Sailing Across the World’s Oceans with No Tech

Sailing Across the World’s Oceans with No Tech

(inspiring piano music) – Hawai`i is one of the
remote places on the planet. And in the open ocean,
there are no landmarks. So Hawai`i was discovered by canoes, with no GPS, no motors, no electronics. Just pure nature, and that’s
what we’re doing today to celebrate that. (water crashing) So we’re on Hokulea, she is a replica of a
Polynesian voyaging canoe. They were the mode of
transportation for discovering the Hawaiian Islands. – There’s no metal, there’s
no screws, there’s no nails, there’s no braces that
hold the canoe together. It’s nothing but lashings and of rope. There’s no motors on board, there’s no navigation
equipment that we use to go across the ocean. We started in Hawai`i in end of May, 2014. We embarked on this worldwide voyage which first ended up going towards Tahiti, through our ancestral routes, and now we’re here in Martha’s Vineyard. (ship bell ringing) – A big part of this voyage, right, Malama Honua, is to train a whole cadre of young navigators and captains. Well wait, now we leave the back sail, let’s get the 23 out. The big foresail. (intense music) Kaleo Wong is one of the
apprentice navigators. I’ve done four voyages with him, and he was on his own
across the Atlantic Ocean, and he was brilliant. I mean, he was just so successful,
you know, after traveling like 1,200 miles, finding just little islands
in the middle of nowhere. You’re talking like thousands of hours of observation at sea. – When we are navigating the open ocean, our biggest clue that
tells us where we are and where we’re going is the sun. The sun, as we know, rises in the east, and sets in the west, so if we just know where one point of is, then we know where everything else is. The stars do us the same thing, just like the compass in the sky. We memorize close to 200
stars and know where they rise and where they set and how
they move across the skies. – The sun and the stars and
everything work in conjunction with the swells, so in
the absence of the sun, then you maintain the
orientation of the crew into the swell patterns. That’s a very difficult thing. The Hokulea was built
with the express purpose of proving that navigation
by the ancient way was very viable, that these
canoes could be guided over 2,000 miles and long distances. They proved that on their
very first voyage in 1976. What it means is continuation. Kaleo and these others, they’re
just like a pinch of salt as far as the people who know how to do this type of navigation.

24 thoughts on “Sailing Across the World’s Oceans with No Tech

  1. Cool, but personally I would be more interested how they keep all those people fed and hydrated without modern food preservation or preparation methods or modern water storage.

  2. hmmm… why is there a gps satellite receiver at 2:53? also wrist watches? they weren't around back then & keeping time is very important when navigating by sun&stars… the positions of these objects are relative to time. so it's kind of cheating to have a modern timekeeping device.

  3. Since I was into Astronomy and memorized the Constellations in High School. And also, memorized the names and positions of stars. The first time I navigated a sailboat 40 miles back to port at night on a whim, I nailed it. No GPS, no compass. Just lights on the coast, and primarily, stars in the sky. So much fun.

  4. Minute 3:06: What is truly means is that you can navigate like that ONLY and ONLY on our FLAT and stationary earth. Research flat earth!

  5. This in not Polynesian voyaging this is Micronesian voyaging. These are just a bunch of Polynesian appropriating our voyaging techniques. If you want to see a real navigator look up Mau Piailug from the Micronesian altol of Satawal.

  6. Title is misleading. Catamaran design itself employs technology. Anything man has created is a technological improvement over nothing at all. To say "no tech" is a very uninformed uploader.

  7. just pure nature….just mills cuted wood, modern paint and glue, miles of modern syntthetic cable and sails etc ….golf clap

  8. This still doesnt explain to me how this is done without some form of 'time piece' Even the vikings had a Sunstone. How do you know the time of the sun in the sky in conjunction with your whereabouts? Can anyone help me with this, show me a link to a clip that explains this please? I just dont see how its possible without some form of albeit ancient form of time piece.

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