Sailing to Charlevoix: A Childhood Dream ACHIEVED! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 12

Sailing to Charlevoix: A Childhood Dream ACHIEVED! | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 12

Last time on Sailing Soulianis We spent a few days in Pentwater with Kirk’s family sailed 60 nautical miles to Frankfurt watched a boat drag anchor during a thunderstorm then set sail for South Manitou Island There’s South Manitou right behind me and it is our first island destination not exactly tropical considering I’m in a jacket and jeans but pretty nonetheless We should be there in about an hour I think actually maybe less, maybe a half hour We’ve got 14 knots of wind and we’re doing 6 and a quarter knots Just cruising along! Cruising along, headed to our first island destination which is an uninhabited island except for I think there’s a few park r angers and there’s a ferry that goes to it It’s going to be our first night anchoring this boat and we’re expected to have like 20 knots of wind We just saw yesterday a boat in the
harbour drag anchor and go through a mooring field and stop within about
three feet of a pier so we’re hoping we avoid any of that .98… ahh 7! Alright, we’re getting close W e are 300 feet from being halfway
between the equator and the North Pole Here we go 44 59.9 96… 97… Oh man there it is Almost… 99… Aw yeah! at 7 knots! Wooo! We got here around 1:00 and it is what 6? Yup and we have hawkishly been trying to keep an eye on our location to figure
out if we are dragging anchor or not and it appears we have been a little bit so Hi A downpour at our first island at our first island on anchor It’s chilly What do we do for the last six hours Um, I laid in the cockpit and watched the boats and wondered about every 15
minutes if we had dragged anchor Mm that’s good cause I wondered about every three minutes if we had dragged anchor Oh so now it’s competition No, I’m just glad that you wondered less
than I did Well look at that tree it’s still where we left it That tree is in the same spot So my theory is that we dragged in the first hour after we set
and over the next hour it reset and now hopefully it’s holding It’s 8:30. It’s been a pretty lazy, pretty
slow, pretty mellow day It’s a first time in a long time that we haven’t had any sort of service wireless service, internet, phone, anything spent probably three hours today reading my Kindle which was pretty great Feel slightly cooped up just because we don’t have a dinghy so and shore is right there and it would have been so nice to go for a run or even just sit on the beach even though it’s kinda cold We do have an inflatable kayak but it’s
a real pain in the butt to blow up so and it was also raining a lot of the day
that was the other reason kind of felt cooped up. N ow I’m probably gonna go
downstairs and see what yoga I can do in the cabin because I haven’t tried that
yet except for one handstand. I did manage to do one hand stand against the
steps or I should say headstand, headstand and make some macaroni and cheese
and go to bed Good morning. Hi It might look like I kicked
Kirk out of the v berth, but I didn’t he’s sleeping in the living room under
his own volition. the “living room” He was actually being really sweet. He didn’t want to wake me up because every couple hours he had planned to get up himself and check on the anchor That is right And now I’m going to put on my pants It was rough la night… ahh. It was a rough night last night. The winds were supposed to be out of the northwest all night long at 15 to 20, but they shifted and we were being blown kind of into a lee shore So I got up every two hours to make sure we weren’t dragging cause we had to set
the anchor a second time already We anchored on a little tiny shelf and it
drops from about 20 feet to 140 feet real quick so I was a nervous ninny a nervous nelly, all night long thinking we were gonna drag anchor right into the
shore and I was gonna lose my brand new boat the first time I anchored it because I
was being a dunce But we’re alive and the boat’s fine hopefully today will be a good day
We’re gonna pick up my pops in Leland and sail around to Charlevoix and my 20-some
odd year dream of sailing into Charlevoix on my own boat will come true
today Yay! yay We arrived in Leland later than we
thought so we decided to stay the night and leave for Charlevoix the next morning O ne of the first things we love to do
when we get into a new marina is walk around the docks and check out the boats That is a hinge in the center so they’ll flip over on themselves Ohh I see that’s cool Yeah sometimes we even get an opportunity to
lend a hand Oh look it there’s a baby little black
kitten Where? He’s way down there How cool is this It’s like a walk back in time Carlson Properties purchased this building in 1977 and then moved it to its present location on the river Bill originally called it Fishtown Candy Company buy later decided to change the name. He recalls it was near the falls so I called it the Dam Candy Store. Sales skyrocketed. Kids could say damn without getting in trouble what do you think do you want to split
something sure want to do a bowl of the chowder So now we just want to hook that Yep, cool Your favorite sail? She’s a pretty sail, ya So now we check our speed our boat speed
we’re doing 4 and 3/4 in 5 knots of wind I think we can kill the engine and we need to turn off the fridge, the blower and all the other battery-suckers You’re looking mighty salty there, Dad I am salty. And a little peppery. We motored from Leland to about the end
of the Leelanau Peninsula and then put up the spinnaker and then we’ve been
running on the jib. It’s been perfect What are you munching on down there caramel corn Ah so where are we? We’re like 100 feet… No 100 feet? We’re 100 feet We’re 100 feet from the bottom of the lake We’re in a 100 feet of water We’re a hundred feet from the bottom of the lake that’s true We are what, like two miles out of Charlevoix? Not even, right? One and a third 1 and 1/3 miles away from Charlevoix Made it! Wooo! This is what I love right here this giant boat house so you go in there I think that’s the guy
that started Four Winns and there’s just boats everywhere, hanging up, docked, on the hard. He’s just got all these toys. So cool. We did it! We made it to Charlevoix I had one goal this summer in
the Great Lakes and that was to make it here and we did. On a beautiful day, with a great
sail, my dad finished the week with us made it all the way up to Charlevoix. I’m feeling pretty stoked. you

