Socket Shelf Review: As seen on TV Socket Shelf by Sharper Image

Socket Shelf Review: As seen on TV Socket Shelf by Sharper Image

do you find yourself running out of
counter space in the bathroom or in the kitchen today we’re going to be looking
at something called the socket shelf made by sharper image it’s an As Seen on
TV product that says it will solve your countertop problems this is Jeff with
Jeff reviews for you and my channels dedicated to reviewing mostly asking on
TV items I do some consumer gadgets other household items once in a while
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single time I release the video just like this one now let’s see what the
socket shelf has in store so I purchased this socket shelf at Walmart for just
around 30 bucks now to me that’s awfully high for announcing on TV product
because I like the $19.99 price point I did notice that there was this style and
then there was another style box I think they were exactly the same I’ll link
what the other box looks like I just picked this one because it was already
put together and I liked that I will say the packaging looks like it’s difficult
to get into so I’m gonna use some scissors to try to cut into here and see
if that helps if not I’ll just cut off camera and tear it open and then we’ll
go from there actually it looks kind of difficult so
I’m just gonna tear it open off camera that took a lot of effort for me to get
into I really just have tear it apart and shred the packaging so this is what
it looks like out of the packaging this one like I said came with the shelf
already on it but it’s real simple just slide it off and then you can prop you
could put it the other direction if your plug happens to be upside down Tom and
then I think this thing just slides right back on when you’re ready to put
it there see I was pretty simple um it has six outlets so two in the front two
on the side two on the other side plus there’s two additional USB charging
ports so you’re able to charge all your devices plug in your raise your fuses of
the bathroom of your hairdryer or whatnot and you can store things on the
top of the shelf and that’s what I’m gonna check this into I do see this long
screw that comes out I think you’re supposed to take off your face plate and
screw this in maybe get some stability but it also says it
works with all sorts of plugs including GFI light plug so the question I have
for that one is some of those plugs are those GFCI plugs they have the screws on
the top at the bottom and not the middle so uh nope will this actually work for
that or or what’s let’s test it out in the bathroom I don’t really have any
place in my kitchen that I could do this because my plugs are all underneath the
counters and they’re kind of high and so the shelf would be virtually not usable
as at all so let’s go check this out in the bathroom first on a GFCI plug and
then I’ll do it on a regular plug where I can screw it in just to see if it’s
something that wouldn’t use okay so here I have my GFCI outlet in the bathroom
and this is just supposed to plug in to one of the outlets here and then now
it’s taken the power and pushing it everywhere else so I took the screw out
of the middle because there’s no way I could have screwed that in but I really
just want to test this out to see one doesn’t work – is this something I would
use so I can plug this in yeah I get power to things um it seems pretty
stable I’m pretty impressed with that um I thought it would be I don’t know what
I actually thought it would be but it’s actually pretty stable let’s say I’ve
seen people put candles on there I’ve seen people put all sorts of things so
there I have it first a couple things I want to point out if you can see them
here there’s a little light here that indicates that the unit is on let’s
bring it over here indicates that the unit is on that’s good and powered I
have the two USB here’s on the side and I have on the front I mean and they have
the other plugs on the side that to me it’s pretty usable because sometimes
bathrooms especially in older houses do not have a lot of outlets in the
bathroom this would lend itself now to use that so I’m gonna see if I put a
hairdryer and I probably wouldn’t work so when you
use this shelf you’re gonna have to use things that are small enough to balance
on the top and not fall off well there’s the first look I want to take a look at
a regular plug not the GFCI now so I’d like to know what you think about the
soccer shelf so far leave me a comment down in the comment section below what
do you think is this something that you would use before we move on to another
plug start style I wanted to try putting a nightlight on the side on the box that
I had purchased this it actually had a picture of one of these plugged in I
just want to see if that would actually work and there it is
I thought it was gonna run into the wall here but it doesn’t that’s kind of cool
it kind of handy to be able to have that little nightlight just on the side of
this plug so from just a little bit of time that I’ve been using the socket
shelf I’ve noticed that as I’ve been plugging in and unplugging and plugging
in it seems to be getting looser and looser
um so I’m definitely gonna have to put it into the plug where I screw it in
because I feel as though it’ll shift and so and I just wanted you to know that
before we continue on all right so here’s the other bathroom and this plug
is connected to a GFCI but it’s across the circuit so this is what I would
actually use the screw in let’s look at it what it looks like this way and see
how tight it is this one has a little more play than the other one oh and
that’s something that was concerned um with me so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna get a screwdriver and I’m gonna unscrew this and then I’m actually
drilled this thing through it to see if I can get it tighter and a better
secured hole now I’m gonna end up leaving the faceplate on and leaving it
there and going through so this is there as far as a little bit of protection
just so you know as I’m doing this here I have it screwed in and I’m gonna plug
my phone in here just to charge as you can see I can just sit up here if I want
and just leave it there so that’s kind of cool if I ever needed to charge here
in the bathroom what I will like this shelf for is if you didn’t have
space you can actually use it for additional decoration of whatnot
if you wanted to put the things on it it’s kind of a cool thing it seems
pretty sturdy to me so that’s something I think I would like for it plus the
added receptacles would be really beneficial I also think this would be
great in an office we’ll talk about more of that in my final review but today
we’ve been looking at this socket shelf and as seen on tv product by sharper
image that gives you a little bit of a counter space plus for additional plugs
and two additional USB ports than a normal outlet would there’s a lot of
cool things to this one I think that this shelf is actually pretty sturdy I
was impressed with the plastic and I feel that so you could put heavy things
on here and it won’t break additionally this is pretty heavy-duty plastic as
well it’s not something that you would think of a normal as seen on TV product
that’s thin plastic and almost like made with a 3d printer so thin or brittle um
that being said I still think the $30 price point for this is kind of hide
this to me should be in the $19.99 price point because frankly I think they would
sell more of these I like the versatility where is if your plugs are
upside down where the ground port is upside down you could turn this and
still install the Shelf I think that’s cool now a major disadvantage for me
though was this does not turn now I know that may sound weird but there are some
as seen on tv products that you plug in that this will actually turn or rotate
so you can change the direction of this and the reason I say that is in my house
for some reason when the electrician installed some of the outlets some of my
outlets are sideways which I know is weird
I just never straighten them or turn them or had them turning but that
would’ve been nice to have this to be able to turn and then I could plug it in
straight and go on from there that would be the only real downside the price and
then I can’t really change this plug around I do think you could put some
things up with weight on here and it’ll balance pretty nice i’ma try to hook
this back together it goes on pretty easily and you know what there’s a lot
of uses so I mentioned when I was finishing up in the bathroom
that office spaces would be a good idea in office spaces you don’t normally get
a lot of plug space or shelf space this would be nice to put in you can put your
own ink but a picture there a lot of good uses now dare I say putting it in
your RV I don’t know for me RVs don’t have a lot of counter space so
don’t have a lot of shelf space and plugs are also limited so this could be
another good use for the socket shelf this was Jeff with Jeff reviews for you
I hope you enjoyed this review as always have a great day

