JEAN BEASLEY: In the very early days of our
sea turtle hospital, we learned that our best bet for veterinary care, the best available
anywhere for our sea turtles was right here at the College of Veterinary Medicine at North
Carolina State University. GREG LEWBART: This particular animal was brought
to us this morning by Jean and Sandy from the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation
Center on Topsail Island. It was caught yesterday by a surf fisherperson in Kure Beach near
the Seymour Johnson Recreational Area. Our procedure was to remove this recreational
fishing hook that was embedded in her esophagus, and it was minimal trauma to the esophagus,
so I was real happy with that, and the hook came out. There’s a big breath she took right
there so that’s a really good sign. BEASLEY: It was just what I knew I could count
on. We are very grateful for them every day, because there would not be a sea turtle hospital,
with the almost 300 sea turtles we’ve released over the last decade, had it not been for
our friends here at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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