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  1. Tula's endless summer was talking about dragging anchor a few videos ago. They have a gps app on their phone that sounds an alarm if your boat moves. You can set it for whatever allowable distance you want I believe.

  2. I grew up in Harbor Springs/Petoskey….love this area! Love seeing a channel on cruising Lake Michigan….no palm trees..but beautiful nonetheless! Great Videos!!! We boat out of Grand Haven/Spring Lake….amazing place to be! Have a great trip!

  3. Awesome! I may try make it to Charlevoix one year! I worked it out and its 263 miles as the bird flies (over the water lol).

  4. Great to see you out and about👍Those childhood dreams that you can realise make you feel nice inside,well done.
    The Dam Candy Store,that whole harbour is filled with charm,thanks for sharing 😊

  5. Our home port is in Frankfort, sorry we didn't know you were coming or we would have treated you all at Stormcloud Brewing. The sail north to South Manitou Island is picturesque with Point Betsie Light, Empire and Sleeping Bear bluffs along the way. We sure do understand how you felt at anchor at South Manitou, we spent the night there in 25 knot winds that were more from the northeast than predicted. Not much sleep that night for sure. Hope you enjoyed sailing around our stomping ground.

  6. I love y'all, but I have a request 🙂 The music getting turned up has been too loud. And I can't hear what you're saying in some parts bcz of it. On the to-purchase list: Anchor alarm, dingy.

  7. Guys this is way too long ago. Who cares about Charlevoix, it's snob city. Mi "tourist" destinations are bizarrely overpriced and arrogant. How did you get to the Caribbean is what we want to know.

  8. Everyone drags or has the potential to drag at some time. No anchor is drag proof. Anchor alarms offer another piece of the puzzle but first make sure your equipment and especially your anchoring technique are up to scratch. Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose recently posted an anchoring technique video on their channel that is well worth watching to get you on the right track.

  9. I love Charlevoix. I used to summer on Torch Lake back in the 60's and 70's. We would day trip up to Charlevoix and Petosky. We would eat at a restaurant at the draw bridge. I think it might have been called Wings. Not sure. We would also run up to Mackinaw Island for a day or so. My wife and I honeymooned on Torch Lake and went up to Mackinaw. Out in Vermont now, but we both grew up on Lake Michigan. Beautiful. Your videos make me home sick.

  10. Kirk and Lauren, this is my favorite video so far. I got a little choked up seeing you come under the Charlevoix draw bridge. I know how much that meant to you. I love Lake Charlevoix and all the great times we had there in our younger days. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures. You’re very blessed to have each other and living your dream on Soulianis. 😎❤️⛵️

  11. ….. enjoy your videos, they are fun ….. you are a great couple ….. love timelapse ….. loved your anchor retrieval segment, timelapse, great colors …. have fun be safe …..

  12. South Manitou is great for hiking and camping. A few times I've been the only person at the north camp site, which means I was the only person on that half of the island. The perched dunes and the giant cedars are worth the walk, and the beaches and swimming are great (once the lake warms up).

  13. We love the Michigan experience. We sail out of st Joseph and travel the same harbors. It is fun to see you starting out in a place we love. So excited for you.

