Riot Conditions Reported In Morgantown As Police Try To Disperse WVU Students

Riot Conditions Reported In Morgantown As Police Try To Disperse WVU Students

96 thoughts on “Riot Conditions Reported In Morgantown As Police Try To Disperse WVU Students

  1. Fucking protecting and serving who in this situation? Was it the the students who pay to keep Morgantown living? Sure didn't look like anyone was protected and the only service that was done was dead wrong. There was plenty of roads in town that needed attention! If they seen a single road being used for sledding why not put comes out and shit that single road down for sledding. That would be to easy rite. Police have to use there authoritarian rite the state gave them to hurt the ones they are paid to protect. Pure fucking nonsense! Lost all respect that I might have had for police. To the parents of students just look at the officer hiding behind the truck firing probably near frozen paint balls into a crowd of your children for simply wanting to enjoy the snow.

  2. Everyone has the right to assemble without fear of attack.  That's the law according to the Constitution.  Not to be shot with paint balls I might add another crime against the students.  If you don't believe that those paint guns can't hurt people, it is suggested that people wear eye protection when using them.  Overreaction by the authorities.

  3. Snowflakes out in the snow. They should be gracious the cops used pepper balls instead of rubber bullets or worse. They we're told to leave and instead pushed back. Hard fact of life kids. If you push back you'll get hit harder.

  4. cops out of control. they start the shit. and they wonder why people want to shot them. the kids were not hurting anyone.

  5. Just people getting outside and enjoying life, but the 4 musketeers wanted to call it a riot to get their testosterone off, …little p*ssy cops don't know what a real riot is. There is no reason to assault citizens, shoot a pepper ball at me and that cop is going to see me shove one up his *ss. ~ if police use excessive force, remember, there are far, far more of you than them. Take em down and teach them a lesson they won't soon forget.

  6. Looks to me like they were just having fun. Like kids used to play. No one wants kids to act like kids or humans to act like humans anymore. Although I do disagree with them throwing things , they just wanted to play in the snow

  7. Really? You had to shoot at them? I would disenroll my kid as of NOW!….. "Four dead in Ohio" because of a snow day and a steep hill? Oh come on! Authority has become too extreme. Should have let them have a snow day and down hill fun. Let them have that hill! We did it in california. Pepper spray bomb bullets? Are you all insane? You all just did that to the next Leaders of USA! Good Yob! Lmao you vill all comply! And conform to our vay of life! Or ve vill shoot you! Mohahahaha. Fucking dumb.

  8. Fuckin pigs! More like American Gestapo than police. There way or no way. It has nothing to do with Millennials or baby boomers. It has to do with every Americans rights being struck away. So Help Me God!

  9. I see a bunch of cops comitting terrorist acts because they wanted to stop people from enjoying the snow day and made up the whole rock throwing thing to justify their actions…if the college and cops do try their luck by pursuing charges or any actions against the people they attacked I foresee a lot of soon to be homeless and badgeless cops and college officials and if enough of the victims fight back and sue… a bankrupt closed and boarded up college

  10. Anytime you have a large number of young people you're going to have problems. It's just all part of being a college town. It's obvious that the police were not trying to hurt them but they can't allow the city operations to be hindered because a bunch of kids want to sled ride.

  11. I saw people standing there and someone through something. 100 people standing and two throwing rocks isn't a riot.

  12. Omg I use to throw snow balls at the plows 50 years ago in rural PA. I knew they were behind the times down there but not that far behind. 😆

