rod with the new engine JDM Nissan Silvia S-15 beat the D.K takashi cars when he wanted tried hit Sean cars many times as he could don't let him win in the battle drift race.That was an awesome movie about illegal street racing culture in Japan is a drifting race Japanese driving style,this car is gonna be hot rod vs JDM.who said hot rod can't do drifting off with American sport car than Japanese sport car if they can swapping another engine on it of they're never tried if before.🚗🚗🏁

  5. 1:32 Who also has a very deep and big memories about this song and this scene? I remembered my childhood, watching this in village. I was like 9… Nice memories and legend days… I am crazy about this film just because of awesome memories and nice cool story (I like Japan and its culture very much).

  6. Lucas Black AKA Ryan Cooper has done what no one is been able to do. He beat Brian Tee AKA Aki Kimura, he just become our new Drift King. Brian Tee lost his crown and crashed his 350z. Say hello to our DK Lucas Black.

  7. 0:05 WOW he push the gas pedal and the speed meter 😮😮😮😍😍
    Lucas Black is a good actor and drive very good 🙂

  8. 0:34 to 0:41 EER SHAER AI OaiAoa BOOM CRASh AR WU AO BOOM

    0:30 the move that sean is inposssible, where is paul? is he the paul?

    0:36 pause, look at takashi’s back lights. em hazards damn

    0:30 Sean: *puts on breaks
    Car: SKRRRT
    *while the bad drifter in that gay nismo*

  9. Man when DK fell from the mountain is quickly said… Thats why you always and should wear your seatbelts even your a professional driver

  10. It's funny how in later series u can survive any crash, at the time it made no sense how someone could be alive after rolling down a hill and cone out angry screaming

  11. Unrealistic because Japanese will never celebrate foreign race against their own. They are one of the most proudest race of their kind. At least in their mind.

  12. My Life be like Times like this that make me say
    Lord if you see me please come my way
    Leavin bread crumbs from when i stray
    Alot of sacrifice and the price gotta be paid
    Leaving like finger tip

  13. 0:34 Mobil yang musuhnya remnya blong dan terglincir, terus jatuh ke jurang sampai hancur mobilnya.

  14. ;I Remember Letting Out A Very Deep Sigh Of Relief In The Cinema When Dk Finally Lost Control Of His 350Z In This Race

  15. How did dk not die he rolled down his mountain his car mashup badly and flip head first and finished his car and his didn't die this is crazy

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