Rigging Our Sailboat (Part 2 of 3)- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 62.

Rigging Our Sailboat (Part 2 of 3)- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 62.

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  1. Brian, I'm curious, what was your favourite beer in South Africa ?, and please don't say it was castle ! :-))

    Thanks for the video of the actual swageing process and the disassembly of old swages to show internal corrosion.

    I wonder, if the base of the buckle and cable is sealed with marine silicone, would that help prevent the onset of corrosion by preventing salt water from pooling in crevices of the buckle/cable ?. But it must be Marine Silicone and if the silicone has a vinegary odour it isn't proper marine silicone sealant, some cheap brands of Marine Silicone have a vinegary odour, indicative of inferior quality.

  2. Amazing video, as always ! You guys make me sail all around the world while I am studying for exams … thank you 🙂
    Also, the rig man, David, has to be French !

  3. You all are truly an inspiration! I've always wanted to retire, buy a sailboat, and travel the coastlines. Thanks for sharing your experience, it has been an honor to watch and gain a better understanding of what my future holds. Everyone on Delos past and present are all awesome in my opinion, but Brian, i'm sure you must get this all the time,… You are exceptionally amazing to watch, listen too,  and learn from. Thank you for keeping my dream alive! Happy sailing, I can't wait for episode 63!

  4. Wow I can't believe that guy used that grinder without eye protection . Great video , Loved every minute of it. Can't wait for part 3.

  5. It's a shame they made you leave the marina. I am looking forward to part 3! Guess I should send you guys some beer money!!!

  6. Funny that your LAST comment was "We get asked to leave the marina!".
    Before your comment…I was wondering how the marina felt about you 'working' IN the marina…and NOT up on the hard.

    Glad to see that you got the rigging sorted out.

  7. Good work you guys and gals, you're a good team, you should be proud. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! Safe sailing!

  8. The captain went up the mast. WTF?    That was really cool to see how the rigging is put together. Thanks guys for another great episode…

  9. Very cool video guys. It's going better than I thought it would but sounds like the next episode will be interesting. Stay safe and good luck.

  10. Having watched all the 60+ videos more than once, I thought I would find these rig replacement videos boring, but not the case at all. I guess I am hooked now and vicariously feel like part of the crew. Very interesting can not deny. Thumbs up, way up, thank you.

  11. So we've watched all your vids so far. Super Diggin it Y'all! We just bought a Dutch built Contest 31. It's our second cruising boat. Maybe by the time we get her all fit out for voyaging we'll catch up with you guys somewhere 🙂 Peace

  12. Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year to the entire crew of Delos!
    Love your videos & all of your adventures!!!

  13. Great video! I like all your videos. But, I especially enjoyed the technical nature of this one. If it doesn't bore your subscribers too much I'd like to see more technical information about cruising – how do you navigate; how do you monitor the weather; how do you trim the sails, etc. I have always been impressed with Brian's ability to manage the technical elements of cruising. Please share more. Thanks!

  14. I've watched most of your videos at this point and I never realized how much of a gap there was between filming and posting video here on You tube.  Keep up the good work!

  15. 17:30 He probably doesn't know it, but Brady has learned the perfect sitting position for so many things in Thailand. Squatting over your ankles is good for eating, hanging out with friends, waiting for a bus, and of course…. well if you have ever seen a Thai toilet, the feet are involved. 😉

  16. Kinda worried bout u guys. Not getting as many vids in the time frame that u usually put them out. ??? Hope all is well!

  17. you guys are amazing and can do everything. I admire your positive attitudes but is there ever despair off camera? thank you for sharing your adventures.

  18. Hey guys, great videos! You get better at production all the time. You made only one mistake that I saw in your re-rig. That was to use the undersized pins in the main shrouds at the chainplate! Having a 14mm pin in a 16mm hole will lead to SERIOUS distortion of the hole in the rigging fork with time and cyclical loading. The reason is that when the pin is smaller than the hole, it leads to a point load where as if it is correctly sized, the load is spread around the circumference of the hole and pin. You need to go back and fix this! Maybe drill out the hole like you did on the mizzen chainplates?

  19. Please be aware, there is a case of a person being killed after falling form the top of the mast when ascending using an electric winch where the button stuck and broke the line. Best use the manuals.

  20. Let us know why you decided to go with swages rather than mechanical fittings: Noresman or Sta-Lok? Was it just the extra cost? Many long range cruisers prefer mechanicals for their strength, reuse, and ability to DYI with spare wire you can carry aboard with you.

