The Bookshelf Book Tag

The Bookshelf Book Tag

Things are looking a little different
and that’s because I’m doing the bookshelf book tag and I thought this
would be a more prime position to grab things off of my shelves.
I was tagged by Shell from fixidust so thank you very much, I feel very
honored and let’s just get started. I will of course leave Shell’s video, the
original creator’s video, and all of the questions down in the description. The
first question is how many bookshelves do you have? And I have one just this one.
I have a very small apartment so I can’t fit any more than one and I actually
don’t really have that many books either as you can probably tell I have a bunch
of random boxes up there and other random containers down here. It’s not
all full of books so I wouldn’t need more than one bookshelf anyway, I don’t even need
the full bookshelf. Question two is how many books are on your bookshelves or
how many do you think you own? I am just gonna quickly count it… Does textbooks
count? Because I have some of those too. I’m not gonna count it and I’m not gonna
count journals cuz those are also on this shelf so… oh but some of them are like
textbooks that my boyfriend used in college too. I guess those ones… I don’t
know. I’m going to count them separately so I’m gonna count fiction books that I
own that are actually mine and then I guess the textbooks that were from my
boyfriend’s college class that he kept. So 46 fiction books or 46 of my own
books technically. I have three library books on my shelf right now because
that’s just where I store them. I also have I guess four books from my
boyfriend’s college class and then two yearbooks and five cookbooks down at
the bottom shelf, so around 50 ish I would say. Question 3 is how do you
organize your books? I just do whatever fits honestly. I don’t really have that
much that I need a full organization system so I’ve just… rude. I’ve kept
series together and I’ve tried to keep like sizes pretty
much the same. So I have like these small mass-market paperbacks all in one stack
then my box sets and my fruits basket series and stuff so there isn’t really
any method to the way that I organize anything it’s just however it fits and
looks presentable. Question four is what is the oldest book on your bookshelf? And
I know when I watched Shell’s video she didn’t know whether this meant–oh my god
this stupid car. When I was watching Shell’s video she wasn’t sure if this
question meant oldest written or the oldest that you acquired on your
bookshelf I guess. I don’t really know which way this question is going either.
Technically because I moved into this apartment like two years ago,
all of these books basically came in at the same exact time so there isn’t
really an oldest. As far as oldest that I acquired in my life… I
wonder what that would be. The thing is when I moved here I brought basically
the books that I hadn’t read yet and they were all pretty new so I don’t know
what would actually be the oldest. I guess technically the oldest that I
acquired would be Paradise Lost by um John Milton because I think I bought
this in high school and then I didn’t read it. I don’t even know why I bought
it in high school I think someone told me to and I did for some reason. I
haven’t read this, I don’t know when I’m going to read this. I never had to study
it in class because I was not an English major so I didn’t have literature
classes in college, so I don’t know. I guess this would be the oldest, it’s
probably also the oldest written. When was this published? Or I guess when was
it written? 1608. Is that before Shakespeare because I also have one
Shakespeare book on here, which is Twelfth Night. When was this?
Well this version is 1993 but that doesn’t tell me when this was written. I
have no idea. I should know that because I have taken a Shakespeare class. Either
way, these would probably be both the oldest written and the books that I’ve
had the longest on my shelves. Question four is what is the newest book on your
bookshelf? And again, don’t know exactly what newest means. Newest accumulated
would–I mean does library books count because I took these out like last week
or something. But those aren’t mine so they’re not permanently on my
bookshelves they just happen to be on my bookshelves right now. I guess the most
recent book that I bought would be my two Fruits Basket volumes, which I will grab. Everything’s falling, I’m not surprised. Why do I have so much crap on my bookshelves? So Fruits Basket
volumes 1 & 2 by Takaya Natsuki These are my most requent–requent? recent
acquisitions because they are the only books that I bought this year. And I do
have a bookmark in one of these because I am planning a video on Fruits Basket
but it’s taking me quite a while. So look out for that at some point in the future. Oh no, now I have to figure out how to put this back. Ohhh, this is not fun. In terms of newest written, that’s
probably going to be either Long Way to a Small Angry Planet or The Obelisk Gate.
