RC ADVENTURES – Racing Dual Rockstar 48″ Gas Powered Catamaran Speed Boats

RC ADVENTURES – Racing Dual Rockstar 48″ Gas Powered Catamaran Speed Boats

100 thoughts on “RC ADVENTURES – Racing Dual Rockstar 48″ Gas Powered Catamaran Speed Boats

  1. Excellent work. From a video standpoint, this vid goes to show that poor videos are no longer the result of inadequate editing software or computers but that the video making tools have surpassed the needs of the operator. In other words, the quality of the video as a completed project is entirely up to the skills of the editor, and you nailed it, friend. My hat is off to you. Oh, I've subscribed and I've watched the vid 4 times now, including making my reluctant wife watch. She loved it and she's actually having a change of heart – isn't that what all us guys need?

  2. I Want to buy an RC sailboat, bus don’t know which one to get, does anyone have any suggestions?

  3. Someone needs to show the manufacturers how to make a proper product video where you can have engine/motor noise and music. Also the ability for the viewersto make a fairly accurate estimate of the speed of the product. I’ve given up on watching official videos at this point.

  4. A nice day out ,, stunning cinatography ,, did you fix the hull of the cat ? and what with gel coat or epoxy

  5. If you want speed you have to go with brushless motors modern electric motors have far surpassed the performance of gas models,gas models were great in the 80s and 90s before brushless power arrived

  6. I came across this video and I have a newbie question.
    Thinking about getting into RC a little bit. What is a good way to start? Electric or gas? Also how long do those little 2 stroke motors last before they need to be rebuilt or replaced?
    Is it cheaper to replace the whole motor or rebuild it?

  7. I just subbed…and just discovered my new passion. Thankyou.. one day I will be able to get there and dig my way out of the poverty me and my family are in. Cheers. I have a goal.

  8. These boats with the right engine and prop setup can reach into the 60 mph plus range. Look into Quickdraw, BH Hanson, CC Racing, all top performance engines 8+HP.

  9. I'm not sure which engines was running harder… The little 26cc RC engines or those two Yamaha engines humming along at 8000 RPM while cruising at a mere 40 mph.

  10. Just seeing this video, those parts where you’ve edited the shots and put the music over, fucking epic! Great video guys. Shame one of the boats was damaged 🙁 hope you fixed it?

  11. RC boats don't like the camera on top, but the shot you get from it is crazy good. Especially the shots of the rooster tails. Some nice boats though. Like I said in another of your videos, I just got myself a ProBoat Zelos and should be here next week. ✌✋

  12. When it comes to rc boat videos and I've watched a lot of videos but this is by far the best one I have seen. I love having the rc boats riding right beside the big boat. The speed they have , the agility they have, the close shots of the rc boats that look for a minute like the real thing speeding right next to the big boat ,plus the drone footage of the boats on the water of that beautiful lake, I really enjoyed watching this video ! I own a mavic pro my self so that was a great added touch for me . Great job guys !

  13. A awesome video. Have been wanting to capture this type of video a long time for myself. Live on a lake and have multiple boats. This inspires me to get the Rockstar. Have a good video drone, as well as action cameras. Great video again guys. You have a whole production team there, to capture all of that awesome day on the lake.

  14. medic this is one of the first videos I watched of yours and in my option the best one I found you by searching boat videos when I was looking to buy a boat but I ended up watching all of em keep doing doing what your doing man love it and love you

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