10 thoughts on “Socket Shelf Review: As seen on TV Socket Shelf by Sharper Image

  1. Thank you Jeff again! If I need it I will buy it. I will not plug 6 things on it, probably 2-3 tools and my phone. Too much power it could overheat and burn down my house.

  2. Hey Brother, watched two full commercials for Grammerly and St Jude. This little As Seen On TV Socket Shelf seems like a great idea and we all love the extra outlets. Nice review as always!! Not tons of extra space but still very useful.

  3. I love the RV usage idea, maybe our son needs one for his RV, something to think about for Christmas. 🙂 Great video, THANK YOU!!

  4. Dumbest Thing EVER is I have no plug ins in the bathroom !!! SUX BIIIG TIIIME… LOL !!! Thank You will hafta get 1 or 2 of them for my kitchen and maybe 1 for my bedroom ….

  5. Actually, yeah, I can see it in the bathroom. My daughter has a Sonicare toothbrush that uses the cup as a charger. Be perfect to get it up off the counter and have extra plugs for hair dryer, curling iron, etc and even charge her phone without using a plug and cord. $30 is a bit much though. Maybe $15-$20. $10 would be better!

  6. Two things to watch for. Blocking the buttons on a GFCI outlet is not a good idea. The safety feature may not work if the reset button outward motion is blocked plus you want open access for monthly testing.
    Second, a three prong plug is more likely to draw the shelf out due to the added friction.

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