Sports Riot Or Political Protest?

Sports Riot Or Political Protest?

– I’m going to ask you some questions, I’m gonna give you some facts about riots, and you’re just gonna guess
why the riot happened. – All right. (scratchy music) – In 2011, almost 100 people were arrested and around 150 were injured
during a riot in Vancouver, it was referred to by the
New York Times as one of the worse episodes of rioting
Canada has seen in decades. Did this happen because
of A: Foreign Policy, B: Police Brutality, C:
Sports, or D: Labor Movements? – I would have to guess sports. – B, police brutality
against the students. – I’m gonna guess labor movements. – Police brutality. – That one was actually because of sports. The Canucks lost to the Bruins. – That’s it? – In the Stanley Cup Finals, yeah. – Wow. – There was a riot
because of a sports team. – The next one, in 1984 in
Detroit, a riot left 80 injured, one dead, and millions of
dollars in property damage as well as eight reported rapes. – Did this happen because
of A: Foreign Policy, B: Police Brutality, C:
Sports or D: Labor Movements? – Police Brutality? – D, labor movements. – There’s never an excuse for rape, so I’m not really sure what was going on, I’m going to have to go with maybe B. – This one was also sports. – Oh my God, wow. – This was because, yea,
in 1984 the Detroit Tigers beat the Padres in the World Series and they had to celebrate. – So they decided to rape people? – In 2014, in Keene, New Hampshire, a riot broke out that
resulted in flipped cars, fires and dozens of arrests, one participant in the
riot described it as “it’s a rush, you’re
revolting from the cops.” Was this A: Foreign Policy,
B: Police Brutality, C: Sports, or D: Partying? – D. – I’m going to go with police brutality. – Well I don’t want to
say police brutality, because you will tell me
either sports or partying. I don’t know, maybe partying. – I think it was because
of the police personally, maybe that’s the one. – It was partying, it
was because there was a 2014 pumpkin festival. – Have you ever had pumpkin ale? – No, I’ve never had pumpkin ale. – See now, pumpkin ale gets you turnt up. – How do you think the
coverage of these riots differs from that of the coverage
of the of the riots in Baltimore or in Ferguson? – White people rioting. – White people. – People on the news don’t care
about white people rioting. – Said by the white guy. – Police brutality is so much more of a controversial subject,
that riots about those just stir up a lot more commotion. – I don’t believe riots need to happen, I think that’s the worse
way to go about it, why would you try to destroy
stuff that’s in your community? You’re gonna have to,
you can destroy it today, and then you’re gonna have to walk past it the rest of your life. – Walking down the streets,
like the police capture me, I get beat up, and killed you know. Would I want my family to riot? Like, not really, but I’d be
down for them going to the police office and making
something happen maybe. – People are not being heard
and this results in riots. – Riots are happening for stupider reasons than police brutality, and
then calling these ones where there’s somewhat of a
reason to actually be angry, and calling them bad names is kind of wrong and weird I think. (slow beat)

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  1. Nelson Mandela send you can change the world through sports. Anyone that can harness the pure emotion and hatred that comes from sport has got themselves the best army in the world.

  2. (visit my channel and if you like the content subscribe) 1:51 love that guy, so I guess brutality involving sports isn't common everywhere in the world..that's good 'cause it's the stupidest reason to break someone car who has nothing to do with this..

  3. I love 5 minutes away from Baltimore… one of my best friends (at least used to be) is black. One of my teachers knows a person who was killed by police. Why can't we all just eat some ice cream and get along

  4. Let us all remember that in Canada in the past 20 years there has only been 4 full scale riots and three of them were because of hockey.

  5. And not even all the political activity in Baltimore is rioting right now. There is still continued peaceful protesting that is continually antagonized by the police force, and a lot of the "riot" damage was the police anyway!


  7. Baltimore has been run by democrats for the last 40 years and look where it got them.

    I find it funny as well how fast these leftist media and protesters dropped the #BlackLivesMatter slogan after finding out Three of the Six accused cops were black.

  8. You cannot expect people who have been handled violently their entire lives to protest peacefully, that's unrealistic and silencing as hell. Instead of criticizing violent protests, how about people analyze the reason why people are so angry that violence has to be the only way their voices get heard.

  9. Can anyone tell me about a time in history where an oppressed group, preferably ones experiencing police brutality, received equal rights without any violence occuring?

  10. Coming from Baltimore, riots are crazy and the peaceful protests make everyone in surrounding places happier and life can go on. I have so much respect for the peaceful protestors (some of my friends) and I want to hear their opinions on the subject. Yet with the rioters I have lost respect for them since they are destroying my city and I wouldn't want to spend my time listening to their opinions on any topic because of the lack of respect anyone has for them.

  11. The world we live in was not the result of being peaceful. America was founded on oppression. We were oppressed by the British so what did we do? Revolt! Riot! We weren’t peaceful! Were we being peaceful when we FORCED the native Americans from their land or FORCED black people onto slave ships? Were we peaceful when went to other countries and claimed their land as U.S. territory (Dont you wonder how we got to Hawaii or why America makes up more than half of North America? Cause we weren’t the only settlers, and the Spanish weren’t as willing as the French were when it came to giving us land.) And we aren’t peaceful now in how we treat immigrants because the Nazis aren’t the only people who forced people into camps (Japanese internment camps). You want to know the difference between what’s going on in America and Nepal? In America, you can watch as black people struggle under a system that put down people of color for decades and generations, and not say a thing. But your quick to give money to people in other countries. The system is corrupt, and if you don't notice that then your drowning in white privelage.