Let me just check that real quick. So A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by
Becky Chambers, this came out in 2015 and then oh no. I don’t have to take it out
of that box set. That box set is so hard to get those books into and I meant
The Stone Sky, the third book um Fifth season series, that’s what it is. I
feel like it was probably that one. I have a feeling that they–that one came out
after 2015 so I’m gonna go with that, and not take it out of my book shelves because that’s gonna be really really hard. Other than that, I mean there’s also my library books because I
currently have Trail of Lightning which I think came out last year, I’m
pretty sure, yeah 2018 so this would technically be newest newest, I think but
it’s not my own book so I guess that doesn’t really count. Question six is
what is the longest book on your bookshelf? Um I have a feeling that’s
gonna be Brandon Sanderson. It’s looking the chunkiest, let’s see. I’m gonna break like everything on this shelf. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. This is a thousand two hundred and fifty two pages. I don’t think I have
anything else that’s gonna beat that. maybe name of the wind but even that I
don’t think is more than a thousand two hundred pages this is a yeah chunky
chunky book why are so many small things on my shelves is it really hard to grab
anything I mean I don’t normally need to grab things because most of the books on
this shelf I’ve already read so it’s mainly for decoration but hello I will
just quickly check name of the lines because I want to torture myself and
move more things around so this one is pretty thick as well it’s real big this
one is so beautiful I have not read this copy yet
I plan to reread it oh yeah no this is like 700 pages there’s no way why is
this so big if it’s 700 pages and the other ones basically this size but a
thousand two hundred pages that’s ridiculous
oh it is such a beautiful book I’m definitely going to read this version
when the third book is announced technically I think it still said that
it’s gonna be released next year at least on Amazon but I’m not sure I
haven’t heard anything from any of my fantasy news sources so we’ll see I hope
it comes out next year that would be amazing
then I’ll be rereading this meaning the other one and I don’t have a
copy of the Wise Man’s Fear yet so I need to get one but if they do another
collector’s edition like this on our anniversary edition then I should
probably wait for that but I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see you in the third
book ever gets announced question 7 is what is the shortest book on your shelf
I’m gonna guess it’s either gonna be Harry Potter or technically any book
thought II and Latia that I feel oh so fun you can I think that one’s shorter
than the English one that I have or the William Shakespeare version of Star Wars
which I also have which is actually technically a gift for my boyfriend but
he doesn’t I’m not a huge Star Wars fan so verily a new hope I got this when I
went to London and I picked it up for him because I was doing a Shakespeare
course in London but he’s never read it because he doesn’t love me that’s not
sure he does love me alright 171 pages in this one and how
much does my copy daddy what better and española have this
300 pages okay it’s like 259 pages but it’s so thin Wow alright yes I have
Harry Potter in Spanish and I am going to make a video about reading in another
language at some point in the future I saw Rocky’s video in Spanish recently
and it’s very motivating so I’m probably going to make my own video in Spanish at
some point in the future I’m not sure when I do want to reread this book I’ve
read it through all the way once but I want to reread it and get back into
Spanish because I haven’t been studying recently because I have so much other
stuff going on which is why this video is probably going to be put off a bit
because I need more time to dedicate it to it then I currently have but that’s
also coming in the future and I’m just like carrying this this is actually a
little super like glaring but it has a little Marauders my
on it super cute I have a bunch of them it’s gone pocket watches all over my
shelves which actually I think will come up later in this day question eight is
what is the predominant genre on your shelf and I think it comes as no
surprise that it’s fantasy I’m pretty sure most of this is fantasy I see one
that is not oh I forgot to put the book back word technically like to
Shakespeare books and Paradise Lost so I have like three classics on here and
then to contemporary I totally forgot that I have some books up at the top
over here because that’s my stack of books that I’m going to get rid of so I
guess I have two contemporaries and then the textbooks that my boyfriend is for
his college course on the Beatles so I guess those ones are also not fantasy
but for the most part literally everything I own is fantasy I have one
sci-fi and that’s it well that’s not really surprising considering my reading
tastes question 9 is have you done a bookshelf tour no I haven’t done a tour
of this bookshelf just because it’s literally just the two shelves that you
