22 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Riot at Ratcliffe – Fresno 1965

  1. another history of note it was just a year before on June 2 , 1964 that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr spoke to 3,000 people gathered at Ratcliffe .

  2. Mick's singing – like or hate the Stones – was great in the 60's. I mean, right on the money.

    ** I think the Stones were safer in a 65' girl riot than average Joe walking through downtown Fresno today…sans riot.

  3. RS not rivals to the Beatles until maybe 1968-69. Hermin's Hermits and DC5 were much more successful during this period.

  4. The young girl at the time stated that most of the attention focused on one-half of the Glimmers whereas her fave was Brian. She has smarts and taste!

  5. The Rolling Stones: Crappy and totally unprofessional. Their music was reasonable up to 1969, but they were too "Americanised" and sloppy after that. Totally over-rated.

  6. The news anchor refers to the Bill Wyman book Stone Alone as coming out a couple of years earlier. So seems the report is from 1992.

  7. I remember that day … I was 15 & just walking around was enough for us. Didn't know at the time that the Stones would become such a legacy & wordwide known band. LOL I was more interested in listening to the Byrds. I wondered why they ended so soon, now I know.

  8. The stones became huge around the world after this tour .with satisfaction and a bit later bangers banquet and let it bleed their golden years 1965 to 1973.

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