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27 thoughts on “Riots👮AmsterdamLive

  1. Never seen so much trash in the streets before! I have always noticed how clean the city appears. But not today!

  2. Throwing cans and glasses of beer over families holidaying on narrowboats? WTF is that about? They aren't even football hooligans they're just pissed up scum bag idiots ffs!

  3. What a bunch of drugged up,pissed up chickens.Hardest morons in the world after snorting coke and swilling the beer and being in a big group.Ashamed to be British,you people are an utter embarrassment.

  4. Best thing to do,round them up take them to the port,put them in an ocean going barge and drag them out to the middle of the North Sea.Then,the wonderful RAF,to which the idiots so lovingly sing about,can use them for target practice.

  5. Can't take the English anywhere think there hard all mouth they are looking at them run from the polis let's see them try this in the summer and watch the Russians send them homewards to think again

  6. Fucking morons, please don't see these pricks as an example of all Englishmen. Im Englis, I love football, but I know how to behave like a reasonable human being. These people are fucking morons, and they're a minority. Our country is embarrassed by these losers.

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