Riot Games | Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program 2019

Riot Games | Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program 2019

One, two three. Hashtag sisterhood. I think the Girls Who Code program is important
because not only do the girls get to learn different coding languages but they also get
exposed to different tech careers while they’re here for the seven weeks. It’s exciting when the girls discover if
they have a passion for coding but at the same time it’s also very exciting when they
can make a very educated decision that coding may not be for them as well. Welcome to the Network Operations Center. I’m just going to do a quick introduction
to what game audio is. It’s super exciting for us to see all these
women because you are the future of places like Riot Games. We need more women in this industry. There’s no question off limits. This is your future. We’ll talk about ourselves but we also kind
of want to make sure you have what you need. Follow your passion, find what you’re really
into. Just because other people say it isn’t an
opportunity or that it can’t work doesn’t mean they’re right. It teaches them a lot of skills. Not only does it teach them computer science
skills but it also teaches them about community. In Girls Who Code we like to call it sisterhood. It’s just kind of encouraging women to come
together and support one another in the tech industry specifically. As a manager I still have to think about what
direction do we want to take this team. That is my role and I never thought I could
have that. I think the unique thing about the Girls Who
Code Program at Riot was how everyone was so enthusiastic and so invested in this program. Each of the girls were matched with a mentor. It’s been really encouraging to see that
intergenerational conversation and just knowing that these girls have a support system outside
of just our classroom. A lot of the time in our classes like in school
we don’t really get to learn coding or how to program. Coding is kind of thought of to be a field
dominated by men so a lot of girls feel scared about whether they can actually do it. Girls Who Code creates a safe environment
for girls to learn without fear of failing and helps us meet other girls who are also
interested in the same field. The part I found most interesting was actually
being able to like meet new people and make new friends. I really enjoyed that. Each week we get to work with different people
for each project and just have another set of opinions that are different from yours. I didn’t know anybody walking into this
program. I made a bunch of friends and sisters, as
we call them, and I feel like I will keep in contact with them later in life. In the future, such as even taking AP Computer
Science next year, I will be able to apply the knowledge I learned in this program. Before I had learned about this I did not
know about what computer science was. It just brought more opportunities for me
to learn com-sci. I think the most rewarding thing about this
summer was getting to see each girl grow intellectually but also socially. For some of them it might have been coming
in shy and not necessarily knowing what they were doing here but then in the end they’re
really excited about their projects and are leaning on one another to do these projects. Most of them came with no experience at all
and now we’re wrapping up the end of the program and a lot of them have just built
a lot of confidence in themselves and in their skills, not just in program but also researching
and initiating conversation with mentors. The biggest advice I have for girls who are
interested in pursuing com-sci, either as a hobby or a career, be brave, every day just
do something that might scare you in the classroom, whether that’s speaking up, saying one thing,
raising your hand. Start small and over time you’ll build that
confidence especially with people who are supporting you. Hashtag sisterhood.

56 thoughts on “Riot Games | Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program 2019

  1. yikes riot making this to make them look like a complete nice and friendly company, lets just ignore the last weeks.

  2. Don’t let Riot distract you from the fact there was sexual harassment of women in the company and unequal pay for MONTHS. They want you to forget, don’t.

  3. it's funny they think that programming is male dominated field, in my college most lab assistant, network engineer, and even my head department are female

  4. stop pushing this crap, engineering will always be male dominated and medicine female, men are more interested in things, woman are more interested in people, and this is an evolutionary fact for our own survival, the more you try to equalize this the more opposite effect you are going to cause.

  5. Look how they all smile. They are here to party, and gossip. There isnt an ouce of determination on any of their faces. Guarantee they will just be on their phones all day, and will still expect the same amount of pay for it lol.

  6. I totally get that Riot wants to improve their image after recent events. I'd love to hear statements if the situation inside the company has improved. The situation in my games on the other hand has just gotten worse, I've never had such toxic teams (on both sides) in my 7 years of playing.

  7. Riot: “so we’ve just finished settling in court for all the trash we did to women in the workplace, how do we go about getting a better image with the lady gamers?”

    Employee:”we could make sure nothing ever happens again to this proportions!”

    Riot:”nahhh lets make a 4 min video about girl gamers!”

  8. The more you try to push this shit neoliberal propaganda and show how fucking amazing you are, the longer people remember. Damage control is really weak on this case. Please rebrand your PR, this is pathetic

  9. Wow, really cool! We need more programs like this to have more variety in the gaming industry. They call us the videogame generation and most likely a lot of us are now teaching our kids to play the games we love, so we need to wash out the toxicity of this industry as soon as possible so everybody feels more welcomed and capable of being part of it. I feel really happy to see companies like Riot trying to help things out.

  10. Yikes, I thought the like to dislike ratio was because of the massive amount of bearneck incel anti-female losers in the gaming community. BUT the comments surprised me: they're actually very pro female quotes below that try to expose Riot's bad history towards women. Surprising.

  11. Just….stop trying. You realize what happens when you ignore the far left loonies? Nothing. Absolutely nothing happens. You move on with your life. Like all other trolls.
    What happens when you pay attention to them? This.

  12. Why are we making a video of “girls who code”
    Shouldn’t it just be “Rioters that code”????
    I don’t give a f*** if it’s a girl, a guy, dog, or an alien from Area 51.

    As long as you are having the best person for the job, doing the said job that’s all that maters.
    Idgaf if it’s a girl or a guy.

    Stop being sexist, I expect a “boys that code” video other wise this is 100% sexist.

    Stop excluding your other workers.


  13. Hello you beautiful, talented young lot, congrats on finding a field you enjoy – we need more female and male coders in this industry!
    And to the Riot employees who ran/participated in this program, good on you!
    Coding is indeed not taught in schools as much as it should – if you can offer (or inspire others to run) more programs teaching fundamentals to all interested high-schoolers, please do!

    That said;
    We should all be VERY wary about supporting this particular company.
    Even ignoring their questionable resource and financial decisions recently, over the last couple of years anonymous employees have spoken out against its leadership, which has altogether fostered an extremely toxic working environment, where offending managers/CEOs are deflecting criticism and refusing to change.
    This vid explores this quite comprehensively (Language Warning!)

    It ain't rocket science guys, this is altogether an blatant, thinly-veiled attempt at recovering PR.

    Riot: You're not fooling anyone – uploading a video doesn't change the fact you're still one of the most sexist companies in the world.

  14. Ok. So I would never try and prevent somebody from trying to do what the love/find interesting and am all for more women moving into coding. But… and this will probably sound horrible. How are girls which have never studied programming/electronics etc.. better candidates to spend 7 weeks teaching stuff while you could take I dunno… ANY GENDER highschool student that is intrested in programming/gaming etc… and would kill for an oportunity like this?

  15. When they fail to get real jobs in tech, they're going to blame it on sexism (and even racism), because that's what they are taught to do.

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