can see in all of my videos so I don’t really see the point and doing a
bookshelf tour I did however do a tour for my childhood bookshelves so I went
home recently to the home I grew up in and the room I grew up in and I have
three floating bookshelves on my wall there that has a lot of my older books
and I did a tour of those books recently I’ll link it up in the cards it’s
getting really hot in here I’m getting it’s been really cold recently it’s
actually becoming fall which is amazing and I love it but like standing here in
a sweater that makes it very warm question 10 is go on a random number
generator and talk about the book that corresponds with that number so I’m
going to go to my computer which is right here recording my audio so what am
i new it dose all right let’s set it from I guess one – did I say 46 I’m
gonna go one – 46 and I got three so three would be over here why is it so hard to grab everything so
three on my shelf is the storied life of a JC Korea by Gabrielle seven this is
one of the only contemporaries on my shelf so that’s interesting this is
about a grumpy man who owns a bookstore and one day he gets a surprise present
of a child left in his bookstore and then he raises his child and finds a new
love and goes on as an adventurer and changes his life so this is definitely a
slower character focused contemporary and I liked it all right I can’t really
remember very much about it at this point and I remember just not feeling
super strongly anyway about it it was interesting and I definitely cried at
the end I do remember that but other than that I didn’t feel too much for any
of the characters or anything so it was a good book a lot of people on booktube
really liked it I think a lot of people get really attached to the bookstore
atmosphere and owning your own bookstore because on book to you we love books and
a lot of people’s dreams is to own a bookstore or their fantasies maybe if
not their aspirations so I understand that I can see it’s a very interesting
story there’s a bit of like a mystery aspect to it if I remember right but
it’s not one of my favorite books but it’s also not a terrible book it’s a
pretty decent light book if you’re in the mood for something just really sweet
and you don’t have to think too hard about it
question 11 is do you have any famines on your bookshelf in yes I’ve been
struggling with it the whole video it’s not really a fan merch I don’t think I
mean I do have um chocolate frog which I guess would be like Harry Potter fan
March still in the plastic so it’s kind of really shiny but there is a chocolate
frog in here I haven’t eaten it I don’t know why I don’t think I really want to
eat it at this point it’s kind of oh it was from last Christmas so yeah it’s
been awhile and I don’t think I want to eat it so it’s just sitting there I
should probably take off the plastic though because it like reflects and
videos are not whatever um I have random candles because I have
lot of candles so I have of course bath and Bodyworks and then a pumpkin candle
I think that’s from Target or something I don’t know
smells like pumpkin pie and it’s great another candle here I have this witch
burn because target does these amazing Birds for I’ve seen them for Christmas I
actually have like two up at the top of my bookshelf what the heck is on my hand
where did that come from oh my god what did I touch the candle is
this the candle oh my god it is I put my hand in the candle to like lift it okay
I need to like wash this hold please what the heck
Wow all right Oh better not doing that again
that was ridiculous okay yeah anyway target has these birds
we found Halloween Birds had to buy them some Thurs watch what my shelf there’s
one on our dining table and then we have our Christmas ones up at the top of the
bookshelf that you can’t see right now and then I have pumpkins also from
Target because it’s fall time and Halloween’s coming so pumpkins are all
over our apartment including my bookshelves what else do I have that
also has a pumpkin in it it’s really pretty but because of all of this like
gold foiling and stuff it’s not dishwasher safe and I am too lazy to a
hand wash off with my months so I’m using it to hold bookmarks and a pumpkin
and then I also have this is really cute the UM film strips from the Ghibli
museum so they actually have no no oh yeah you can see wait let me try and get
light somehow yeah so it has a little bits of film strips from Ghibli movies
and these were our tickets into the museum in Japan so are we really hard to
tell if it oh I guess some of their woodwork yeah
so this one’s already and then I don’t know what this one is one you know maybe
it’s really cute um I keep all my bookmarks in here I
don’t have one right now because some reason
they’re like all over my apartment right now I don’t know why I have it in one
book that I’m reading and then I guess I also have it in like my GRE book which
is not fun at all but yeah so I keep that over here and
then I just have a million pocket watches so I collect pocket watches when
I travel places um or I try to so I have a bunch here I used to wear them as
necklaces but these things are like freaking heavy so I stopped doing that