  13. These are not troublemaker these are future activist auditors who've had enough of the tyrannical powers-that-be this is what you're going to be dealing with more n more you tyrants have done nothing but destroy our country and ruin our way of life… you have wiped your rear on our Constitution long enough look what mess you have created you think when these kids get older they're going to teach their children to bow down and be brainwashed…. they do not like being pushed around and they are not like the morons who gave away all our freedoms n rights away over the last four generations you're losing more and more of them morons every day thank the lord above for that… which means you're losing more and more of your sheep these kids are wide awake and know what they're doing they've had enough of your tyranny they don't need somebody hoarding over them every second of every day telling us what to do and then bankrupting everything in our country every tax dollar spent is spent unwisely and always has been and they see that clear as a Bell…. can you blame them the middle class has been destroyed which was about all we had left in this country now you're making a push to finish enslaving us and they've decided they're not going to take it this is what you get when you think you own Every Soul on the planet…. of course you have the fake news lying about what really happened I'm sure ….we'll never get the truth out of them and now they're going to pick through the video and segregate these kids out how can you say one was more of a troublemaker than the other that's just your way of saying you're not going to arrest the whole bunch and just going try to make an example of a few to scare the rest for the future cause you can't punish them all under your sense less laws that would backfire. ..
    the real truth is the criminals that run this planet have destroyed our country even more on purpose they got rid of the middle class on purpose everything they're doing is on purpose to push for more control and whatever other evil plans they have…. I think it's wonderful to see young people not allow anyone to push them around I'm sure the real truth of the story is they were having a good time and some bully Thug Road Pirates came along or some other form of a bully and said oh no we can't have this we can't have them having any fun let alone too much so they decided to shut it down and it backfired on them because they were being there normal jerk selves these Road Pirates..

  14. Yeah, lets not let the snow plow clear the street in case fire or EMS needs to respond to that area, then we'll throw bottlers and shit at them and whine when we get hit with pepper spray. Bunch of entitled idiots.

  15. When I was a kid on LI (60's -70's), a big snow meant the same thing, but the plows always left room for us to enjoy the big hill. 80's brought a new world of litigation and so many sledding hills on and off streets were closed because some asshole did something stupid, broke an arm and sued the local municipality. 1 town even had a sledding park that was open for years before law suits by assholes started.

  16. There was a time in this country when common sense prevailed instead of thuggery. Kids block the street to sled ride (as if that's never happened before). There was a time where Cops would show up and actually use their cars to block the street for the kids to protect them from cars, make sure shit doesn't get out of control and let them have a little fun.
    No more.
    Then mix the liberal media into the situation and suddenly "it's a (fucking) riot!"

  17. 0:37

    They got one rock or something thrown at them so they shot the whole crowd with Less Lethal weapons??????? Thats overkill

  18. Keep in mind you can't trust the media to report correctly . Their mission is to instill fear into the feeble minded and use lies , manipulation and blatant propaganda . Two wrongs don't make a right . The impression that is meant to be left here is that it's ok for police to shoot rubber bullets, salt rocks or whatever the fuck into a large group of college students along with " a load acoustic device " and smoke bombs .. Does anyone remember when law enforcement used common sense and rational thought ? This situation could have been handled so much differently. The students didn't Reginald Denny the guy or guys plowing , they thew some shit at a big ugly metal truck . Again two wrongs don't make a right ..

  19. So as usual armed psychopaths need their authority flexed on innocents.police are unconstitutional as are the tools they use like tasers and tear gas which also violate Geneva war conventions.we can't tear gas Isis but we can use on our brothers and sister's?

  20. This is terrible! I think that it is horrible that not one student was KILLED. What is wrong with the police? They seem like they can't even shoot straight and hit their targets.
    I was expecting at least over 100 students to have been KILLED by the police.
    In AMERICA the only good student is a DEAD student.
    Of course I have to look at the economic side of this. So make sure that all student loans are paid in full before shooting them.

  21. Thesd police are traitors!! Lmfao but antifa can go out and beat ppl up !! I hope all My home state of west Virginia tears that place up !!

  22. Funny the mess in Charlottesville Va not one cop was told to stop the antifa from going out beating up ppl. This is is bullshit one day these ppl are going to break loose and 50 million plus ppl are going to start purging all the dirty government politicians ALL OF THEM, then go after the dirty pig cops !!

  23. This is wrong, I live in Morgantown, it was a major block party and they built a sled ramp in the street to sled on blocking the street.

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