Scale Drift Project – E30 DRIFT WAGON – D9 BULLDOG build Ep01

Scale Drift Project – E30 DRIFT WAGON – D9 BULLDOG build Ep01

51 thoughts on “Scale Drift Project – E30 DRIFT WAGON – D9 BULLDOG build Ep01

  1. Hey just an idea but since your 3d printing the front have you considered adding the shock tower mount to that front support your doing instead of the bolted on pieces I noticed?

  2. Not sure why there’s thumbs down on this video…..

    Great job as usual!

    You should put the real water cool system with radiator on this. The system actually worked, but didn’t actually benefit the car. Just for looks. I had that on mine with an aftermarket v8 mock engine with dual 3d printed air filters. It’s made for the trx4, but I forced it to fit.

  3. Dude I'm so freaking excited that I jus found ur channel! I have the #fijon FJ9 and I've been doing the same type of shit ur doing with mine, I actually went with twin turbo on mine and I'm going to run no body at all cause for 1 I do not own a 3d printer to b able to make parts like that and because between the driver figure that I'm going to use n everything else I have going on with it I'm thinking it would just look better bodyless. Dude luv ur channel, keep doing what ur doing, I'm a subscriber for life!!!!!

  4. Hi, for this chassis there is a brand of body shell that fits correctly? If you have someone can answer? It's hard to find other shells besides ae86!

  5. Awesome but I have yet to see a rc with a body/chassie and suspension constructed the same way a proper car is built. Would be an awesome project.

  6. hey i was just wondering where did you get the chassis from. i just think its the best one ive seen and would want one for myself

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