Subway tile backsplash time lapse

Subway tile backsplash time lapse

so I haven’t done a time-lapse in quite
some time well I like to refer to as a time-lapse anyway here’s a time-lapse
and I’ll leave a link to the full how-to video of this subway tile kitchen
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26 thoughts on “Subway tile backsplash time lapse

  1. I'm really curious about doing full shower enclosures from floor to ceiling when staggering subway tile,I am currently ripping out two brand new bathrooms with new subway tile that looks horrible who ever did the job did not use spacers…(I prefer wedges)….the tiles were in and out with shadows and slippage everywhere.

  2. I really appreciate your attention to detail and effort put into making this content. I'm in the early stages of running a remodeling business and your channel has provided a plethora of knowledge that empowers me to provide a great customer experience.

  3. Great Job Sal, dear DIYers do not put this much motar/thinset on your walls while doing this… It will skim over and your tiles wont adhere. He can do this as hes a pro. I myself make sure my thinset it still tacky to the touch, if not retrowel.

  4. Awesome vid thanks Sal! On a vertical or horizontal plane does it matter which direction the trowel lines are traveling? Why were some tiles applied with back buttering and others placed on troweled thinset/mortar? Thanks again

  5. As an electrician I’d ask a favor of you. The tile above the GFI was on the grout line so not much of an adjustment could be made unless you dropped the entire grout line. But on the lower cutout piece you installed I’d ask that you first place 2” 6-32 screws into the electrical box. The device is held in by those screws after you tile. You can tile up to the bottom of the 6-32 and save the electrician from using a stack of spacers.

  6. Sal, this may be completely a blonde thing… would you explain how to mark where to cut a tile with multiple angles? You just went too fast. I really need an in-depth explanation. Thanks in advance!

  7. Sometimes I see you do subway tile that doesn’t require spacers and sometimes it does. Which is the better choice and why do they manufacture it both ways?

    Edit: and congrats on 100k. Very well deserved.

  8. Hey sal, just landed a new job, they're installing schulter products 100%. Doing it the right way. πŸ˜‚
    Hard to find these days.
    Anyways, I love time lapse vids. I'm about to make some of my own.
    I've learned alot from you. I hope you see it reflected in my videos.

    Guys at work know schulter pertty well, but they have no clue what YouTube is πŸ˜‚
    I'm tell them that I learned these tricks from Sal diblasi, on YouTube and they discredit me. πŸ˜‚ But they keep asking me how! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  9. If the top tile meeting the cabinet is narrow, like 1/2”, do you bother installing it since you don’t really see them unless you bend over?

  10. Love your video. What type of blade do u use to cut that subway. Trying to do my kitchen but when I cut a piece some time it chips the paint off the side just a little. Wondering if I can use a better blade and what would u recommend.

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