Shipyard Tour 2019 – SAILCARGO INC.

Hi my name is Danielle and I’m a
co-founder of SAILCARGO INC. We haven’t done a shipyard tour since November 2017 so let’s do another one right now Most of what I’m gonna show you did not exist in the last video let’s start with the steel shop! For a lot of other projects the steel
shop is a little bit different than ours. Ours is almost exclusively for
sharpening and making a breaking chains and bandsaw blades so our steel shop
because we’re wooden boat building project is more for the saws than
anything else. So these are all of our dulled chains these are specifically
ripping chains so for horizontal. You can see all the different lengths we have but these ones are all dull. We can’t use them anymore for the hardwood that
we’re doing. We’re keeping them and we’re hopefully going to be offering a knife
making forged class in the new year so that’s why we’re keeping those. Here we
have some sharp chains and you can see the different lengths of blade. This is
where we sharpen the chains this was brought down actually by my mom thanks mom and these are the two machines that we use to make and break. These are the rolls of chains that we have so it just gives us a lot more independence so over here the guys are using our tilting shipsaw, so lets go check it out. Ah! He’s wearing an Acorn to Arabella shirt. Hi Guys! This is our new tractor. Having a lot of fun, getting a lot of work done. Results. Gotta get results. And now I’m in the area where we have
our finished timbers so once they’ve been cut on either the Alaskan Sawmill or the bandsaw mill, they’re taken here to be selected by the guys who are taking a look at our lofting so we look at that in a second and then they choose
the pieces and then they prepare them by planning them flat. So over here you can
see Marvin one of our Costa Rican shipwrights is working on some of these
pieces over here. All of the pieces that we have here are Spanish cedar.
So this is our framing stock or futtock stock. Here we have our wood-mizer band
saw mill. This is one of our most useful tools at the shipyard. We’ve extended it to have an 8 meter bed
so around 24 feet and this cuts all of our softer wood it’s all the Spanish
cedar everything like that. so Hadza is planning some of the Guapinol, also known as Jatoba, and this is one of the diagonal deadwoods that are in the fore section of the stem. I’m here with Mark. An Australian shipwright and we’re here on the framing stage. I’m working on putting the board layer of
the 30th frame on top of the aft layer. Now we’re gonna walk across the framing
ways and check out Ceiba herself. So this is where we slide the completed
frames down from the stage to the ship herself before hoisting. So this is Ceiba with 18 frames up there
56 frames total but of the actual large frames that sit atop the keel like these,
there’s only 40. The 19th frame is going to go up probably tomorrow or the next
day So we’re almost 50% done the large
frames of the ship. Okay and we’re here almost in the bow section of the ship
with the keelson in front of me so this keelson is just the forward section so
it’s again about eight meters and right now we’re dry fitting it so the guys
have got it in once, they’ve lifted it up now you can see it’s just elevated so
they’re making any small final changes when they’re satisfied which may take
even two or three dry fits they’ll tar it up and bolt it down in place. So
everything here gets bedded with tar so if you see anything and you’re wondering
it must be a dry set if it’s not tarred up. Okay so behind me is something
really exciting that we haven’t really talked about too much yet but we
received a donation to build this educational center you may have seen in
our last one of our previous videos I talked about we would need an
educational center to continue offering both building courses to our community
and fishermen in the area well we got it it was really really awesome and as of
Monday this week so just yesterday it’s open so we’re holding our first class in
this educational center and that’s what you can
see going on behind me. So I don’t want to interrupt their class
right now but we’ll just do a little walkthrough and you can just see that
we have this outdoor facility where we can make up to 20 meter vessels so 67
feet so this is covered but essentially outside and then over here we can make
smaller boats and do finer work inside the shop so we have also we had a huge
donation of tools. Two separate donations of tools and that’s made all of this
possible so this is all donation it’s separate from what we’ve been doing with Ceiba and it’s something we’re really excited to start moving forward with. So this is one of the most important
places of the shipyard the lofting floor. This is where we’ve drawn the plan of
Ceiba out full-scale just drawing this took one month and we had the help of
professional boat builder Bert Van Baar who joined us from the Netherlands. It is
hard to see right now but this is the center line and these lines here are all
the frames so each frame is unique and every pattern is taken from this floor. So this is our communal kitchen area where everybody eats and hangout everyday it’s always crazy so I’m not gonna make any
promises but I think this is kind of clean. This is our pizza oven, we cook a lot of bread in here and pizza of course. And so this is our garden this is a
whole separate aspect we try to grow a lot of food here ourselves when possible
so it’s young and it’s growing. We also plant a lot of trees here and try
to give out fruit trees to everyone in our community to help with food security.
So you can see over here for example we have all sorts of things like basil, pumpkins
and also things like mustard and rabinol which is radishes, peppers. So this is our
vivero or tree nursery so you can see all these little saplings these are all
native fruit trees and some of them are we have star fruit and mamon and this
our little brand new ones Tamarindo sprouting up and so these are the ones
we give away to this community and also plant here on the land . Welcome to the woodshop, one of the last places we’re going to check out again this is built since last when we did that video These are our treenails, made of Tamarindo, not the fruit tree. Ya, this is our main little woodshop. But this is normally where you find me
here behind my desk in this awesome office we have thank you for joining in
the shipyard. Hope you enjoyed it I don’t really drive.

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