  14. Bought my boat there last year sailed to Holland mi. First week of May coooold lol GREAT video S/V Teak Key

  15. Never sailed the Great Lakes, it looks nice. Yes, that first time setting the hook is always stressful. We kept anchor watches that first time. Almost the last time too! We kept three different anchors aboard. I do not believe there is any one anchor that will hold in all bottom conditions. Good video! Enjoy!

  16. Great work on the videos! You can tell you guys know what your doing! Not that your content isn’t awesome too! Lol! I live in MN s d spend a chunk of time on Lake Superior.. just looks awesome!

  17. hi guys! Nice to follow you, doing it some months now. One word of advice, never leave your winch handle in the winch, you are
    Bound to loose it one day! Fair winds from a durch world sailor.

  18. Receipe for sleeping well: get a bigger anchor, CQR style, and minimum 50 meters of chain. I think you guys have a rope spliced to a small length of chain? If you intend to go in the tropics eventually you'll need it.

  19. Well, you are right…not quite tropical! The 45th parallel literally runs through my property in Oregon…lol

  20. I really enjoy seeing the places on the Great Lakes your sailing to. I really like that Tartan ever since I saw touched and was on one at the St Pete sailboat show. They are good quality.

  21. Come into the 21st century. Buy a modern anchor. The Delta is based on a plow design that has been around since the 30's. Plows were not designed to stop anything. They turn up the dirt. Buy a Mantis or Rocna and start sleeping at night. There are dozens of videos that show modern design anchors with roughly twice the holding power of the old plows. That's why people are giving these old anchors away.

  22. Thanks for the best videos. Here's a website my wife found that has an amazing amount of information about sailing through the great lakes. I'm originally from the lake Huron side, but have been gone for years. Your latest videos remind me of how beautiful a state I grew up in.

  23. Does you GPS not have an anchor alarm? Then you could get a lot more sleep. Oversized ground tackle is worth it's weight in gold. I always kept a small "lunch hook" for just that the ease of setting a small anchor when we were just taking a short break and it would be a pain to set the big primary anchor. But having a oversized primary is worth the aggreviation when your getting a good nights sleep!

  24. Thanks for sharing. We have a cottage on Lake Leelanau about 12 miles from Leland. Spend summers up there! Great place.

  25. Anchor alarm app. Simple, cheap, peace of mind. I also always dive on my anchor if I want to get some sleep. Would need a wet suit in that water.

  26. Great video guys-love your channel so far. We currently boat out of grand haven- so nice to see"local sights"!!!

  27. 1. Anchor alarm!
    2. Get a good anchor and get more chain. (150+feet atleast)
    3. Set the anchor properly with a minimum 1/5 scope and set it using the engine.

  28. Hope you headed down lake Charlivoix to Boyne City. As a boaters we love that lake. Plenty of lake for all boaters. Great sailing lake with beautiful water. Best in Michigan.

  29. Lovely episode..I'm sure with great suggestions on anchor watch apps and anchoring systems and brands, you'll hopefully de-stress to some degree, this critical part of sailing. Always enjoy your installments👍

  30. Hey guys, another great video! Not sure if you have seen our free boating app yet but being 'real' boating people, we'd love you to check out. Would love to know what you think. Amongst many things it basically automatically logs your voyages. It might help you keep a record of and share all your wonderful cruising adventures.

  31. Hey guys, we're loving your videos. My husband grew up in the midwest in Wisconsin. We live in Kalispell, Montana. We have trailered our boat back and forth a couple of times and have sailed to the Bahamas and the keys 4 times. Next year we will trailer it to Seattle and sail up to Alaska. When our daughter graduates in a year and a half we will be on our boat full-time in the Caribbean. You guys did a great job at your hand signals while anchoring. As for an app for dragging anchor there is one called Drag Queen. No lie! We have used it for years and love it. Thanks for showing us a lot more of Lake Michigan. It's gorgeous! Keep up the videos. Shawnae Ellsworth-Bratz
    FB. New Girl on the dock sv Firefly

  32. I just did the same thing as you guys…kept thinking we were dragging. Alarms going off (since we didn't press "drop" on the alarm until after. ) Went back and looked at Navionics track after all this, and of course ….nada. Really enjoying the vids here in Longboat Key

  33. if your from say America and your sailing up and down the coast or in your case the Great Lakes. Do you have to radio in to port when you arrive and leave like I have seen in videos from like Delos and followtheboat when they leave from like Philippines or Thailand? I have always wondered that and most sailing videos I have seen they don't film when using the radio hardly at all. Guess most youtubers who upload think it's boring but I think it's interesting to see the problems at sea, rough weather, and radio usage when arriving and leaving ports. Might just be me but I think personally it would give the videos a more realistic feel to film the "boring" stuff along with the nice sites, fun at sea and shore, exploration, AND parties.