    Regarding going up mast, you used the spinnaker halyard through a block on the spinnaker boom. For safety, we've been advised to always use a halyard that goes over the top of a mast sheave in the mast head box as your primary hoisting halyard. If you have a spare sheave, it would be a good practice to install a spare halyard as a dedicated hoist when all others are in use. Also serves as an emergency stay for the mast.

    Thanks for sharing these detailed maintenance videos. Yes, cruising is fun and sun, but it's also hard work that requires a keen eye to maintenance and safety. Thanks for setting a good example.

  21. I really enjoyed watching this process. So 18 cables 10k dollars. So it's like about 5500 per cable. This is all very inportatnt stuff for anyone thinking of getting a big boat like yours. Thank you for this valuable video !! Cheers

  22. Again, always amazed at how nobody shows snippiness to each other in these confines. I realize most of it is editing but, really, never see anyone get short with another.

  23. Hey brian , what was the verdict with the a/c motor?? it would have been nice to see the follow thur on it. You guys are great!! We love the mood and flow of everyone on board DELOS. You guys are the best. sweet winds &sailing.


  25. Brian, how much do you think you saved doing the rig replacement in Thailand compared to if you had it done in the states? Just curious.

  26. It amazes me how absolutely reliant you are on electrics. I realize it allows you to sail a bigger boat, but we lived on a Columbia 26 MKII for 15 years and I chose the boat because for my wife it wouldn't be an overwhelming challenge. We had the room of a 30' boat in a 26' package. And whether it was sails or anchor, she could muscle things through. Don't get me wrong. I'm not being critical. And I'm not anti-technology by any means.

  27. This process of changing the rigging seems amazingly complicated. Kudos for attempting it. I like how the crew are all pitching in. Thanks for the pics showing what each piece of rigging is.

  28. Wow! That looks complicated. Don't really understand it all, especially the measuring. How did you manage to differentiate between them all?

  29. The cable is under compression and has no movement and once it protrudes from the sheath there is less pressure and the deflection of the cable starts at the end of the sheath. its essentially flexing at that point.

  30. It's so amazing and blows my mind how you guys are so capable of doing so much of this on you own. Brian, you're a master!!! Brady too. Such capable people – so inspiring!

  31. All these videos are so addicting to watch…and after watching enough of them, the Delos family feels like family to me, even though they have no idea who I even am. Such a good job on all the videoing and editing…it feels like being there without the smells, heat, problems to solve and hot sweaty work…but watching the process is very entertaining. I feel your pain with the heat…after many trips being deployed to the Middle East, working 12-14 hr days…you just do what you've got to do, to get done what you've got to get done…and hydrate somewhere in there as much as possible.

  32. Hey Brian love the videos i have been a long time follower. I just wanted to bring to your attention strictly for your safety that rope that goes onto your harness needs to go through the belt and the webbing between your legs. That small piece of webbing that connects the 2 is only to keep them together not to hold weight. see this image. Keep up the great videos and please be careful. (message from a long time recreational climber and Cell Tower Tech/climber) https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTq1gCmb1JJt81kFi_fWmkxzRuBAJdrw7ok3yQGyNhuLt51bjAH

  33. Great job guys and girls!! Very interesting to see hands on and behind the scenes. Just great information and experience for future projects. Stay cool, happy safe and well and keep us entertained! Great job! Oh and Bryan, you are a friggin McGyver machine! Good on ya! Jamie

  34. You guys and girls have made get off my arse and stop working my life away. And do what I want to do and travel Australia 🇦🇺 by 4×4/

  35. Rewatching this series. I admire your spirit. The heat there is quite a lot to bear. We were there a few years ago. Walked right down the same dock. You guys make me smile every video. Thanks.

  36. Great explanation guys. I am approaching now the fantastic sailing World and I am curious to know how you understand when you need to retire a line and which lines are most recommended in terms of lifespan. After living in Vancouver BC I am now living in Italy. I did a quick research by myself and it seems that this guys are well known in the sailing industry for outstanding sailing lines http://www.gottifredimaffioli.com/cime_nautica.php do you know them. Any feedback or any other suggestion? Thanks a lot for your time 🙂

  37. Oh God. I'm freaking out with Brian up so high! You guys need electrolyte water and you need to get in the water. Oh wait these are older videos lol

  38. ♫ Ramukanji Ramu Liki Ramy Qole Ramu So So….. Gam Tu Ram Si Male….. gam Tu Ram Si Male.. Male Ra.. ♫

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