Spotlight – 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD on XD Riot’s 20×12

Spotlight – 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD on XD Riot’s 20×12

– Hey, y’all Shawn again, Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on Youtube. Today we got this ’05 2500. This think is looking mean. It’s on some 37’s and
nine inches of total lift. Let’s go. (hip-hop music) Hey, guys, like I said, we got this ’05 Sierra 2500. This thing’s got some big ol’ meats on it. 37, 13.5 middle trail grapplers. We got this 12 inch wide wheel and a 13 1/2 inch tire. That’s gonna give you more
of that bubble sidewall, more of that off-road look. We got the XD’s, this is a 20 x 12. These are the Riots. They’re always notorious
for that big ol’ lip. I’ll call it six inches all day. It’s got a six inch lip on that wheel and that’s a 20 x 12, negative 44. And, again, 37, 13.5 for the tires. For suspension, he’s got a six inch Rough Country suspension lift. He also has the three inch body lift. That brings the whole entire body up so now you’re talking about nine inches of total lift. That’s pretty much the only way you’re gonna get 37, 13.5 on a 12 wide with a Chevy and GMC wheel wells. You can see he did have to go in, take some of the bumper cover off, and then also, I’d imagine, yeah, he had to take some of this back. Basically, sledge hammer, knock it back because, otherwise, when you go to crank you’re gonna catch the
corner of these lugs and, basically, rip ’em right off. Because it’ll smack right into the metal. Pretty cool truck. You can see, you know, it’s an ’05, it’s a work truck. It’s been used and not afraid to take it off road from the looks of it. Exhaust coming out the sides, VHT Nite-Shades. He’s got 20% tint all the way around. If you come look at the front, he then did a 35 on the windshield. So, he’s got that painted windshield look also with 35% tint. 20 inch curved light bar up front. It looks like he just did a tint film over the headlights and running lights. Cool truck, big truck. Like I said, overall, nine inches of lift. He did a little bit of custom paint on the bottom, there on the torsion bars, then the 45 degree exhaust. Big fitment, like you saw, you gotta take the front corners off. You gotta take some off of the cab, then you can fit that 37, 13.5 all day with a total of nine inches lift. If you tried this with the six inches you would’ve been cutting
half that bumper off. I don’t think you can possibly trim enough to knock out that back corner. Check it out, Junior, I think he’s got, what do you call it? – [Voiceover] Six inches?
– Six? I think it’s more than that. We’re going back to the bill test. I’m going eight? Yeah, eight inches stickin’
out of the wheel wells. Between the lift kit and those 12 wides and then those 13.5 inch tires. We’re gonna keep ’em coming. Subscribe to us, Peace!

21 thoughts on “Spotlight – 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD on XD Riot’s 20×12

  1. Have y'all dealt with the GMC Sierra problem of the traction control and stabilitrack coming on when cornering after lifting the truck? Just had a new lift put on and now I am suffering with this issue on my new 2016 GMC Sierra.

    For the record, I never did do the whole recalibration of the new wheels. Could that be my issue?

  2. You have a good resource or shop you know of here in Sacramento Ca I ask around and they have no idea what I'm talking about or try to explain a NorCal Tuck, they have a big Question mark response… I basically have a 05 Sierra 1500 with 22×12 -44 and 33" Atturo need that cut and trim or would you recommend a lift/body lift?

  3. Ok I have a 10th gen F150 2wd which is lifted 5". I'm wanting to get 20×12 visions and 35s with 2" adaptors. Would I have to trim? Or would I have a little room to spare?

  4. Hello is it possible for me to contact yall asking some questions I am going to be revamping my 1999 round body gmc sierra 1500 z71 but before I go in I want some opinions and some help with what parts I should use

  5. Has anyone had problems with the law after doing these spotlights when it's pointed out that they have the front windshield tinted? Just a question.

  6. Stormtrooped…love it! I got a 06 black silverado i might do some work to. Installed some spyder halos and stock smoked taillights. Debating on 6" rc lift and fatty wheels n tires but idk how the frame would hold up for it being a half ton. Seen alot of these builds but most are 3/4 tons. On top of that mines just a 4.8 so the gas is horrid

  7. How do these guys put these huge lifts / wheels / tires on their trucks without replacing any of the suspension or steering components, other than what comes with the lift kit, and then take them off roading without snapping a tie rod or control arm?

  8. cajuin kid no problem with law just keep windows up, after they pace back n fort for while and in need of donut they go away!😄

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