Sailing 150NM overnight to Mauritius!- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 112

Sailing 150NM overnight to Mauritius!- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 112

[THEME MUSIC] [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] Previously on Delos. OK, girls, have a good flight! Oh! OK! You’re going to
have so much fun! We explored La Reunion by air. How’s that for you, Brady? Man, this has to be one of the
most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. And had an incredible adventure
hiking in the mountains. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] It’s been a few days since we’ve
dropped off the autopilot part. And word is that
it’s all sorted out. So we’ll check it out. We’ll see. We’ll see. Hopefully not lost
in translation. OK. [SPEAKING FRENCH] Bonjour. [SPEAKING FRENCH] OK. I think I understand. Yeah, I think so. Perfect. Magnifique. [LAUGHS] [SPEAKING FRENCH] Parlez Francais? No. [SPEAKING FRENCH] Parlez anglais? Uh– No. [LAUGHTER] OK. That’s OK. We’ll work it out. [SPEAKING FRENCH] Nom? OK. Your name? Brian. Voila. OK, 130. OK. So it’s still a good deal
because the quote for new parts was like, about 400. Yeah. Without shipping. So to pay 130 to
have it fixed, I think we’re very
happy with that. Sailing. We’re going sailing. We’re going sailing. Yay! We’ll check the weather. And then we’ll make the call. Yeah, we should leave
tonight or tomorrow. It was 150? Right? Yeah, a little less. Sweet. Oh, look who! [SPEAKING FRENCH] Au revoir. Well, here we go. All good, Breey? Yeah. It took them awhile to find– They were holding
onto those greens left in [INAUDIBLE] for awhile. Sketchy South Africans, man. Now, who was the problem though? It was me. [LAUGHS] Because the stamp was so faint. Oh. It took them like,
16 passes to find it. There was barely any
ink on my entry stamp. Well, that is their own fault. So– anyway, we’re all set. We’ve got our stamped passports. We’ve done nothing
wrong, which is good. We’re all done. Well, we didn’t get caught
doing anything wrong. [LAUGHTER] We have our clearance,
departure notification. (SINGING) Da-da-da-da. This means we’re cleared
to leave for Mauritius. So we’re now men of the
ocean, maritime law. We are now between countries. It says “sons of the world.” And we need to decide if we’re
going to leave this evening or tomorrow. We’re down here. And we’re sailing to
Port Louis, Mauritius, which is about 150 miles. So it should take
us about 24 hours. Really good conditions. Because normally it’s just
like, pumping this way, which would not be good for us. So this is when we
would plan on leaving, tomorrow, 6:00 in the morning. We’d get really low westerlies. Probably be motoring
like, 5 knots to 8 knots, something like that,
headed this way. And then as we come
through Tuesday, it starts to fill
in a little bit. This is like, Tuesday, midday. So we’d be somewhere
right in here. This is Tuesday, like,
10 o’clock, 10:00 PM. So we would be somewhere
like, right in here, hopefully, or maybe up here. So because we’re
going this way, it would be on the beam or
slightly behind the beam, which would be sweet. And this is about 15 knots
or something, 16 knots. I think it looks good. I don’t really see any
reason, given this, why we need to leave right now. No. Sweet. Let’s get some rest. So I think we’ll
chill for the night. And we’ll wake up early,
get some breakfast, and then we’ll head out. Sound good, everybody? Sounds good! OK! Swimming at the beach? Yay, swimming. Shark free. So we’re just at
the beach, chilling. And everybody has gone for an
evening dip, last day here. It’s really nice. It’s super calm, beautiful. And we’re going to have
a good night’s rest, and then leave tomorrow. Which is bittersweet. It feels good to go. We’ve done so much. And I’m looking forward
to going to Anchorage. So it’s awesome. I’m excited to sail again too. Get out on the ocean. (SILLY VOICE) Ocean. It’s been a cool island
though, very cool island. Look at these clowns out here. It’s way too cold for me. Brr! To pay tribute to our
awesome time at La Reunion. La Reunion. Yeah. What have you prepared
for us, Killa-Krill? We’ve got some veg,
some salad, potato, and like, spicy chicken. South Africa, and
the French region. Nice. So it’s a little
mixture of foods. Wow. Yeah, bon appetit. Bon appetit. I’m really glad that we
decided to stay this night. Yeah, man. Yeah. Everybody’s going to have
a good night’s sleep. I’m so glad that we’re staying. Get a full belly of food. I’m so happy. Chill out. I’m so relieved not to