  34. As an old Lake Michigan sailor it is most enjoyable to watch you “ kids “ enjoying your new boat, and visiting all the spots that I have sailed to in the past. One thing that I would advise is that you always hoist the main when flying the Drifter, Multipurpose type sail, you will be able to blanket the MPS if you need to take it down or douse it if the wind picks up, or you can use a lazy jack to steady the main and go wing and wind for added speed and comfort. Best of luck with your adventures, mine were cut short due to health issues.

  35. Thanks for sharing. We are located in Georgian Bay off Lake Huron and its nice to see videos showcasing locations in the Great Lakes.

  36. Nice video guys! It was great meeting and talking with you last week. Catching up on your videos has been cool because Loren and I both did a lot of Great Lakes sailing. Looking forward to seeing your trip south and hope to catch up with you somewhere in the Bahamas maybe!

  37. You may want to consider one of these inflatable kayaks:
    I own one and it is super easy to inflate (max 5 mins witouth a foot pump), super stable with enough capacity for 2 and a lot of cargo! It is also very compact and light (6kg)!

  38. How you guys doing? Hope your enjoying the south.. Saw you got to meet Delos. How cool was that? That will be a fun episode to watch!
    Looking forward to the next video!

  39. Thank you for a good video.
    There is a ton of anchor alarm apps for both Android and apple Products. If you use 2 simuntainisly you are pretty safe.
    When do we get a tour of the boat?
    Cheers from Sweden

  40. Greetings, I didn’t realize Tartans didn’t have a windlass to pickup the anchor. I would think you might want that and solar for cruising.

  41. I live in GA I have trucked all across this country. I have a lot of family in Michigan. Went up to charlevoix one time to see a girlfriends family (rip Kristina) and it is my favorite place on Earth. Most beautiful place in this country in my opinion and was stoked to see this video title. Thank for you hard work.

  42. You want to sail aroun the world and you feel cooped up. Why don’t use your engine and back down on the anchor to test it?

  43. stunning shot @ 14.01 lighthouse in low angle light with dark background. . . YOU (two? but I think Lauren gets vid cred here) ) are great with the camera!

  44. Just found your videos, cant put them down…I am in San Clemente now…grew up in Grand Rapids and same as you, went to Charlevoix, Mackinaw, North Channel every summer for 15 years. I promised myself I would have my own boat and do the same thing…I did it…Catalina 36 every summer departed Holland and first stop was always Leland, then Charlevoix for 5 days, then Beaver Island, Harbor Springs and then Mackinaw Island. Lay over then on to the North Channel…So at 35 I get transferred to Los Angeles, boat comes with me. End up living in San Clemente and now buying a place in Oceanside and out of boating for the last few years…Nothing compared to boating on Lake Michigan, NOTHING. Fresh water, people at the marina every weekend partying, cruising and finding a port every 10 or 20 miles to stop in if you want! California sailing is beautiful from wind and wave perspective but now where to go and if you do, you cant get a slip. So you totally awoke my desire for Leland, Charlevoix (which may be the most beautiful place in the USA). So funny to see how our lives crossed. Good luck and keep videos coming!

  45. Last year in August we dragged exactly in the spot where you were… The winds were shifting South to North every 15 minutes… It turned that Anchorage into a spinning toilet… Anchor alarm on our phone saved us from grounding the boat… I had to drag the anchor into deeper water to get the anchor up and it was so dark you couldn't tell where land was… I got the anchor up and my nav was all zoomed in…. I was on a crash course for the island… Spun her around and sailed in 10 ft waves to Leland. If I were to do that trip again I'd go to Leland and take the ferry accross. Honestly their is so much current in that Bay I don't think I'd have been comfortable leaving the boat to explore the Island. That was a long stressful 8 hrs… I guess what I learned is if you are anchoring in a sketchy situation set the anchor as hard as you can…. Get moving fast in reverse and let her fly. We set the anchor far too gently for that situation… But nothing would have stopped the spinning around the anchor due to the current…

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