Moto Journal has tried for you The stunt Stunt ? EZ ! Facile ! Easy-peasy ! Seriously I don’t see any difficulties Hey Lolo, you’re progressing ! True I’m in progress but let’s not forget the hardest is coming To be a good stuntman, lesson 1: To blend-in, be cool and fist-bump as they say in the sphere Hey guy what’s up ? can I be a stuntman too ? Yeah not so easy Lesson 2: Protections and Equipment Even the teeth, especially when you took care of them your whole life Hey !? what are you doing ? What’s this disguise ? Well I’m ready to stunt The Lesson #3 is a question: do you need equilibrium and have done Circus School ? well it depends: As for myself, it looked a bit less spectacular: Lesson 4: Prepare the bike well besides the two clutch levers what kind of features does a stunt bike need ? first is must be equipped to fall so we put crash cages we also dent the tank to rest on it the saddle needs a rest too to hold on it the brake system is also specific as we are on the rear wheel most of the time so we install much more powerful brakes both on hand and foot and finally there’s a huge rear sprocket to avoid stalling when at low revs And tell me Mat, what features a flat-drift bike ? well for flat-drift we have to cut some holes In the saddle for instance same dented tank to sit on it also a dual brake to trigger the drifts when we don’t have foot on the lower brake the shock is at the hardest setting and the chain drive is shorter too Lesson 5: create your own character an identity and avatar, to blow s**t up before all, find a stage name: Darius khashabi ! oh no already taken and it sucks Burn Killer that’s cool ! but isn’t it a bit too much ? Maybe just Burne (balls in French) It looks more like me Then: know how to play with the crowd Not hesitate to change skin, to change your look A bit too Tom Sawyer hey ? On the phone you need to become a true wolf too to face the tremendous contracts avalanche and to finish, be able to use some small things to make your character look even more mysterious and shiny A tattoo is never too much despite the pain From here, without even thinking about it you’re good for the the Lesson #6: get into it give all you’ve got in the guts feel the divine power making you know that since ever, stunt is made for you Stunt is inside you Hey wheelies are no trouble anymore, cool hey !? I’m a stuntman guys ! They’re acting proud and are jealous I finished them with a nice run which is a burnout while riding Did you like it ?! Ok lesson 7 now: Learn forget about your crappy wheeling and burns and start back from 0 so how do you do a wheeling ? well there’s 4 short phases first you pull the clutch lever pull the throttle release the clutch lever and then play with the rear brake not to fall backwards now place to demonstration: throttle a bit and let the clutch go It’s too hard ! you see, you release the clutch and then jerk the throttle and its nothing under control beside you don’t manage the rear brake some little advices for ambitious ones lower the pressure in the rear tire to 1.5kg thus gaining stability train with very short jumps first stay the most soft and consistent with the throttle if you feel it’s moving sideways, get back on the ground Easy huh ? Now the stoppie So to achieve a nice stoppie you need to a good impulse and then transfer your weight at the front while braking so the maximum weight is on the front wheel and so you can then keep balanced you need to dose the lever to no go too far now the stoppie: Julien, tell him that’s exactly what I was doing yes that’s you’ll do in 10 years of training no the problem is that you were standing first and then pulling the lever you really need to do it simultaneously so the mass transfer occurs and so you do it right and keep up on the front wheel further some little advices: heat your front tire well first with some firm brakings and then try the stoppies And to conclude: the drift So how do you flat-drift ? anyway you need to lock the rear wheel so you can throw the bike sideways, sliding just like you would do on a bicycle And to lean the bike well you really need a good synchronization between the clutch, the throttle and the wheel You have to release the wheel at the very same time as you throttle and thus you get from a rear wheel lock up to a full throttle and controlled spinning the rear wheel It take a lot of neurons all this synchro Demonstration: advice: DO NOT TRY THIS After 48h with two pros which level can we hope to reach ? you see this ? your friend is ruining your bike did you tell him to come here ? We shouldn’t have invited him Hey guys that’s good, I’m a stuntman I’m one of yours No I think we have to get back to the basics A bit of wheeling…not so long as it takes a lot of rear brake management A stoppie, barely 20cm high because it’s scary for the teeth A particularly relax Christ-air a 360 drift…with a foot on the ground cool isn’t it ? ok not as much as these superstars but still… ease to practice: 10/10 balls requirement: 10/10 sensations: 10/10 budget: 10/10 instant fun: 5/10 Oh right, we almost forgot the 8th Lesson essential… You wanna be a stuntman ? yes yes yes ! A rubber ? what for ? Ok get to work ! …be able to clean up But I don’t even have enough rubber !

100 thoughts on “STUPID: MJ A TESTE POUR VOUS LE STUNT ET LE DRIFT (English Subtitles)

  1. @ayoub rere STUNT sa veux dire figures, ou acrobaties, rien à voir avec le stunt de chez mbk 50cc de kéké de 14 ans qui font des weeling a 20kmh pneus dégonflés.

  2. This show is just the bestest ever. The editing is awesome, well produced, humorous while also seriously informative. No, I don't know French, but some of these clips have subs. So great!

  3. thankś moto journal ….with your videos I learned more french than in tree school years os classes….Pardon, pour la anglaise, ma mon francaise se tre primaire 😉

  4. magnifique le gros plan sur les leviers gérés par la main gauche
    ça parle pour ce qui pratique la moto
    j'imagine a peine les heures d'entrainement pour une tel dextérité

  5. Jorian n'a qu'à bien se tenir finalement Lolo est dans la place. J'ai pas osé dire dans le coup rapport au sien qui pose problème 😅😂

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