have to cook on water. On the water. [LAUGHTER] I was actually quite
scared about that. So who’s day is
it tomorrow, then? Ours? Oh, it’s mine. [LAUGHS] Oh, [BLEEP]. [LAUGHTER] Buenos dias, chicas. Buenos dias. [LAUGHS] Starting to sail to Mauritius. Where’s the boy
side of the crew? Oh, I see. Lounging in bed. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Lounging in bed. I got a foot. Mhm. Goodbye hugs. Hey, hey, merci beaucoup. De rien. It was so much fun. I hope it was hospitable. You did so much for us. And yeah, you keep
the same spirit, huh? We’ll do our best. OK, on your videos. OK, man, we’ll try. [LAUGHS] Thank you for everything. Well, you’re welcome. Pleasure. Yeah. Holding down Power. Power? Power. Check. [MUSIC PLAYING] All aboard! Yeah, good to go. Bye, Reunion! [WHISTLING] Ready to get us
away from the storm? [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re having like, a
fantastic, fantastic sail. We’ve got good wind behind us. And the island is
blocking the swell. And in fact, in the
last couple hours, we’ve come all the
way around the island. And now we’re on the south side. And off our port side
here is the lava flow that we visited just a
couple days ago in the car. And to see it from the ocean
is just really very cool. You can see like, the
lava coming down the hill until it meets the sea. And it’s just a
gorgeous, gorgeous view. [MUSIC – JOURNEY, “DON’T STOP
BELIEVING”] But it’s time to
jive, I think, which means we’re going to put Reunion
to our stern and go that way. So it’s goodbye, Reunion,
and hello Mauritius. We’ll have to jibe. Yes? Yeah, that’s enough. Mr. Brady’s on the [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] on maneuver. Ready? Jibe! Jibe ho! Jibing! [WORLD MUSIC PLAYING] Here we are. Yes? Yeah. We are. We want to go to here. Uh-huh. The wind right now
is sort of like this. Yes. OK? But it’s going to
start moving like this. And then eventually, it’s
going to be like this. OK. So our plan is to, instead of
following this line straight to it, we’re going
to make some easting. We’re going to
get right in here. So that if the wind changes,
we don’t get screwed. We don’t get stuck. I’ve got us going pretty
much almost due east. OK. So on wind, you want to
keep it right on the beam. Or slightly behind
the beam, if you can. And somewhere between
like, 90 and 120 east. So pretty much due east. Cool. Due east, true, 90
to 120 right now. But she’s pretty balanced. So we shouldn’t have to
fight with it too much. OK? OK. Yeah? If you can even hear anything. Pardon? Oh yeah, we’re going to do
hand steering on this trip. That’s cool. Yep. I can do a day of hand steering. No probs. Let me get it all
set up for you. What’s going on, Carmen? Just casually sailing
through some squalls, squall after squall. No biggie. A bit crazy. Winds? The winds are meant
to be 10 to 15. Btu it’s more like
they’re constant 15 or so. Yep. But I feel used to it, man. Yeah, it feels
normal, doesn’t it? Whoa! There’s water coming everywhere. Sorry. [LAUGHS] Oh, look at our [INAUDIBLE]. Oh no. We should’ve put the sides on. You missed the rainbow. Hey, no, I don’t see
the rainbow anymore. Yeah. So what did you think sailing in
the Indian Ocean would be like? Well, I thought it’d be calm,
even calmer than the Atlantic maybe. No, no, no, no. I tell anyone that wants to
sail across the Indian Ocean, these fish here are
the wrong way around. So you just think about it. [LAUGHTER] It’s very odd. But it’s not as exciting. Good for my sailing repertoire. Yes, a lot of hand steering. Ooh, it’s lunchtime. And we’ve got some awesome
stuff from La Reunion. A little salami. And we’ve got some tomatoes, and
of course, plenty of baguette. Baguette. And we’ve even got ham. Ooh. So it’s going to be like,
cheese, ham, salami, tomato, it’s going to be
like, a spicy mustard. I love that stuff so much. And some mayonnaise
and some red onion. Love you. Love you, bro. Looking forward to it. Yes. So it’s eight o’clock. And we’re doing really good. We’re going like, 7, 8, 9
knots, which is awesome. And the wind is from the south. So it’s right on
the [INAUDIBLE]. And the RADAR isn’t
working, unfortunately. Because we upgraded
the software. So we’re at least trying to
keep a close eye on the horizon. But everybody here has
the IS, so it’s fine. But other than that,
we’re all good. We’re [INAUDIBLE]. It was pretty good
sailing last night. We were cruising. I think we were doing, like,
8 knots most of the night. That’s amazing. And so it is 4:00
in the morning. And check it out. You can see the islands. Oh, whoa. Whoa. I don’t know if you
