Sailing Vs. City life! With a TWIST!  Ep.177

Sailing Vs. City life! With a TWIST! Ep.177

100 thoughts on “Sailing Vs. City life! With a TWIST! Ep.177

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY TRIBE! Hope you all get as many laughs watching this as we did editing it 😉 Had a lot of fun working with the city footage as it's so much different than what we are used to! Let us know what you think 😀 ~Blue & Brady

  2. I love you guys, but This episode kind of annoyed me. I guess after a tough day at work, watching you guys complain about a week partying in the city bummed me out.

  3. Your amateur editing is on par with the pros. How do you not have a million followers? You need more publicity, like the WSJ article through which I found your channel.

  4. A segment that spans from 21:01 and the next 28 seconds, made me STOP. My eyes got watery. It once again reminded me about meaning of life.

    Thank you SV Delos.
    Семь футов под килем!

  5. Funny and lively episode. Trying to get my small 18ft sailboat going and get more sailing experience as well as a good diving boat.

  6. I’ve watched a dozen sailing series now. Yours is the hands down best. Great combo of personal stories, sailing adventures and destination exposition. Plus best production quality. Hands down.

  7. Plus the Amel is a killer boat even though I’ve sailed it and it’s not particularly thrilling to sail. Butvis so goddamned robust.

  8. I always say that if you don’t shut off the thru hull the boat won’t sink but if you do shut off the thru hull the boat can’t sink. So I shit off the thru hull. Good man.

  9. One of the best episodes yet, and a glammed up Lesssirrr….mucho prima. Feels like we are there with you all.

  10. you need to make your videos more current, 6 months? 1 month is more acceptable. there are more things to watch than video content one half a year old. who does that?

  11. Hey, MR. Brady, you just killed in 38:47!!!! I choke myself during dinner time! You all guys ROCK! Keep continue doing these videos, as they bring a lot of life in our shadow stereotypes!
    Been watching you since episode 1!

  12. I just finished watching ALL of your videos over the last month. Thank you for sharing this part of your existence with us. These videos have inspired and entertained me for a while now and I just wanted to remind that you are inspiring others by doing what you do. Keep it up!

  13. I've been living 1 hour away from Sao Paulo by car for the last 4 years and you probably know the city better than me! It was nice to see your perspective

  14. Did anyone else see that the Where's Delos tracker on their site now shows them in the Svalbard, just south of the Arctic Ocean? Very cool! I think I heard Brian say recently that Delos is actually on the hard in Greneda, but it's so fun that they updated the status of the crew to include their Arctic adventures!

  15. 25:30 Awesome! Eduardo Kobra made a similar mural in West Palm Beach. The Subculture Coffee alleyway patio.

  16. I'm really glad you had the opportunity to sail small boats. The experience is so different from a big cruising yacht, and can really teach you the intricacies of sail trim. From the patreon Q&A it sounds like you're contemplating a sailing dinghy for Delos 2. That's great! I am in search of a sailing dinghy for my boat as well. Available storage space is always the concern. Right now I'm thinking double racked on the davits above the motor tender.

    Great video as usual – thanks for sharing your adventures!

  17. Blue and Delos crew, absolutely amazing edits, so beautiful and very very professional. Lovely lovely and so entertaining. I see a discovery channel documentary in your future. Best to you all. Nobody touches SV Delos for edits and content.

  18. I have not laughed that hard at one of your episodes in quite a while. Thanks for the snaughffle (snort+laugh) guys. Brady and Brian, just want to say, I support the choice of bikinis, I would have been right there with ya…absolutely no shame in that game. Cheers Delos

  19. I've watched every Delos and this one was absolutely amazing. Blue! What a wonderful job editing. “Let nature be the soundtrack of our life”. That moment going back and forth with the city sounds and Delos all alone was breath taking. Thank you!

  20. I saw Bachalau do Porto (Dried fish) any chance SV Delos is heading to Porto, Portugal? Been watching SV Delos since last year , would be cool to be a crew mate of SV Delos since I'm so free.

  21. What a great video. We were in Sao Paulo 6 years ago and loved it. With all of the parks and green areas. It is a great place to visit.

  22. Hey Guys and Gals!! That was friggin EPIC! A virtual overload of sights, sounds and senses. Way cool! Greeting from the shores of Lake Huron- Sarnia, Ontario – Canada!! I like it !! I like it ALOT!! Be happy, safe and well. Your biggest Canadian fan- Jamie

  23. Excellent segment. Well told story. Visual effects not overdone. Audio capture very good. This was a lot of work. Thank you for bringing us along.

  24. Hi Delos, very funny and entertaining at the alcohol still. I have a suggestion. The wall on Delos with all the polaroids. Go through them in order and describe each one or tell a story about the person(s) in each polaroid. I've watched all your videos and the polaroids would add another dimension. I wish I was young again and could consider changing to a cruising lifestyle. I love your work. Gary

  25. Awesome fun episode guys!
    I especially loved your contrast of city and sailing at 20.40. 🤗👏⛵️
    Best regards and travels

  26. Nice one Delos.
    Thanks for giving me a lift. I feeeeel good… know the song.
    Very 'Baraka' in parts of the city editing.
    Happy sailing!

  27. I absolutely love these little moments of pure creativity in your recent video's, guys. It's really well done and sticks with me throughout the day.

  28. I love watching Delos sailing. The shore-side stuff is interesting but there's nothing like footage of the boat at sea.

  29. I am a fan who never comments well twice before. Listen Bossa is the most intellectual introspective world music. I am a jazz pianist a U.S. expat living in Copenhagen. Since you've been there (Brazil) and have felt that resonance do some listening. If you haven't already. Start with Gilberto/Getz 63, Ana Caram, Sabrina Malheirios, Egberto Gismonte, Nana Vascocelos, the list is endless. Bossa represents another more intimate side of Brazil. Melodic full of complex chord progressions and world weary sophistication. Just type in The Waters of March perhaps. Nameste

  30. 21:00, I was saying something similar to this when I was out sailing on the lake the other night. But the sounds of nature…it's so true.

  31. Hi…I´m from Brazil and I really appreciate the way you see our country. Thank you for showing us our country from a different perspective.

  32. 1:42 Extend your chains and anchors lifespan by washing them with fresh water after every use. Really enjoying your videos!

  33. Wow after how many years, you still have your San Juan Sailing key chain from your home port? 🙂 I have been fallowing your adventures for the last 4 years, what a journey? Safe travels.

  34. This might be my favorite episode ever… Alex is a huge add! Stepped up Delos' videography and editing even further! Great job, as always!

  35. One of your best videos to date. Living at the rock bottom of my life for the last several years, you guys are always an inspiration to me – no matter how bad things get, one never knows what life's amazingness could throw at you around the next corner, next peninsula, cove or cay. Thank you for doing what you do. Wish I could contribute.

  36. At least once each DeLos video I watch, I catch myself smiling like an idiot. You guys are the greatest soul sailors ever. Amazing video, as usual.

  37. wonderful vid and editing was spectacular .. I know it's a lot of work — please know it's so appreciated

  38. I can't stop laughing. So awesome!! Love the cross dressing. I was looking at Delos in the water and looking at the other sailboats in the regatta and Delos was the most beautiful with awesome sails and basically just the overall look of her!! ❤❤

  39. I love you guys and I’m trying desperately to catch up to the present time but damn these videos are long

  40. Finally getting to June 2018 videos after starting at ep 1 a couple of months ago, really enjoying the variety, can only imagine the enjoyment you were all experiencing!

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