recently but you can tell um because again like I have a chain to wear it as
a necklace and I will still do that sometimes but like more likely as just
sitting on my shelf so since New York I showed you Harry Potter already I have
that with my Harry Potter section I have also stolen its chain so this one is
Doctor Who it’s actually like Gallifrey what is that that writing system with
circles Gallifreyan writing I learned how to write in it in winter break no it
was right before winter finals in my first year of college and I was just
literally getting up a bunch of my neighbor’s in my dorm to just sit on the
floor in the hall and learn how to write in the certain US language literally the
weekend before finals so I don’t know what we were doing obviously we weren’t
too stressed so or maybe we were coping with the stress I don’t know but it was
fun so I have a little Gallifrey pocket watch and I guess because these fell I
also talked about these I have made two babies two of my babies at least when I
was in Japan I bought a bunch of fruits basket merchants of course so these were
some freebies that came with it and they were too adorable so I had to put them
up but they I need to find like a better way to put them up because they’re just
like sitting on top of my books and they fall off all the freaking time so I need
to find a better method but at the same time like I don’t want to put glue on
them or anything so I don’t know if you have an idea let me know because
picking them up off the floor oh and the last pocket watch I have was actually
not from anywhere but it looks really cool this was a gift from my boyfriend
in college speaking of welcome home and then the
last decorative thing I have is this little koi fish it’s really cute and you
can tell I like fish cuz you can see the fish tank here that is the last of it I
guess if you count the lights as well that’s it that’s all of the decorations
on my bookshelf so then question 12 is to show us your bookshelf so I’m going
to quickly flip this around so at the top like I said I have those two birds
two Christmas birds from Target there’s a chef’s hat that I bought again for my
boyfriend in France when I went to Paris and we have a shelf literally just
dedicated to boxes because that’s the kind of person my boyfriend is so we’ve
all of our tech boxes up there going down we have the books on the left are
the ones that I want to give away and get out of my collection I have a mug I
have a cookie from a wedding I have a fan from Japan that has a great school
and behind that is a bunch of candles and the big box in front is actually a
board game and then those books on the right are a combination of my
boyfriend’s college books for his Beatles class some journals and a
Japanese textbook and then going down this is crooked for one this is the
shelf that’s normally behind me and my videos so it has most of my books and
everything that I just went over as far as decorations then same four down here
wow this is so crooked why am I so bad at this so it’s also the one in my
videos I have I went over everything there too and then the library books in
front then going down one nothing book related on this is just holders for my
stuff so I keep my makeup actually over there and also my
journaling and art supplies and then all the way down is the cookbooks and your
books and random other stuff like a dust cleaner and envelopes and then files and
empty notebooks so nothing too exciting which is why you only ever see these two
shelves in my video so that is my bookshelf I actually had a lot of fun
doing this tag I learned a lot about my bookshelves which is surprising because
I thought I knew them but I don’t know this was a really interesting talk I
haven’t seen it before and I’m so glad that she’ll tagged me because I had such
a good time so that was the bookshelf book tag thank you again to shell and I
will be tagging people down below in the description box so go ahead and check
that if you want to do this tag feel free I officially tagged you and I will
see you later bye

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  1. Great video. I can relate having college books. Some are good reference and some can't be sold (most likely the next semester a new edition will come out). My bookshelf mostly has all genres. Lately romance has been added due to reading Fruits Basket like I have mentioned before. But is it really a romance? Seems more like a serious slice of life character study. Finished up to vol 6 of the collector's edition. Getting serious. Yeah I'm looking forward to your new Fruits Basket video. Keep up the good work.

  2. Your bookshelf is beautiful <3 And I love that you have a fair number of books too. So many different types! I haven't studied Paradise Lost yet but I want to read it actually. You have so much control on book buying! Hope you enjoy the Fruits Baskets volumes. I love the William Shakespeare's Star Wars books! I'm a huge Star Wars fan but also a Shakespeare fan hehe. :3 I love the idea of pocket watch collecting as well 😀 I actually collect pocket mirrors from my travels ^^

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