Sailing A Boat In Tough Winds | Never Have I Ever

Sailing A Boat In Tough Winds | Never Have I Ever

That is my sailboat name Gregg. Captain Gregg I like it sounds appropriate. Yea. Right? Hey guys! So on today’s episode of “Never Have I Ever” I am going to go sail a boat Which I am really excited about. I am here at SouthBay Saling in Redondo Beach. And I am here with Romina and some of her friends over here. Do you see the size of the boat?

19 thoughts on “Sailing A Boat In Tough Winds | Never Have I Ever

  1. great ep! looks like you guys had an amazing time out there on the SS Gregg. looks like it was pretty easyish to sail a boat! i cant wait to see the next never have i ever 😀

  2. I'm so happy Never Have I Ever is back! I missed it. I'm glad you had fun with your friends and sailing a boat! I can't wait to see the next episode! 🙂

  3. Awww! This looked relaxing! That good ol camera has gone out into the ocean once before during whale watching, makes me so happy that you are actually using it!! 🙂

    What about a helicopter ride? I believe it's in Hawthorne where I went. Or medieval times?

  4. Oh my god that looks so rad! My friends and I are going to The Netherlands this summer, i'm strongly gonna try to make us go sailing now 😀

  5. That's looks like so much fun! Haha I laughed so hard when you told your friend to act like they are having the time of their lives

  6. This is awesome! My dad has a sail boat business so I go a lot 🙂 Love your videos, you are super talented! Looking forward to more, and if you have some time to check out a few of my vlogs/films too that would be lovely 🙂

  7. This was so relaxing and wonderful to watch! You were a GREAT captain Karla! Captain Gregg takes on the world!!

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