can see the lights. But we’re actually
only about six miles. We did that quickly, man. Yeah. It was a fast sail. Good winds. And what we’re
doing right now is we’re just running up the
west coast of the islands. So it’s kind of
important that we maintain on a course
of about 30 degrees. OK. Because if we go any more to
starboard to that, like, 60 or something, then we’ll
get to close to shore. And I really want us to stay
about this distance offshore until daylight, which is another
two hours, when Karin comes on. OK. So I just became awoke. And I’m really excited. Because we are very
close to Mauritius. That is so cool, though. A new country, I
think it’s going to be quite different from Reunion. And I don’t know. I’ve just woken up, so woo. But I feel super excited. So it’s probably another maybe
hour and a half, on my watch. We’ll wait until
the sun comes up. And then I’ll wake everybody
when we get a bit closer. [MUSIC PLAYING] Port Louis, Harbor Radio. Port Louis, Harbor Radio, this
is Sailing Vessel Delos on 1-4. Over. (ON LOUDSPEAKER) You
have Station calling. This is Port Control. Good morning. Jesus. Jesus. Hi, good morning, sir. We will be coming in. We’re about six nautical
miles outside the entrance of the harbor. And we’ll be visiting
the [INAUDIBLE] Marina. Over. Could you please spell
out the yacht name? Delos, delta, echo,
lima, oscar, sierra. Over. Which flag do you fly? USA. From your last port? Mauritius, Saint
Pierre, Mauritius, over. No. Reunion. Oh. Reunion. Sorry, sir, Reunion. [LAUGHTER] OK, Reunion island. How many person on board? Six POB. Six POB. OK. So wait a bit for now. Once you get here, then
give me a call please, with another 1-4. OK. Roger that. Within one nautical mile of
the entrance we will call. Over. OK, just for information, there
will be two Continental vessels leaving port very soon. I’ll repeat. Two Continental vessels
will leave port very soon. And they’re now approaching
to pick up passengers. So just keep clear at
this moment please. Thank you. Roger that. We will keep clear. And we will stand
by on 1-4 and 1-6 and call you one
nautical mile out. Over. Thank you, sir. Standby 1-4, 1-6. [SIGHS] We’re in Saint
Pierre, Mauritius. He’s like, what? He was [INAUDIBLE] as well. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Port Control, Port Control,
this is Sailing Vessel Delos. Over. Yes, thank you for sounding us. Good morning. Hi, good morning, sir. We are just one mile
from the harbor entrance. Over. OK. I can see your cat. Permission granted. Keep in the boat. What did he say? Please repeat, sir. You have a cat in the boat. OK. We’re under quarantine. Oh. Standard procedure. It’s only because we
have cats on board. And [INAUDIBLE] young Brady. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s the plan, Brady? Well, we were told we need to
go to the Customs dock instead of straight to the
marina to check in. So we found the Customs boat. And we’re assuming the
Customs office is nearby. OK. So these guys are telling us. They’re waving us
around the corner, on the other side of
these Coast Guard boats. Then we you should be able
to come portside to the wall. What’s happening, Breey? Well, we’ve got
instructions to go around to the side of the
Customs dock here. So we’re just setting
up lines, fenders, moving the boat around. Sweet. Looking for a spot to pull up. Yeah. You can hand them
that stern line? OK, stern line’s on. [MUSIC PLAYING] First step, let’s
go see Customs. They’re just around
the corner here. We’ll go into the
customs office. And then immigration
will come to the boat and check all the people in. And then the third final
step will be Coast Guard, which is also right over here. OK, it’s a little more
complicated than Reunion. Yeah. It’s not just one person
coming up and saying hello. Maybe we should
move that one after. And then after that,
then we’re free to go. Up next– So I’ve got the
important documents folder. We check into Mauritius. I swim in the poop water
to get a plastic bag out of our bow thruster, and we
begin exploring paradise. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah. [LAUGHTER] OK, say it. First thing in the morning. [LAUGHTER] That’s a wrap. [MUSIC PLAYING] You like it? I like it a lot. Oh, brr. Wake up a little bit. Hey now, brown cow. Yeah. Does Brian smell bad still? No, he smells pretty good. God, what are you doing? I’m getting my human tripod
out so I can film you. Rubbing your junk on my knee. Yeah! Um–

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