  12. if only people would act like this towards politics instead of sports. imagine the reconstruction we'd have by now… we'd definitely be getting our way, that's for damn sure…

  13. The thing is though that no normal person supports riots of any kind. For police brutality or for sports. Not sure why people keep talking about white people rioting as if anyone supported 80 injuries and rapes over the loss of a sports team

  14. mfw all of the black people only chose police brutality for every answer

  15. Groups of people without effective outlets to express their emotion or opinion. That is what both a riots and any out of control protests really are.

    But in protests the police, company, or political party, will send in troublemakers to cause the riot to escalate. That way the police can get rid of them in any way they see fit. With the idea it's 'crowd control.'
    Which comes back as cities burning when people feel even more oppressed by their actions. The cycle continues as long as derps are in power.

    The real problem is everyone who is smart enough to change society also knows better than to get involved with politics in the first place.

  16. Riots are not protests they are criminal behavior and you know what blacks act like yall are entitled but yall haven't seen nothing compared to my people us as Native Americans have suffered more and have seen worse black people if you want change then stop rioting and actually change become a cop and BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE

  17. yha know its hard being heard and taken seriously when your the minority lol i mean theres way more white people in american than any other race so why wouldnt white people have more control lol it would be stupid if they didnt and just cause your the one not racist including 5 or 4 friends you may know doesnt make a difference nor does havning one black friend make you not a racist my point being that the majority of white people arent going to care until it hurts some thing the like. so rioting and all that stuff happening is only gonna get worse all of this shit is gonna keep going farther down hill.

  18. I live in Seattle, and every year on May 1st there is a riot. It is a riot about absolutely nothing. People are getting hurt, and property is getting destroyed. And they always happen to riot near a medical facility. And because they riot near a medical facility patient cant see their doctor because it's closed down for patient and staff safety due to the riot. So what were left with is a bunch of grown adult making more of a fuss than a toddler. If you really want to change something so bad, run for a political position, please.

  19. Docile black people are best black people. In fact docile people are best people in general.

  20. LoL. Sports riots don't cause nursing homes to burn down and it's pretty obvious that there's members of more than one ethnicity taking place in both sports and political riots. Either way, riots are stupid and do nothing but damage public as well as private property and injure people.

  21. When whites protest, it's not that big of a deal. When anyone not white protests it's this massive "criminal" act. Not to mention the media loves making the riots look worse than they really are and ignore the majority of the people peacefully protesting.

  22. Does anyone else get really pissed of that people die are victims of rape or are injured because some stupid assholes are mad that their team lost in a stupid ass game

  23. I knew it was a sports riot as soon as they said there were rapes. Like no one is going to rape anyone in protest a wrong that they want fixed (foreign policy, police brutality, labor movements)! That would be fuckin dumb! Almost as dumb as raping people at all

  24. Why are people making a huge deal of the fact that he said, "There's never an excuse for rape."? Duh, but some people are acting like he's some one in a million person for that. One girl even said "Marry me"! (And yes, I know she wasn't being serious… probably). I don't understand?

  25. Some people just can't be taught. There could be a video that cleverly hints at the point (like this video) and there can be videos that explicitly explain the point and SOMEONE SOMEWHERE will still pop up and say "But no should riot, regardless of race!" "We don't know all the facts!" "The blacks just need to…" "Violence won't and never has solved anything!" "This situation is just a rare case of police brutality!" How can some people not see the pattern here?! Does the point just blow over her heads that easily?!

  26. What's sad is that most of us black are against riots (such as the men in the video) but for some reason people think that's all we are capable of. I agree, it solves nothing.

  27. "Poltical Protest" aka burn down businesses and destroy over 100 cars. Definitely not a riot or anything.

  28. riots in usa..hahaha come to europe…even on stadiums are bigger riots than in america against police brutality

  29. I want to protest about voting. I'm 16 and I would like to be allowed to vote. I'm not actually going to start a riot but many teenagers in the UK under 18 want to vote. Why can't we have it? Oh yeah BTW go Ed Miliband (labour)

  30. Because the media has you believing that police brutality is the cause of all the problems instead of isolated incidents that should be handled on a case-by-case basis….

  31. As a Vancouverite, that day will forever mark shame on my love for Vancouver, and the Canucks for that matter… I thought you were better than this, Canada! 🙁 #whitepeoplerioting  (because sports apparently matter that much…)

  32. People riot because they aren't being heard, and it pushes governments into action. In a way, media coverage being shown on riots with political weight rather than on less controversial topics like sports is a good thing. That being said, the type of attention that these events get is crooked.

  33. I think rioting is fucking stupid for any fucking reason…OH, you're angry?? Then act like a civilized fucking human being about it…

  34. Just gonna say, with the Vancouver riots, it had nothing to do with us loosing. It was about a bunch of assholes looking for fun. A lot of people in Vancouver, heard rumours about riots weeks before it happened.
    Also, it was fucking scary as shit.

  35. Riots for political protests are used to get attention. Nobody listens when it's quiet. People only care about the headlines that sell. 

    Riots for sports are used because they don't want to be wrong and their masculinity is threatened.
    Cops around the world have riots. These aren't called riots. These are called self defence or justice. 

    You can't take human rights away from a human. You can't say someone has less value because of the color of their skin or their sexuality. How dare you think you are superior than others. You can't treat someone like shit because of their religion.

  36. I fucking hate sport riots so much. Activists & protestors are getting killed by the cops, yet these bloody sports supporters thinks rioting is a game?!?!?

  37. The lady at 0:29 really has a stance against police.

    Scratch that. Why are people hating the police! THEY PROTECT US! One bad apple isn't the whole market.(Big, BIG barrel)

  38. The sad truth is that until the Ferguson riots happened, there wasn't even a trial for the officer who shot Trevon Martin. Maybe riots aren't necessarily the best way to handle it, but we certainly can't do things the old way anymore.

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