Star Trek New Voyages, 4xV1, Der Platz in der Mitte, Deutsche Synchronfassung

Star Trek New Voyages, 4xV1, Der Platz in der Mitte, Deutsche Synchronfassung

Enterprise this is Starfleet Operations. All transfers of materials
and personnel are complete, your cleared to leave
Earth orbit. Goodnight. Acknowledged, Enterprise out. Ensign. Request permission to come aboard. Granted. Lt. Commander Sulu reporting. Hikaru. Vincent. Captain says you can postpone
checking in with him – until the morning staff meeting.
– Will do. – How was Earth?
– Nice. – How’s my ship?
– Fine, fine. You look… relaxed! Did a lot of relaxing did you? Not much, command training you know… Ah, I’d heard. Training for… command, Lieutenant. Sir, Starfleet just signalled with
Commander Sulu’s transfer orders. Thank you… ensign. Heading sir? Standby. I’ve got new navigator charts. New ones? Have the stars moved? In fact, they’re always moving. Working. I programmed these updates myself, it’s part of my command thesis
for stellar navigation. It’s your homework? – You could say that.
– Data Received. – Take us out Mr DeSalle.
– Aye, sir. So Vincent, how’s Janice? DeSalle!!? We’re veering off course,
helm is not responding. – What departure vector did you use?
– Earth Standard. Where’s Bernard’s Star? Six light minutes in that direction.
Where did you think we were? All the coordinates are in
reverse. Open that panel! – Now what?
– I’ve to reverse the nav sensors manually. – You’ll have to compensate.
– Compensating. Sulu!! It’s now or never, DeSalle. Be mine tonight. All stop Mr DeSalle. All stop, aye. My first exam in stellar nav I flunked because I’d switched a plus and a
minus early in the base equation. The rest of the calculations
were based on that. I hadn’t had much sleep. I’ll expect both of your reports by 0600. Computer… begin retrieving
navigational archive. Working. Did you really fly my ship
out of the time gateway? Hikaru, it was amazing, you should have been
there. The thing was huge to begin with, but, there were these
canyon walls and wind sheer… – Wind sheer?
– Like you could not believe and in one second we were
blasting through the atmosphere…

8 thoughts on “Star Trek New Voyages, 4xV1, Der Platz in der Mitte, Deutsche Synchronfassung

  1. Das war für den Anfang schon mal nicht schlecht. Ein bisschen könnnte man noch daran herumfeilen, wie die Sätze ausgesprochen werden und vielleicht werden eure Synchros an den O-Ton gut rankommen oder (teilweise) sogar übertreffen. 🙂

  2. Alle anderen Folgen haben deutsche Untertiteln. Wir haben keinen Budget um weitere Folgen zu Synchonisieren. Da nur ca. 3100 Leute diese Folge in deutsch angeschaut haben, lohnt es sich nicht z.Zt. weitere Resourcen in der Synchroisierung zu investieren. Wir können schliesslich die Folgen nicht verkaufen und daher fehlt das Geld hierzu.

  3. Die Synchronfassung ist erstaunlich gut – in jedem Fall besser, als erwartet… schade, dass es sich nicht lohnt…

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